Election Digest: Letters for Krovoza, Wolk; Dodd Gets Hometown Paper Endorsement


Dodd-BillNapa Valley Register Endorses Dodd

Bill Dodd, not surprisingly, earned the endorsement of his hometown paper late last week. The Napa Valley Register wrote, “Despite what some may say, it was never a foregone conclusion that The Napa Valley Register would endorse Napa County supervisor and Napa native Bill Dodd in his quest to become the first county resident in the state Assembly in more than three decades.”

They add, “We’ve listened with an open mind to all of the serious contenders for the Fourth Assembly District at candidate forums and in a series of meetings this week with the Editorial Board. We find all of them bring strengths to the table.”

In endorsing Bill Dodd, the Napa paper wrote:

And yet it was Dodd who has consistently struck us as the best choice in the race.

He is a mature and confident presence, with a demonstrated track record as a consensus builder. From his early days, when he was seen as an ambitious political player, Dodd has matured into an effective, pragmatic voice on the Board of Supervisors. He a key element in the fiscally conservative coalition that has maintained the county’s top-drawer bond rating even through the dark times of the Great Recession. He has been a leading figure in boosting cooperation between the county and its five incorporated towns, helping ease decades of mutual suspicion and counterproductive machinations.

Dodd speaks easily and passionately about the need to forge relationships and build coalitions in creating legislation, a lesson he learned painfully in his early years as a supervisor.

Dodd is the only candidate with deep and direct experience in the broad range of issues that confront supervisors and state lawmakers alike, including health and human services and administration of a correctional system. He can speak knowledgeably about complex topics, yet he humbly admits that there will be times when he has to learn on the job, and we believe he has the ability to learn as quickly in Sacramento as he did when he joined the board in 2000.

Dodd also has experience in representing a geographically and socially diverse region – he has proven able and willing to represent the interests of parts of Napa County outside his district. We believe he is well suited to expand that outlook to the broader boundaries of the Assembly district, which sprawls from the urban bustle of Rohnert Park and Davis to the rural quiet of Lake and Yolo counties.

To be sure, to have a legislator with roots in Napa County is a chance we would relish after decades of representation from afar. But for all these other reasons, we think Bill Dodd is the right vote for this Assembly seat.

Bill Dodd told his supporters, “I was honored to receive the endorsement of the Napa Valley Register this past weekend. I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished in Napa County and hope to continue delivering results in the Assembly to all residents of District 4.”



Former Supervisor Endorses Joe Krovoza

I am supporting Joe Krovoza for Assembly District 4. Joe was elected to the Davis City Council in June 2010 and became mayor in 2011. He strongly supports open space, agriculture preservation, energy and water efficiency, and low carbon reduction programs – all key issues in Yolo County and the entire district.

During the recent recession, Joe made tough decisions to improve Davis’ financial position, including identifying $2.5 million in cost reductions. Besides being strong on fiscal issues, Joe has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, the Northern California Latino Democratic Club and the Sacramento Bee.

There is a clear choice on June 3. Please join me and vote for Joe Krovoza for Assembly.

Frank Sieferman, Jr.
Former Member and Chairman,
Yolo County Board of Supervisors

Yolo County Concilio President Supports Joe Krovoza

I would like to provide insight about why I strongly support Joe Krovoza for Assembly. In August 2013, Joe wrote an incisive paper on issues pertaining to the Yolo County Latino community. Topics included education, healthcare, immigration reform, Latino voting, affordable housing and how we can move forward. Joe mentioned that while over 50% of K-12 students are Latino, only 16% of our teachers are Latino. On healthcare, Joe said that no Californian should have to live with untreated disease, ailment or injury simply because of the cost of receiving health services.

But Joe’s thoughts go beyond words – he translates them into action. For example, he oversaw the development of the New Harmony apartment complex in Davis which offers affordable housing for working families and those on a limited income.

Joe has eagerly attended and sponsored numerous events that benefit Latinos, including the Annual Concilio Recognition Dinner, the Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference (attracting 1,500 students to UC Davis, many of whom were on their first visit to a college), the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network (YIIN) benefit dinner, and the Cycle de Mayo Fundraiser, where Joe was the keynote speaker. These events provide needed scholarships and funds that immeasurably improve our community.

I give Mayor Joe Krovoza credit for bringing the Davis City Council a sense of collaboration and collegiality that didn’t exist before. Led by Joe, the Davis City Council has taken on major issues like water and sustainability to improve the quality of our life.

I have worked many political campaigns in Davis and Joe Krovoza ranks at the top in terms of commitment, running a positive campaign, and his willingness to listen to constituents to make the best possible decision. He is a bright and articulate speaker whose vast experience makes him clearly the best candidate to lead us. Please join me in voting for Joe Krovoza for the 4th Assembly District. He is a candidate who will represent everyone.

Rick Gonzales



Wolk-Assembly-AnnounceWolk a Visionary

Dan Wolk is a doer and visionary.  I worked with him for many years at the Legal Clinic of Yolo County, a free clinic he created and led to serve the legal needs of the poor and elderly in Yolo County.  Dan chose the location of the clinic, a senior center in West Sacramento, to meet the needs of a population too frail and impoverished to otherwise seek legal help.  He recruited attorney to work there for free in the evenings.  Dan envisioned the goal of the clinic was to solve our client’s legal problems without going to court.  In other words, to solve problems collaboratively with the client, attorney, and the other party involved in the legal issue.   Dan ensured the quality of legal representation the clients received was excellent. He secured training for the volunteer attorneys, including himself, in a depth and breadth of legal issues, including landlord/tenant, torts, housing, and debtor/creditor issues.  With Dan’s vision, commitment, and hard work, the clinic served hundreds of poor clients in Yolo County.  Dan will bring these skills to Sacramento to work on behalf of all of us.   Please join me in voting for Dan Wolk for Assembly.


Shama Mesiwala

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    i’m voting for dodd. why? krovoza has screwed up the council by running for this office, he’s a bore, and he’s unprepared. wolk is not ready for this despite all of the claims, he shows up completely unprepared and has done little besides pandering. besides the union attacks have grown tiresome.

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