Munn Surges in Campaign Finances

Sample-ballot-2014For each of the five candidates, the campaign financial disclosures tell a very different but telling story. The question many were asking was how was John Munn financing all of the ads that he is running in the Enterprise. The answer appears to be loans.

John Munn brought in a healthy $8471 in contributions, second only to Rochelle Swanson’s $8840, but John Munn, who has only raised $11,301, has spent $16,725 in the period between March 18 and May 17 and $21,000 overall. That includes $10,000 in accrued expenses. It would appear $14,000 has been put on credit for office and print expenses.

Rochelle Swanson is asserting her authority by bringing in the most in monetary contributions and has raised $16,025 this calendar year. However, she has spent most of it, with $14,410 in expenses and a cash balance of $2430.

Robb Davis has brought in $7685 this period, he has raised $12,746 since January 1, but unlike the others his campaign began in 2013. Right now, he leads in cash on hand with a whopping $10,183.90.

Harder to judge is Sheila Allen who only raised $3625 in the last month, but $11,638 since January 1. She has spent $8517 and has $3121 cash on hand.

Daniel Parrella’s filing appears to be missing the Summary Page, but he appears to have raised about $1100 this period.

Sheila Allen shows $100 contributions this period from: Cyril Juanitas, Paul Johnson, Valery Park, Michael Rumery, Hamza El-Hakhal, Noelle Buer, John Whitcombe, Claudia Utts-Smith, Leslie Silver, Michael Silver, Sheet Metal Workers, Ruth Coleman, Judy Wydick, Teresa Kaneko, Zoe Tilton, Pablo Trias, Camilo Prias, Patricia Hecht, Delaine Eastin, Jeni Veale, Tim Taylor, Brian Mulloney, Julie Langston, Davis Firefighters, Davis Campbell, Fred Buderi, and Mark Braly.

Robb Davis shows $100 contributions from: Lani Ball, Marc Bavois, David Begun, Alan Bennet, Gerry Braun, Stephanie Brown Fehm, William Buchanan, Davis Chamber of Commerce, Darrell Champion, Joshua Chapman, Catherine Deguire, Eli Despres, James Doughty, Jeffrey Greco, Steven Greenfield, George Hague, Jacquelyn Hague, Susan Handy, Prescott Heald, Kathryn Hemness, Judy Kile, Lorenzo Kristov, Dorte Larsen, Daniel LeBoon, Robert Leland, Gregory Lentz, Pam Marrone, Robert Milbrodt, Trevor Milbrodt, Barbara McNelly, Diane Moore, Mitchell Mystiviec, Dean Osborne, Amy Pargman, Steve Pigg, Dorothy Place, Donna Ponessa, Joel Ponessa, Thomas Ponessa, Jason Ponessa, Kemble Pope, Christina Rothfus, Jacqueline Rutheiser, Darryl Rutherford, Kathryn Shack, Carrie Shaw, Michael Elfant, Lindsay Weston, Sheri Wiedenhofer, and Norma Wilkin.

John Munn received $100 contributions from: Sheet Metal Workers, Bill Kopper, Carolyn Kopper, Vic Bucher, Bruce Johnson, Richard McCapes, Richard Mirrissey, Dennis Campos, Otto Raabe, Bridget Huntinton, Rhea Donaldson, Warren Micke, Malcom Walker, Clifford Fago, Michael Saxton, Joanne Bowen, Clyde Elmore, Karen Bertleson, Jeffrey Bertleson, Alzada Knickerbocker, David Morse, Dennis Lindsay, Danyal Kaspligil, James Whalen, Tennis Tollefson, Linda Robenault, Paul Brady, Kathleen Flaherty, Ryan Baum, Marina Kalugin, Noreen Mazelis, Cornelia Bohan, Michael Bohan, John Chiles, Yvonne LeMaitre, George Warner, Jack Anthony, Dale Wierman, Aldisa Gunnell, Alan Inouye, Gerald Hallee, Dorothy Morrissey, Walt Salder, Dennis Smith, Jane Wierman, John Privara, Allen Robertson, Dorte Jensen, Peter Buggy, Travie Westlund, Stephen Conn, Bill Streng, Jeanette Pleasure, Shneor Sherman, Karmen Streng, Thomas Sallee, Joan Sallee, Silvia Gonzalez, Michael Blakinship, Mikal Saltveit, Jerry Knapp, Richard Bailey, William Spangler, Janis Lott, and Norma Turner.

Daniel Parrella received $100 contributions from: Patrick Moffat, MacPherson, Acorn Veterinary Clinic, Kemble Pope, Cindy Anderson, Alan Pryor, Jim Gray, Mcihael Varinsky, Madhavi Sunder, Joan Smith MacLean, and the Davis Chamber of Commerce.

Rochelle Swanson received $100 contributions from: John Natsoulas, Bob Schneider, Aragon Solutions, Robin Garland, John Sanchez, Marilyn Mansfield, Bill Ritter, Phillips Land Law, Richard Yamagata, Ron Glick, Barbara Archer, Gregory Fry, CA Apartment Association, Ashok Patel, Nilla Patel, Bhrat Patel, Manisha Patel, Ken Patel, Kiritkumar Patel, Anisha Patel, Anish Patel, Bhartiben Patel, Nikita Patel, Ravinder Patel, Savita Patel, James King, Kaminieli Saukuru, Brianne Maloney, Maria Espitia, Andrea Navarnete, Laura Osoria, Lenor Nunez, Michelle Voyles, Jim Gray, Nihaz Anvary, Davis Chamber of Commerce, Jack Pfugarth, Joyce Wisner, Renee Love, Mary-Alice Coleman, Charles Matson, Alan Pryor, Daniel Carson, Greg McNece, Janne Buccieri, Amy McNece, Elmer McNece, James Lamont, Mark McNece, Jennifer McNece, Shirley McNece, Charles Lilard, Shirley Lillard, Jim Provenza, Kemble Pope, Katherine Pope, Marty Morse, Phillippe Masoud, Derar Kanweydeh, William Runquist Insurance, William Runquist, Madhavi Sunder, Tracy Beckwith, James Beckwith, Diane Parro, Jerry Adler, Lynne Yackzan, Randolph Yackzan, Richard Dorf, Kenneth Medearis, Sarah Medearis, Robert Traverso, Alan Fernandes, Annette Porini, John Ott, Carri Ziegler, Tamiko Gaines, Patricia Hartley, Hamza El Nakhal, Helen Thomson, and Larry Greene.

—David M. Greenwald reporting

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Adam Smith

    Not surprised about Sheila and the firefighters. She has been openly supportive of unwinding portions of the cost saving shared services agreement with UCD. She is their hope for a return to increasing compensation.

    More surprising is that John Munn is accepting contributions from the Sheet Metal Workers union. What is he thinking with that move?

  2. Matt Williams

    There appears to be a subtle message in these filings about how the five candidates feel about transparency, ease of use and understanding vis-a-vis the public. Look at the list of names in each case and what do those lists tell you?

    Fremontia Rule disclaimer: Fremontia has pointed out that I am not unbiased whenever I talk about Robb Davis. I have declared my support for him in many venues. I have formally endorsed him. I have volunteered for him at the Farmer’s Market. I canvass precincts for him on a regular basis. My name is on record at the City Clerk’s office in Robb’s early FPPC filings. I have appreciated Robb’s leadership and character for a long time.

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