Provenza Throws Support Behind Wolk For Assembly

Provenza-AnnouncesIn what could be another defining moment in the burgeoning Fourth District Assembly race, Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza, himself at one point considered a frontrunner, announced today that he has endorsed Davis Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk for State Assembly.

According to a release from the Wolk campaign, “Provenza joins a growing list of more than 60 local elected officials in the 4th Assembly District who have already endorsed Wolk.”

“I have worked closely with Dan Wolk, and I know he has the experience and the skills to bring people together to represent us effectively in the State Assembly,” said Supervisor Provenza. “Dan is firmly committed to restoring our public education system and making our community and state a better place for our children and grandchildren.”

Jim Provenza was first elected to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors in 2008 after previously serving on the Davis Joint Unified Board of Education. As Supervisor, according to the release, “he has established a reputation for building coalitions and promoting collaboration, even among those with different points of view than his own.”

The Wolk release lists supporters including former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin, Former Assemblymember and Yolo County Supervisor Helen Thomson, Solano County Supervisor Linda Seifert, Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara, Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto, Yolo County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jorge Ayala, and Napa Vice Mayor Peter Mott.  Yolo County DA Jeff Reisig is also listed as an endorser on Mr. Wolk’s website.

Assembly District 4 consists of Napa and Lake Counties and most of Yolo County, as well as portions of Sonoma, Solano and Colusa Counties.

In May, Assemblymember Mariko Yamada told the Vanguard in a statement, “It was widely known that Yolo County Supervisor Jim Provenza was Yamada’s choice to succeed her.  With her candidate out, she’s indicated the race is ‘wide open’ and won’t be making any early endorsements.”

However, just under three months later, Assemblymember Yamada apparently changed her mind and endorsed Matt Pope.  Interestingly now, Jim Provenza has gone in a different direction.

“After meeting with each of the candidates running for my seat, there is only one who I believe has what it takes to fairly represent the expansive 4th Assembly District, and that candidate is Napa County Planning Commissioner Matt Pope,” Mariko Yamada said last month.

She would add, “I am proudly endorsing Matt because his background, energy, temperament and life experience have prepared him for the grueling race ahead and to lead courageously and with integrity once elected. He has served his country, he has served his community, and he now wants to serve you. His Democratic values are deeply-rooted and will guide him in the Assembly.”

Matt Pope said he is honored to be campaigning with Mariko Yamada over the next year.

“Assemblymember Yamada is a true champion of working families, seniors, environmental justice and the disadvantaged,” Mr. Pope said. “These are exactly my priorities and I look forward to campaigning with her and learning from her leadership in the Assembly over the past six years.”

Meanwhile, Davis Mayor Joe Krovoza put himself into contention early with the early edge in money.

The Krovoza campaign amassed $118,161.62 in contributions from the January 1 to June 30 period.  Davis Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk was second with $49,856.62.  Napa County Planning Commission and District Representative to Noreen Evans, Matt Pope, amassed about $20,000 and neither Bill Dodd nor Anthony Farrington reported any contributions.

“I am humbled and heartened by the hundreds of supporters who have responded so quickly and enthusiastically to my candidacy,” said Mr. Krovoza. “This early support sets a solid foundation for my campaign as we move forward.”

Joe Krovoza raised over $100,000 from over 300 individual contributors from mid-May to the end of June.

“Krovoza has a long history of public service and volunteerism, beginning with his role as a community college trustee while a student and including seven years on the California Student Aid Commission.  Krovoza first moved to Davis in 1991 to attend law school at UC Davis and raise his family,” said a release.

“He has served on the Davis City Council since 2010 and as mayor for the past two and a half years.  Krovoza has led major moves toward long-term fiscal sustainability and reexaminations of how the city can best deliver services to its citizens. Krovoza works at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and Energy Efficiency Center where he is Senior Director for Development and External Relations,” the statement continued.

Will Arnold, Dan Wolk’s campaign manager, told the Vanguard in late July, “Dan launched his campaign for Assembly on June 15 and, in the following two weeks, he raised an impressive $50,000. We have been amazed by the level of support the campaign has received thus far, evidenced both by the funds Dan was able to raise in such a short time, and by his growing list of campaign endorsers from throughout the district. This is exactly the start we hoped for.”

