Why Advertising On the Vanguard Is a Smart Business Move

Each month the Vanguard receives between 125,000 and 200,000 unique visits and there are more than one million page loads each month.

Ad Rates and Types

  • Leaderboard (728 by 90) = $1000/month

  • Leaderboard Short (578 by 90) = $600/month
Square (336 by 280) = $600/month
Rectangle Wide (336 by 150) = $300/month***

  • Rectangle (180 by 150) = $100/month

    ***non-profits and candidates $200/ month

Why should your business advertise on the Vanguard?

  • Sizable audience
  • More economical than print newspaper advertising
  • High participation by the readership
  • Community-based readership with strong interest in supporting local businesses and events

Who Reads the Davis Vanguard?

  • Davis and Yolo County Citizens
  • Public officials
  • Community leaders
  • Activists
  • UC Davis students

What is the Davis Vanguard?

  • Alternative News – The Vanguard provides the Davis Community with incisive in-depth coverage of local government on a wide variety of issues. Since 2006, The Vanguard has provided Davis and Yolo County with some of the best groundbreaking news coverage on local government and policy issues affecting our city, our schools, the county, and the Sacramento Region.
  • Yolo Judicial Watch – In January 2010, The Vanguard founded the spinoff, Yolo Judicial Watch ( monitoring and covering the Yolo County Courts. The Vanguard has reported on a number of cases that were marked by the prosecutor apparently overcharging the defendants. Also, there were a number of cases that revealed upon closer scrutiny that people were likely innocent of the charges altogether. Previously the Vanguard had limited ability to track cases of interest that did not emerge into the public light. Now with an army of volunteers and interns, for the first time, The Vanguard has tracked and monitored cases from the beginning to the end of the judicial process. This means that the Vanguard is able to report on a much greater number of cases that may be of interest to the general public, but rarely reach the light of day.
  • The Vanguard is a 501(c) 3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible – Educating the community on the workings of local government.
  • Government Watch Dog – the Vanguard monitors the Yolo County Court system as well as local and county government. The Vanguard believes in transparency, open government, and the democratic process. The Vanguard has reported on the city and school district’s fiscal positions, the unfunded liabilities and unmet needs of the city, the close proximity of various interests to local government, the misuse of grant funding, and other operations involving city and county government.
  • Investigative Reporting – the Vanguard conducts investigative reporting, searching public records and digging below the surface of issues vital to the community. Some investigative pieces include a look into a conflict of interest and corruption at the school district business office under a previous administration, an examination into city fiscal malfeasance, an examination of the misuse of governmental grants, and a look into governmental cover-ups of various forms of misconduct by local agencies and officials.
  • Community Forum – the Vanguard provides a vigorous and vital forum in which citizens and leaders in this community join together to discuss the issues of Davis, Yolo County and the State of CA.

Who created the Vanguard?

David M.Greenwald is the Founder and Executive Director of The Vanguard. He created The Vanguard on July 30, 2006 as a means to cover the stories that other news entities either ignored or underreported. His initial inspiration for creating the Vanguard was due in part to frustration with how local city government was run, and The Vanguard expanded from there. In 2009, Greenwald received the City of Davis prestigious Thong Hy Huhn Memorial Award for Community Education and Awareness for his work with The Vanguard.

Contact Info:

The People’s Vanguard of Davis

P.O. Box 4715

Davis, CA 95617-4715

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