Fourth Victim in Sex Case Against WS Officer Testifies

Alvarezby Antoinnette Borbon

Testimony was heard by the fourth and youngest of the five alleged victims in the case against a former West Sacramento Police Officer, who faces 28 separate counts including sexual assault and rape.

But her testimony would prove to be a bit aloof from her demeanor, and she presented a very different story from the other alleged victims.

The young girl would testify about the first time she had encountered Officer Sergio Alvarez. She testified she had been walking near the West Capitol area late one night in September, 2012. She said that she was stopped, questioned and later put into the back of Officer Alvarez’s patrol car while he ran her name for warrants.

The fourth alleged victim had said in earlier testimony that Officer Alvarez asked her what she would do for him if he let her go free after finding a meth pipe on her. She said she told him she was not a rat. She testified,”I did not know what he wanted, I got scared and was crying.” She said it was then that she told him, “I can f—- you?”

Shortly after that she told the court that Officer Alvarez told her to duck down and he drove to a remote area, near the industrial part of West Sacramento. She said when they got there he got out of the car and opened up her backdoor and unzipped his pants.

She testified that  she gave him oral sex and then she engaged in intercourse. However, she told the court that Officer Alvarez was not forceful. She said that when it was over she gave him her number.

The alleged victim explained it was after that night they began seeing each other to have sex. There were about a dozen encounters that she could recall. She said she never felt like a victim and felt it a privilege to be dating a cop.

She said she knew he was married and that he had also told her that he had a vasectomy so she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. It was later that she had learned from a friend that Officer Alvarez had forced her friend to have oral sex so she would not go to jail.

But the young girl (fifth alleged victim) told the jurors she did not believe it was the same officer she had been seeing.

There were many occasions during her testimony that she would say she did not recall and hang her head while muttering words no one could make out, and at times she seemed disconnected emotionally from her testimony. She even seemed aloof at times. She would also repeat several times, “I’m not a victim, I liked having sex with him, it made me feel important because he was a cop and I still feel that way…”

She frequently giggled after talking about the sex they had on the hood if his patrol car. She admitted what she was doing was wrong but she said she kept doing it to protect him and because she liked it.

She testified that she feels bad for Officer Alvarez and what he is going through. She testified that they were both adults and made the choice to continue seeing each other.  Officer Alvarez had brought her meth and a pipe on one occasion during Valentine ’s Day.

Later in the day the court heard a DNA specialist testify about examining the swabs taken from the patrol car and from one of the locations where alleged victims said that Alvarez had taken them also.

DOJ specialist Langford explained she had tested swabs and found seminal fluid in two of the swabs tested that matched Alvarez, both from the car and the location at Merkeley Avenue. She had also found DNA from one victim but excluded all others. Some DNA was not able to be identified due to its small content.

A grand jury indicted and charged Sergio Alvarez with 28 separate counts of Oral Copulation, Rape, and Sexual Penetration against the will, with enhancements in Residential Burglary, Kidnapping, and Duress as a peace officer. Most of the events took place in or around the area of West Capitol Boulevard in West Sacramento. The alleged assaults occurred between October 2011 and September of 2012.

The trial continues Thursday in Judge Fall’s courtroom.

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    on the one hand, i think we are getting the sense that some of these rapes were not necessarily “sexual assaults” but at the same time, if her testimony is accurate, alvarez abused his power by using his title and influence and the fact that she was under arrest to coerce her to have sex and then create an ongoing relationship. still improper, still illegal, but probably not life in prison stuff.

    1. iPad Guy

      On the other hand, there’s plenty of “life in prison stuff” beyond what this one somewhat sympathetic witness relates.

      He’s being tried on lots of serious stuff: “28 separate counts of Oral Copulation, Rape, and Sexual Penetration against the will, with enhancements in Residential Burglary, Kidnapping, and Duress as a peace officer.”

      There seems to be two ways he’s trying to sway the jury on the rape charges. First, the victims aren’t your basic sweet co-eds, but drug-using prostitutes. Second, the accused could have believed that the victims were giving consent when they didn’t fight him off.

      Even if one of the five victims has this somewhat bewildering story, it doesn’t really suggest that any “still improper” criminal acts aren’t “sexual assaults.”

      Even if only one of the victims has a credible story supported by photographic and other forensic evidence, the former officer could be looking at a life in prison.

      It’s difficult to develop much sympathy for priests, teachers and law enforcement officers who use their positions of authority and trust to rape the young, the weak and the poor.

