The Innocence Project Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct Flags At Least Four Yolo County Cases – Part One

NCIP-ReportOn October 5, 2010, the Northern California Innocence Project came out with a report, “Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California 1997–2009,” that uncovered over 700 cases in which courts had found prosecutorial misconduct during an 11-year period.  Of all of those cases, only six prosecutors were disciplined.

The Vanguard has found four cases in Yolo County: Racimo, Lindeman, Massey, and Morales.  However a source indicates a fifth case might be added, which would be the case of Lawrence James Miranda, which  was overturned because the prosecutor, then-Deputy DA Jeff Reisig, withheld exculpatory evidence and the conviction was reversed on appeal.