Marsh Trial Continued Until June


murder-davis-4by Antoinnette Borbon

Judge Reed ruled in favor of continuing the trial in the states’s case against young Daniel Marsh, the 16 year old who has been charged for the double homicide of an elderly couple in Davis last April.

Young Marsh sat quietly as he listened to his defense lawyer and DDA argue over the fact that defense had not received all of the discoveries in the case in time to review before trial. Defense Ron Johnson told the court he did not get cd’s with survelliance from several different places and other items in time to review. But DDA Mike Cabral stated they were there at the DA’s office ready to be picked up and he did not know why defense had not gotten them earlier.

DDA Cabral stated that none of what defense has not reviewed, will be used during trial as it was found irrelevant to the state’s case.

Defense Ron Johnson asked for the information to be sealed no matter what now since it was not able to be reviewed.

After listening to argument, Judge Reed ruled in favor of defense’s request to seal the discoveries but allowed time for defense to review them anyway and to continue the trial for a day of June 16th.

Reed stated the laws according to admissions of discoveries and said it was reasonable to give time to defense to review all of the documents and cd’s for his case.

Johnson has continued this trial a few times for different reasons. DDA Cabral was concerned about having witnesses be available during summer months. But he states, “we will start serving subpoenas now.”

A trial readiness conference is the last hearing in the case before it is set to begin on the June date.


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