Election Digest: Brennan, Neustadt, Wolk


Wolk-Assembly-AnnounceFormer School Chief for Wolk

I enthusiastically support Dan Wolk as our representative to the California Assembly. As a former member of the legislature and the former Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California, I have many reasons for this endorsement.

Dan is a warrior for the children. He knows well that the California Constitution says the first priority of our state government shall be the education of children through college. Too many elected members of the legislature do not know that, hence the dramatic reductions in support for education from preschool to college. Dan will not just go along to get along, he will stand up to the Governor and to leaders of both parties who have sold California’s children down the river. He is an enthusiastic dad who is positive that all children have the right to a great future that does not include using the state education budget as a piggy bank for other, less important things. He will make his mother and father, his wife and children and all of his constituents as proud as we have been of his mother, Lois Wolk.

Second, Dan has the great respect of those who you have elected from this area. He is a Davis council member who has the support of the other three council members who are not running against him. He has the support of all of the Davis school Board as well as of the two elected members of the Board of Supervisors from this area. Why? Because he will work to get the values right in Sacramento, even as he gets along with people. Budgets are statements of values, and Dan will not go along with being 49th in per pupil spending when we are 1st in per prisoner expenditures. He will fight for improving our infrastructure, including our levees, roads, bridges and he will fight for renewable energy, even as he seeks to protect the environment.

Third, Dan will stand up for justice for all families, farms, businesses and non-profits, working for civility as well as justice. He will bring his middle class values to the political discourse even as he fights for the neediest among us. He fought to establish a Legal Aid Clinic in Yolo County, to help those in need. He is himself an attorney who will not be bullied or hoodwinked by leaders who say “we have no choice…” when we do.

Dan Wolk is my candidate for the state Assembly. I hope you agree. Please vote for a man with the heart, mind, work ethic, civility and training to be a great leader in Sacramento.

Yours most sincerely,

Delaine Eastin

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction


John-BrennanAlliance of California Judges Endorses Brennan

The Alliance of California Judges is pleased to endorse your candidacy for Judge of the Yolo County Superior Court.

We are an organization of over 500 judges statewide. You have an exemplary reputation among our fellow judges . We believe that you will bring to the Superior Court a breadth of valuable experience and a reputation for being fair and impartial.

We are confident that you will serve the bench for many years as an exemplary colleague.


Neustadt-SamLetter in Support of Sam Neustadt

With the announcement that Sam Neustadt is running for Yolo County Superintendent of School, I felt compelled to bring to your attention how I feel Sam could successfully meet the expectations of that position.

In my role as director of a parent resource and training center, which supports families of children with disabilities, and as parent of four children who have moved through the public school system, I have an understanding of what a quality education means for all children and their families.

I am pleased to have worked with Sam Neustadt as a true collaborative partner on several education issues and have witnessed him balance the needs of constrained budgets while maximizing educational opportunities for all students. This skill requires a depth of understanding of differing perspectives along with a capacity to create effective partnerships. In particular, we partnered on the Independent Child Advocate Project. This project grew from an effort to bring alternative dispute resolutions options to families of children in special education, allowing families and educational professionals to reach agreements in a manner that was more family-friendly and culturally responsive, as opposed to the more formal, structured due process that is combative and costly to both families and education agencies in so many ways. Sam believed the ICA project was so important, he found local funding to continue it even after the original grant funding had elapsed.

I have worked with Sam at the local, regional and state level and have seen him successfully navigate some highly complex situations. He always is conscious of what the impact will be on the student. He has high expectations for all students; he is able to implement evidence-based practices and has a deep understanding of the various systems issues. The California network of Family Resource Centers and Family Empowerment Centers founded and staffed by parents of children with disabilities, have witnessed the commitment and dedication Sam has shown in his quest for quality educational opportunities.

In this challenging time when education policies and practices seem to be at a disconnect and resources are diminishing, Sam has a demonstrated record of fourteen years of advocating on behalf of students, families and teachers through his work in Solano County. It is a tough job but I know Yolo County would benefit from Sam Neustadt’s effective leadership as County Superintendent of Schools


Nora Thompson

Director, Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    “The Alliance of California Judges was formed on September 11, 2009, in response to the unprecedented financial crisis now facing our judicial branch. We are a new organization of judges in the State who will be a meaningful voice to independently advocate and communicate on behalf of judges with the public, media, and Executive and Legislative branches. We will offer positive and constructive comment upon state-wide court management and budgeting. Centralized court financial management and facilities ownership was conceived to address funding inequities, but it was proposed at a time when the state was seen as a relatively stable and (perhaps) inexhaustible supply of money. Our organization hopes to restore a greater sense of consensus and shared purpose within the California judiciary. Our organization does not stand in opposition to any existing judicial group. We are not advocating any ultimate budget outcome for our courts. We are urging reaffirmation of the primacy of local court management set out in Government Code section 77001, and full participation of our local courts in the critical budget and management decisions our courts are facing. Many of the reasons for the Alliance are detailed in a White Paper which you will find in the Information section of this website.”


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