  2. Antoinnette

    I totally agree, ipad….no matter what, when in an authoritative position you have a higher accountability..because you have an obligation to be a better examle for others. True tio, evwn if this young gurl had affections for him, she is still awfully young and has a drug problem so I would still have to opine he knew this and took full advantage of a weak vessel. As he also did with the others. It doesnt appear he will be getting a get out of jail free card…but rightly so….. There is not enough money in the world . Just my opinion, to rectify what he did to these women….I hope one day he sees that and can be sorry. I pray these girls can heal.Its been tough to listen to them have to be humiliated, scared and sadly shameful over their life choices. Albiet, some are working hard on sobriety..bless their wounded hearts.

  3. iPad Guy

    Antoinette, good job reporting this trial. It can’t be a very pleasant one to take up a month of your life.

    I’m not quite ready to convict him, but only can imagine how awful the situation has been for everyone involved. Assuming he did half of what the charges claim, wouldn’t there be some question of his sanity?

  4. iPad Guy

    Duplicating question from the December civil case Vanguard coverage:

    “Antoinnette, this story had slipped my mind by the time Officer Alvarez’s trial started. Is Rebecca Wilson one of the five victims providing testimony in the current trial?”

  5. Antoinnette

    Thank you, Ipad…Yes, I agree there are some serious mental health issues here. It may be that he found himself addicted to porn? As thru witnesses/victims testimony, he often behaved as if it was though he felt he was in an xrated movie with these girls. A commonality of language and demeanor during their assaults could infer this.

    I kinda have a gut feeling if he had not been caught he may have began offing these women…something just yells that out in my head? is only an opinion.

    Yes, a very long trial indeed…and tough to think about the trust he has betrayed in so many. Not to mention his own family. It must be awful to sustain the emotional injury of this trial. Sure there are some dark reasons for his behavior. Prayers for all the victims and the innocent children of his.

    It will be in the jurors hands by late next week.

  6. Rachel Alvarez

    Thank you Antoinnette, for thinking about his children. I’m their mother. Officer Alvarez was given every opportunity and chance in his life. There was no reason for him to prey on women in hardship. I can’t imagine how much more they have to recovery from now. While porn was an issue with Sergio, it was frequent that sergios colleagues and corresponded often with pornographic pictures, even off duty. This caused many problems between Sergio and I. The porn wasn’t the root of his evil. .(on sure by now u can guess I am his estranged wife, I was with this man for eighteen years), I believe Sergio to be definitively a sexual predator. This fear and surrounding terrifying circumstances surrounding Sergio, is what pushed me to relocate my children and I across America January of last year. Sergio had a wife, affairs, and still felt the need to victimize women under the power of his badge. I believe he should not be a free man again because he is a huge risk to any form of society. I believe killing victims would have been the next step he would have taken in an attempt to cover up for himself. There is no cure for his sickness, he is simply a sexual predator. His children and I wish for heal for his victims, and a very strong sentence. Life in whatever package this jury phrases it in.

  7. Antoinnette

    Rachel…Thank you for sharing your story with me. I hope I have not saud anything to offend. Yes, satan can use us to perform his evil. I am deeply.sorry you and your precious children have this burden to bare. But thru evil can come something good if we can trust and allow His Will. I hope one day forgiveness can be found in all the hearts affected. I’m glad you are safe! I’ve heard your children are lovely! I wish you all the best. As for his buddies taking a part in the viewing of ungodly things too, sure their time to meet a wrathful Lord will come. As nothing done in darkness is ever hidden.

    I kindly thank you again for your courage and candidness with me. I’m sure it was not easy. My prayers go out for your healing!:(

    1. Rachel Alvarez

      Thank you Antoinnette, for ur kind words. Thank you for following this story. My Lil family hopes for justice and peace for Sergios victims. I can’t lie that the pressure of him possibly being found innocent is taking a toll on me. Sergio is testifying today as im sure u know. I have no forgiveness or empathy for Sergio at this time. He claims innocent.
      I heard once that nobody tells the truth like a pissed off wife. While I don’t let my emotions run me(for the most part), I’m probably the pissed off wife a little bit.
      Thanks again, praying for swift justice and closure

  8. Antoinnette

    Yes…I totally understand your feelings..I feel for you! Yes, today he did testify I was astounded by his unwillingness to admit the truth? He denied most of it. He blinked repeatedly when answering questions..not sure if he has a problem with his eyes? Or it was his bodys way of saying,” I’m lying!” Typically the eyes blink repeatedly when we lie.

    Not sure what the jurors will decide…but if I had to would be a conviction. I believe the prosecution of Hamilton and the work of Det. Glenn in this case will heavily impact the a good way. It must be difficult to try a case against one of your own..but one bad apple does.not have to spoil the whole bunch. I commend all the good ones and their effort to keep the community believing they are there to protect and serve, not scare , hurt or assault people while wearing th
    at badge.

