Health Care For All Yolo County

The Health Care for All Yolo County Chapter invites the public to the below listed event about health care reform and universal health care in the United States.

WHAT: Film screening – Now is the Time: Health Care for Everybody

WHEN: Tuesday, March 21,  7 p.m.’

WHERE:  Blanchard Room,  Davis Public Library

This 70 minute, 2017 produced documentary is one that Medicare for All/Single Payer supporters won’t want to miss!

The film begins with a woman’s experience getting cancer treatment (humor somehow included), then shows what private insurance is costing us, and how the needs of the people are being ignored, and more.

This appropriately titled film is very timely, coming on the heels of a recently introduced California single –payer bill(SB 562) as well as the current Obamacare  repeal efforts taking place in Washington D.C.

After the entire film is shown, there will be a brief follow up Q & A and information about a call to action.

Again, this is very timely for all of us in California and hope you are able to join us!

For more information, please call 759-9928.

Jerry Marr
Health Care for All

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16 thoughts on “Health Care For All Yolo County”

  1. Delia M.,

    My son recently turned 26 and was taken off my plan. We researched cobra, it was way too expensive. He was able to save hundreds of dollars with the ACA.

  2. Keith O

    My wife and I looked into the ACA plans and the premiums for the lower deductible plans (gold and platinum) were outrageous and the high deductibles for the silver and bronze plans made them almost useless.

    1. Howard P

      The ACA is seriously flawed.   The GOP’s plan is seriously flawed.

      Yet, there may be ‘common cause’… both deal with pre-existing conditions, yearly/lifetime limits, for example…

      I see movement, and hope it isn’t glacial, nor like the movement of a pendulum.

      Affordability, and how to ensure that, whether ‘individual mandate’ or not, I have to leave to others… but it is ‘mission critical’, either by “tweaking” or overhaul/replacement… we have come far with the ACA… we need to go farther… having uninsured go to ER’s for treatment, and then having the provider charging exorbitant costs, which cannot be paid, so the costs get rolled over into premiums for those already insured, is not a good answer… I do not have the answer, but am damn sure there is a problem that needs to be addressed…

    2. Keith O

      The GOP’s plan is not as good as the ACA. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. I’m very familiar with this subject.

      Okay, since you’re very familiar with this subject and since the GOP’s plan just came out yesterday afternoon please explain to everyone why the ACA plan is better.

      1. Don Shor

        It is a near certainty that the Republican plan will cover fewer people than the ACA. We’ll just wait for the CBO to score it to see how many fewer.

        1. Keith O

          There’s a lot of things to consider.  Premium costs, deductibles, co-pays are just a few.  We do know that these were running out of control with Obamacare and not just affecting people on ACA.  The higher costs and deductibles were being applied to almost everyone’s insurance because of ACA.  The insurance companies had to make up for the shortcomings somewhere.

          Either way, the GOP plan is still a work in progress.  We do know that Obamacare was imploding with the higher premiums, large deductibles and the loss of so many of their insurance company backers.

          But all said, there’s no way anyone can possibly know at this point that ACA is better.

        2. Keith O

          Coverage numbers isn’t necessarily an easy metric if you have say 1 out of 50 where their coverage costs are exorbitant and costing everyone else’s premiums to skyrocket.

          1. Don Shor

            That, of course, is how insurance works. The bigger the risk pool, the less impact those more-expensive neighbors of yours have. Hence the individual mandate.

          2. Don Shor

            Probably not even much point in discussing this until the conservatives in the GOP and the governors of Medicaid-expansion states get through with it. The plan put forth today isn’t scored by the CBO and won’t pass anyway without major changes.
            At the rate things are going, Americans are going to face a choice between something-worse-than-ACA, and single-payer.

        3. Howard P

          Don, re: 2:19 post…

          I hope you’re wrong about the two outcomes…

          I like where we are, having a choice among insurance companies via employer…have been under 4 different insurance/providers over the last 40 years…

          I believe that current ACA is flawed, but that many key provisions should be sacrosanct in an alternative system…

          Yes, many perspectives voices need to weigh in before anything is done… and hope it is not a single payer system (think VA/Medicare) but will be loathe to tolerate any back-pedalling on pre-existing conditions, and other key provisions of ACA…

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