Election Digest: Beronio Earns Bar Endorsements; Delaini Endorsed by Cabaldon


Delaini.PhotoWest Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon Endorses Larenda Delaini for Superior Court Judge

Larenda Delaini, candidate for Yolo County Superior Court Judge, has received the endorsement of another top Yolo County official, West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon. Mayor Cabaldon joins Yolo County Supervisors Matt Rexroad and Don Saylor and many others in endorsing Larenda in her run for judge.

“I am endorsing Larenda Delaini for Yolo County Superior Court Judge because she has lived in and served the community for most of her life, and has the experience and temperament to make an outstanding judge,” said Mayor Cabaldon. “A graduate of River City Senior High who still lives in Yolo County, Larenda has demonstrated passion for the betterment of the people of this community through her volunteer efforts and years of public service. I’m proud to join my fellow elected leaders in Yolo County in endorsing Larenda for judge,” concluded Mayor Cabaldon.

Mayor Cabaldon has served the residents of West Sacramento since 1996. He is currently serving his fourth elected term as mayor.

“I am honored to have the support of Mayor Cabaldon. He has overseen the rejuvenation of my hometown, which has a new community college, a City recreation center and pool, and a revitalized waterfront that is under construction. I have long been impressed by his undying commitment to making West Sacramento the vibrant City it is today. I am grateful that he has joined my growing team of supporters,” said Larenda.

Larenda Delaini is a Deputy Attorney General and former Deputy District Attorney. She is also an adjunct professor at Sacramento City College and works in the legal writing program at Lincoln Law School. Larenda and her husband David, a Lieutenant at the West Sacramento Police Department, live in Davis with their two children, ages 4 and 7.

To learn more about Larenda Delaini, visit:   www.DelainiforJudge.com


Baronio-2Yolo County Bar Association Endorses Commissioner Beronio For Judge

The Yolo County Bar Association has endorsed Yolo Court Commissioner Janene Beronio for election as Yolo Superior Court Judge.    President of the Yolo County Bar Association Allison Zuvela today announced that Commissioner Beronio received the votes of over 75% of the membership of the County Bar.   “I was, frankly, surprised by the extent of the support and the overwhelming majority received by Commissioner Beronio,” said President Zuvela.

The Yolo County Bar Association held a public forum where all four candidates spoke to the members and answered questions.  Following the forum, County Bar members were polled and were asked two questions:  Should the County Bar endorse a candidate for election to the judicial position.  And if so, which candidate?   Zuvela added:  “The members said that they wanted to endorse a candidate.  We determined that we would not endorse any candidate who did not receive at least 50% plus one.  If no candidate had received a majority, we would have held a run-off between the top two.  Turned out a run-off ballot wasn’t necessary, because Janene Beronio received the vote of over 75% of the membership on the very first ballot.”

Judge Dave Rosenberg, senior adviser and spokesperson for the Beronio for Judge campaign, issued the following statement,  “The members of the Yolo County Bar Association are the lawyers in this county who work in the Yolo courthouse day in and day out.  They have seen Commissioner Beronio in her capacity as a judicial officer, and they have seen and heard her three opponents.  These members of the Bar know what it takes to be a strong and fair Judge.  And they have chosen Janene Beronio.  To receive the support of over 75% of the members of the County Bar sends an important message:  The four candidates have just been evaluated by the lawyers who work in the courthouse and a super-majority of those lawyers recommend Janene Beronio for Judge.”

Yolo Court Commissioner Janene Beronio said,  “I deeply appreciate the support of the working attorneys in Yolo County.”

The election for judge will be held on June 3.  A judicial vacancy was created when Judge Steve Mock announced he would not run for re-election.   Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Janene Beronio has served as a Court Commissioner in Yolo, handling judicial assignments for the Court, for the past 25 years.


John-BrennanJohn P. Brennan for Superior Court Judge: Come Out For A Fun And Free Event For All!

Tired of the status quo?  Is it time for a change from the same old way of doing business?  Then come meet John P. Brennan, candidate for Yolo County Superior Court Judge, on Sunday, April 27, from 2 to 4 pm at 900 Lighthouse Dr., West Sacramento.

Food and refreshments will be provided for adults and children.  There will be a bounce house for kids.

John P. Brennan is a proud resident of Yolo County; he lives in West Sacramento with his wife and 5 children.  John’s children go to school in Yolo County; he pays property taxes, works and plays here.

John’s unique experience makes him the most qualified candidate for the position of Superior Court Judge.  He has 20 years of experience in the courtroom and has tried over 100 cases.  The first 10 years of his career was spent as a prosecutor and a deputy district attorney. The past 9 years, John has run a successful small legal business.  He has tried cases as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  He knows the criminal court system inside and out and has handled just about every type of case imaginable.  John also has extensive experience in Civil and Family law matters.  Simply put, his experience is unmatched.