—David M. Greenwald reporting

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Matt Williams

    DP, there is a part of me that hopes that there isn’t an anti-anyone vote in this election. That is probably wishful thinking on my part, but if that is the case, then so be it.

  2. David M. Greenwald

    Since I’m not running another story this week…

    [quote]Davis Police Officers Association
    Endorses Dan Wolk for Assembly

    DPOA Joins Public Safety Officials Supporting Wolk

    Davis, CA — The Davis Police Officers Association (DPOA) announced today that they are endorsing Davis Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk for State Assembly. DPOA is the latest in a series of endorsements for Wolk, including Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrara, Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto and Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

    “Dan Wolk has built a strong record of supporting public safety in Davis and standing with local working families,” said DPOA President Michael Munoz. “Davis’ police officers are proud to endorse Dan Wolk for State Assembly and we look forward to working with him to make our area a better and safer place to live.”

    “I deeply appreciate the endorsement from the men and women who are among our most trusted and valued public servants,” said Wolk. “I have always made support of public safety a priority and I will continue to work side-by-side with our police officers in the Assembly to reduce crime and make California’s communities safer.”

    The Davis POA represents the men and women of the Davis Police Department. It also sponsors programs to make our community safer, including youth, anti-crime and victim assistance programs.

    Dan Wolk has served on the Davis City Council since 2011 and is currently Mayor Pro Tem. He is Deputy County Counsel for Solano County, handling public finance, public contracting and water issues. He is also the founder of the Legal Clinic of Yolo County, a legal services provider for low-income families. Wolk grew up in Davis and attended Davis public schools, before attending Stanford University and receiving his law degree from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall. He lives in Davis with his wife, Jamima, a former professional triathlete and small business owner, and their two young daughters, Avery and Layla.

    For a full list of organizations and individuals who have endorsed Dan Wolk, please visit

    Assembly District 4 consists of Napa and Lake Counties, most of Yolo County, as well as portions of Sonoma, Solano and Colusa Counties.[/quote]

  3. SODA

    My obvious bias is not Dan, but that said I still am surprised he has amassed such a large number of endorsements since he has such a short record of service…not a bad record, just a short one. I hope it is not the name issue; that would be disappointing and not be to his credit….

  4. jkclemens

    Add me to the list of folks who caution against calling this race too soon. I’m not anti-anyone, but I am pro-Joe. I am impressed with his experience, long record of values-driven service around issues that matter to me and the fact that he is running his own race without a standing senator’s staff essentially running his campaign. I know I am not alone here.

  5. medwoman


    You are certainly not alone. What is of interest to me is that all of the positive characteristics that have been put forth by the supporters of Dan could equally be attributed to Joe. One difference that makes Joe the better candidate in my mind is his greater experience ( on the council, in terms of community involvement, and in life).
    While he lacks name recognition, he certainly makes up for this in his dedication to making improvements in our community and our region.

  6. SODA

    agree with both medwoman and jkclemens. In addition, I have been very impressed with Joe’s role as mayor especially in terms of how he has run meetings, been fair in his dealings with the other CC members and especially impressed with to some, unpopular positions on items he feels strongly about. Again, I am biased, but I feel Dan has pandered in some of the same issues.

  7. Carrie Shaw

    I hardly think that Provenza’s endorsement of Dan Wolk in the Assembly District 4 race will be a “defining moment.” What will define this Assembly race will be the qualifications and character of the candidates.

    Though I am sure Dan is a fine young man, I support Joe Krovoza. Joe not only has the “skills to bring people together,” he has many years of successful leadership and collaborative experience with a wide variety of local, regional and statewide issues that are important to me. And Joe is not simply “committed” to restoring public education and making our communities and state better for our children and grandchildren, he has demonstrated his strong interest and effectiveness in both areas (and on other issues as well) his whole life.

    I’ve known Joe for 20 years and worked with him on and off during that time. He is a hardworking, down-to-earth man with integrity and respect for people with diverse backgrounds and points of view. Joe will serve District 4 extremely well.

  8. pbradyus

    Wolk is pretty narrow – pro public employee unions on all issues so far. But this is how you get elected in this state! The result is our dysfunctional [public-employee-union] legislature, and state-wide, our failing schools, our congested and ill-repaired roads, bridges, and other poor public services. All this, despite our high income, sales, and ill-conceived carbon and other taxes. One realizes, or at least hopes, that eventually voters will see the downward path ahead and react!

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