    A new article on testimony today will be up in the am.

  9. Mel

    I have been following this case, and have found it a little hard to find him guilty of the charges. I agree he is guilty of using his badge to have sexual relationships while on duty, but rape and kidnapping? I have never been sold on those charges. I think he is immoral and needs help. I feel for his wife and kids. Given the credibility of the “victims” I think the encounters with Alvarez were consensual and they thought more was going to come. Maybe I am missing something, but this is a lot of he said she said, and not evidence convicting him of rape and kidnapping.

    1. Rachel Alvarez

      Hi Mel, have u been able to attend the trial? I believe the kidnapping charges were applied because when you are in the back of patrol unit, you do not have the freedom to leave. You’re locked in. As for the rape charges, his victims were given a choice. To either go to jail or, well, u know. Women at night stopped coming out at the times Sergio would patrol. Are we to say that he kept the streets safe? No. His victims, like most women are terrified to come forward, facing the humility in the crime committed against them and their attacker.

      His victims are brave for speaking out. I pray for them to have peace and that Sergio is found guilty. Sergio has been a predator for the duration of our eighteen years, however, all accusations swept under the rug because of how believable Sergio was and how easy it was to call the girls liars. America is not a third world country where women have little values. Americas women hold up this world. I now and forever am going to be a single mother to three children, like a lot of American women. We need to put more value on our women.

      The women on the streets deserve to be valued also. Not victimized.

      1. Mel

        Hi Rachel,
        I would like to say I am truly sorry for you and your kids during this time. I totally see where you are coming from. But to prove him guilty and for him to spend the rest of his life in prison doesn’t seem just right. It seems more like he failed to keep his community feeling safe by targeting women in hardship in order to satisfy his addiction (sex). I feel he targeted these individuals because of the reputation and role they played in the community. Nothing came out that he was sexual assaulting women that were not living this particular kind of life. I know of plenty women that would use their power of being a women to get out tickets and definitely jail. Not in any way am I blaming the victims. They did make the choice to perform sexual favors instead of going to jail.

        I cannot imagine the humiliation and hurt that you are experiencing

        1. Rachel Alvarez

          Hi Mel. Thank you for ur kind words and sympathy towards my Lil family. First off, I’d like to say that humiliation and shame are something Sergio carries alone. The children and I are proud to survive him. Also, regarding what the charges were planned out for sometime, seeing as how the investigation lasted from sept till the end of Feb. The DA’s office Char him based on evidence. A jury will find him innocent or guilty. A judge will sentence him. It’s obvious you have researched sex addiction. If you keep reading on line, there will be links to a sexual predator. This defines Sergio. In every way. Then there’s the victims. Spouse, women, children, family and community. All left with the aftermath of one mans problem.

  10. Rachel Alvarez

    Are we really to blame ourselves or these women? If facing law enforcement targeting(which is something a predator does) you because of who you are, what would you do? Rape is unwanted sex. Minors rarely fight back, out of intimidation. In fact, a lot of rapes go unreported. Because of the shame in it. How do you prove you didn’t want to? I believe these women are so brave. I hope they know that it’s not their fault. I hope for a sting sentence. If Sergio was freed he would be of a huge threat. I don’t think this is a case of sexual misconduct OR behavior unbecoming, he was charged on multiple counts of rape I don’t believe they are just teaching cops a lesson. It’s just a sad case that will hopefully be over for everyone. I do respect ur interest and good heart

  11. Antoinnette latest article is up! I commend you for speaking up for these women. You know I have witnessed the testimony of each vuctim but one and I will tell you, these women were either scared and traumatized to have to relive what they experienced, with the exception of one, or the DA’s and Detectives working this case teach acting lessons…just that simple! And my guess would be they told the truth no matter how tough. They are cried in shame for their lifestyle but they also cried in fear if this man. When I heard yesterday that victim no. three thought he was going to kill her…it valudated my own gut feeling about him. taking lives if he had not been caught. What would stop him? Especially with women whom he thought of as lower than himself that he could hurt and keep silent because of his badge.

    By the demeanor if these jurors…it appears majority believed the victims. He may get some charges dropped but he has enough to give him a very long time away.

    It is sad to think women have to be afraid to tell of rape…and yes, the lives. of women who have experienced it leaves them with a lot of much so that they may not ever be able to live. I’ve known some.

    I will say it again…I’m proud of the men in law enforcement. who have worked on bringing this man to justice!

    And you are right Rachel..this is NOT your shame! It is all his…and he will have to reap what evil he has sown…Lord willing.justice will be served and the victims can find vindication. Hopefully they will continue to remain clean and sober and off the streets.

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