John P. Brennan grew-up in Northern California in an immigrant household.  His father came to America from Ireland, by way of England and Australia.  His work ethic and experience, not unlike many of his generation, lead to a successful contracting business.  This work ethic was passed on to John as a boy and young man.  John’s young children attend a school in a blue-collar area where many of the families are immigrants or first generation Americans.  They share a bond with John and his family, even if they have different cultural backgrounds.

Police officers, business owners, judges and citizens from all across Yolo County support John’s campaign.

Please visit his website: www.johnbrennanforjudge.com to learn more about him.

What a great opportunity to come out and meet John personally and enjoy a free family fun event.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact John at 916.864.3123.


Sunder-Team-PhotoKids, tell School Board Candidate Madhavi Sunder All About Your School!

KIDS! YOU’RE THE EXPERTS! Come to the Blanchard Room at the Davis Public Library from 4:00-5:30 pm Saturday April 26. Do some crafts (including duct tape bows and rainbow loom bracelets), and tell School Board Candidate Madhavi Sunder what you think is awesome about your school. All ages are welcome—pre-school to high school. Snacks provided. Please contact Malia McCarthy at maliaamccarthy@gmail.com for more information.

Sunder is a candidate for appointment to the vacancy created by trustee Nancy Peterson’s resignation and is also a candidate in the November general election. She is a tenured law professor at UCD’s King Hall and was educated in public schools before attending Harvard College and Stanford Law School. Sunder’s two children attend Korematsu Elementary School and previously attended César Chávez Elementary School. Sunder has been a classroom volunteer at Korematsu and Chávez and is an AYSO soccer mom. She has served on the school district’s GATE Advisory Committee and most recently was a member of one of the action teams that was part of the school district’s strategic planning process.

—compiled by Lily Shen

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Disclaimer: the views expressed by guest writers are strictly those of the author and may not reflect the views of the Vanguard, its editor, or its editorial board.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    no surprise with the bar endorsement. i have had pressure from some of my colleagues to endorse beronio, but because i work in sacramento, they have no real sway over me.

    big pick up for delaini to get cabaldon’s endorsement, wonder why he bucked the trend?

    1. Davis Progressive

      i work in the ag’s office. in what specific way would you say delaini is short on ethics? i want specific allegations that you have evidence for.

  2. tj

    DP — You probably can’t give your name while you work in the AG’s office. But maybe you can give an idea of how long you’ve worked there and what general area you’re in. There are a surprising number of problems that surface in the office.

    I asked Delaini about David Druliner. She claims to be his supervisor and said something laudatory about him.
    When I mentioned my concern that he had prosecuted a supposed 1970’s Black Panther in the Bay area for 4 years for the stated purpose of getting free family vacations for 4 years, 2005 – 2009, while his step-daughter Rachel (or Raquel?) was enrolled at UC Berkeley, Delaini shrugged, laughed, and indicated there was no problem with this at all.
    The prosecution fizzled out, according to news reports. Questions were raised in the news reports as to why the prosecution was ever started in the first place, and why it continued for 4 years.
    What kind of people think it’s okay to prosecute someone for the purpose of getting free vacations for 4 years?
    Who thinks it’s okay to misuse the AG office’s funding to prosecute falsely and claim per diem expenses?
    Apparently your friend Delaini who didn’t see it as a problem. She found it funny, I don’t.

    You can check on Druliner’s per diem expenses for those years and evaluate the merits of the “Black Panther” case.

    1. Davis Progressive

      due respect, i consider your comment here a little silly: “There are a surprising number of problems that surface in the office.”

      why? i’m not being naive here, there are plenty of problems with the office, but there are bound to be when you have 1100 attorneys and almost 5000 overall employees.

      in terms of dave druliner, i’m not going to comment on that, even with a moniker here. what you wrote doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, perhaps you can provide a few links so i can at least understand the context.

  3. tj

    I had a hunch the office is too big for easy oversight. Without good, strong, ethical managers, problems and illegal activity are bound to occur.

    The problems I’m aware of aren’t silly and I think there’s no excuse for them, no matter how big the office is. Of all the state offices, we’d expect the A.G.’s office to have ethical employees.

    Re Druliner, I’m unclear what doesn’t make sense to you–? Or, is it just hard to understand because it was so extremely unethical?

      1. tj

        I’ll try to find the case. Since it ended 5 years ago, it will be hard for me to find, but I’ll try.

        I hope I was clear my info came from the Druliners themselves.

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