Defense Rocks Prosecution’s Case In Man Accused Of Infants Death

Yolo-Count-Court-Room-600by Antoinnette Borbon, Marya Alloo, Jane Fitzsimmons

The defense rocked the prosecution’s theory to its core today in the man accused of shaking one of his twin infants, causing his death.

Quentin Stone found his two month old baby on the floor facedown after learning his toddler had pulled him off the bed. Being concerned about injuries he took him to the ER.

Kaiser’s Dr. Erickson testified that after examining the infant he felt the baby appeared normal. He stated, “he was a white, healthy, happy baby boy with no outward injuries, no bruised, swelling or dilated pupils.”

Defense attorney Monica Brusha, asked if the doctor had reviewed any medical records on the infant. He said he did not.

“So, you had access to the records but you never thought it necessary to review them?” “No,” replied the doctor.

“So…let me ask you doctor, dud you know of a prenatal bleed?” Brusha, raising the tempo. “No, I did not.”

“So you never thought it was necessary to order a CAT SCAN, even after you knew the baby. Had fallen three feet?” commands Defense Brusha.

“No, he appeared normal, didn’t appear to have a head injury.” Dr. Erickson replied.

Dr. Erickson states if he had been told the baby was shaken, he would have notified CPS, called authorities, the baby’s pediatrician and ordered a CT scan.

He stated, “shaking has a hidden injury.”

When asked by defense if he had measured. The circumference of the baby’s head, he said he did not. “I have never heard of that? And no, did not think it was necessary.

Brusha getting louder, “So…let me get this straight…you never thought it was necessary to measure his head to make sure it had not grown from swelling? Or never thought to consult a Neurologist?” His reply, “no, never thought it was necessary, he appeared normal.”

Dr. Erickson could not recall if the infant was brought into the his car seat or not or if he had undressed him to check for injuries. But states he checked the infant’s neck and it seemed normal.

In redirect, DDA Young asked Dr.Erickson if he had been told the baby was shaken, would he have ordered the CT scan, he replied, “Yes.”

Brusha in cross, “So, doctor, if you had been told he shook the baby, then you would have ordered the tests? And you never called CPS, did you? “No, I did not.” Answered the doctor.

Brusha pacing the floor, exclaims, “So you did nothing, nothing! No further questions your honor, thank you!”

The defense hammered away questions to the doctors on the stand, chiseling away the prosecutions claim that the baby had head injuries caused by shaking, and as Brusha’s voice began to grew louder, the courtroom grew quiet and the prosecution sat with little recourse.

“Sarah and Quentin Stone were my neighbors for a few years.” stated in a testimony by John Guse, a long time neighbor of the Quentin Family, who knew the couple even before they had children.

Guse stated with a smile, “Quentin is one of the most laidback guys you can met, and he is always laughing. I still consider him a good friend to this day.”

Guse who has been an EMT and firefighter for most of his life, was approached on September 5, 2012 by the concerned parents, who were holding one of their infant sons in her hand. She had stated to him that the baby had fallen off the bed, and she was worried.

 Guse examined the baby and noticed that he seemed alert, and checked his head to make sure the soft spot on the baby’s head was not bulging, which would indicate intense cranial pressure. He told them the baby was ok but felt for reassurance they should take them to the doctor. Guse explained, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”.

Public Defender Martha Sequira presented Guse with a series of questions about the Stone family.

The Stone family had been struggling with fertility problems for quite some time. Guse when asked if he was aware of that responded “Sarah and Quentin had struggled, that is the only time I ever saw them truly upset.”

Sequira responded by asking a rapid fire of questions to Guse about Quentin. She asked with an emotionally raised voice “Did you see Quentin Stone ever punish or physically hit his children; Did you see Quentin Stone ever beat or react negatively towards his wife Sarah; Did you ever hear Quentin raise his voice to his children or wife?” Guse responded with a prompt “no” to all questions.

Guse also stated that all the kids in the Stone house hold were happy, Quentin would often be in the front yard playing with their oldest son and they would all be laughing and having a good time.

Family members of the Stone family were present in the courtroom, and they all were emotionally moved by testimonies that took place in the courtroom. The jury also looked on attentively, as Sequira and Brusha broke down the prosecutions case.

The trial, which is expected to last about a month, resumes today in Judge Paul Richardson’s courtroom.

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  1. tj

    The problem began with very poor care at Kaiser.
    Then Dr. Weidman, the ER doctor at Woodland, certified in nothing, jumped to a wrong but exciting conclusion.
    What a horrible thing the DA has done to this family.

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