Election Digest: Provenza Endorses Rick Cohen for Judge



Cohen-RickSupervisor Provenza Endorses Rick Cohen For Judge

The following is a statement from Jim Provenza:

We are very fortunate to have four highly qualified candidates for judge in Yolo County. Each candidate has unique qualifications and would be an excellent judge.

I am honored to endorse Fredrick (Rick) Cohen for election to the Superior Court in Yolo County. Rick is a California State Bar certified specialist in family law. He is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law with 25 years of experience in Yolo and Sacramento courts. For several years, Rick has served as a judge pro tem. Rick has also presided as an arbitrator on complex legal matters.

We currently have judges in Yolo County with impressive backgrounds in various areas of the law. The addition of a family law specialist would round out the expertise on our local bench.

A typical Davis resident is most likely to turn to the court for help on a family law matter. The family court handles child custody and visitation matters, divorces, child support and the division of property. Perhaps most important, the family court is called upon to protect victims of domestic violence and child abuse by issuing emergency protective orders and temporary restraining orders. Recent domestic homicides in our community inform us of the important role of the court in preventing violence and protecting children and families.

We have an excellent superior court in Yolo County. However, there is always room to grow and improve. Rick Cohen has the knowledge, background and expertise to be a valuable resource to our court on family law and other issues vital to our community. He is fair, ethical, and hard working, with a wealth of good ideas to contribute. I believe that Rick Cohen will be an exceptional judge.


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Beronio Mailer

Beronio-Mailer-1 Beronio-Mailer-1b

California Association Of Highway Patrolmen Endorse Beronio

A major statewide law-enforcement association has announced its endorsement of Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Janene Beronio in her election for Yolo Superior Court Judge, her campaign announced today.

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) announced its endorsement of Commissioner Beronio in a letter signed by Association President Doug Villars, Chief Executive Officer Jon Hamm and PAC Chair David Dowty.

Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Beronio now has the endorsement and support of the following eight local and statewide law enforcement associations:

California Association of Highway Patrolmen
Davis Police Officers Association
UC Davis Police Officers Association
West Sacramento Police Officers’ Association
Winters Police Officers Association
Woodland Professional Police Employees Association
Woodland Squad Club of the California Highway Patrol
Yolo County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association

Commissioner Beronio has also received the endorsement of the Davis Professional Firefighters Local #3494, a public safety association, as well as Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto and Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.  Additionally, Beronio has received support from many criminal defense attorneys who live and work in Yolo County, as well as the Yolo County Bar Association.

“The California Highway Patrol is a distinguished organization with a long history providing public and highway safety in California,” said Beronio.  “I am pleased to have the support of folks in law enforcement, the district attorney and prosecutors as well as criminal defense attorneys in this County.  They know I listen, that I treat people with respect, and will give all parties a fair hearing.”

Yolo Superior Court Commissioner Janene Beronio is a candidate for election to the Yolo Superior Court.  She has worked as a Yolo Superior Court Commissioner – a judicial officer position – for the past 25 years, and has garnered the support and endorsement of every Yolo County Superior Court Judge, both active and retired, in her campaign for election.


About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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2 thoughts on “Election Digest: Provenza Endorses Rick Cohen for Judge”

  1. Davis Progressive

    so as i understand it, three candidates have been endorsed by a supervisor:

    beronio: chamberlain and villegas
    delaini: saylor and rexroad
    cohen: provenza

    once you get outside of law enforcement and the judges, this is looking like a much more even race.

    that leads me to beronio’s brochure, is their selling point really just that all of the judges support her. as an attorney, i see that as a downside, not an upside. it looks like a good ol’ boys network backing one of their own who they think they can control.

  2. tj

    It also looks as though the judges are desperate to have Beronio elected. Makes one wonder what’s going on behind closed doors at the courthouse, what secrets and scandals might Beronio reveal if the judges were not backing her, if she doesn’t win.

    When she responds to questions, she gives the impression she’s trying to remember which memorized, pre- prepared answer is the right one. The judges seem to have given her a LOT of coaching.

    She’s clearly in the pocket of law enforcement. If I were a defense attorney, I’d be worried about her impartiality.

    I don’t like the way she blurs the truth. She claims to be part of the Winters community, as if she actually lives in Yolo County.
    She claimed at the Vanguard candidates’ forum that Yolo has a mental health court, but that’s
    not true.
    She could have used that moment at the forum to promote and advocate the advantages of establishing a mental health court, but instead she chose to lie.
    Even her photo on her postcard is embarrassing – how many eons ago was the photo taken?!

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