Granda Beyond Parcel Taxes And The Vanguard

Granda-1by Jose Granda

In our lovely town there are those who call themselves “liberals”, “progressives”, but contrary to what those words convey, they are the most intolerant people if you disagree with them. . That seems to be the case with some of your readers. I am surprised that Mr. David Greenwald will go down the same wrong path. For the record, I have filed my campaign Form 460 and contrary to what he says, I do not owe back taxes.

Debate of the issues of conflict of interest of any candidate including me is healthy for the community. We must avoid the Petersen ordeal. Davis voters are intelligent people who can make their own judgment on what I said about Madhavi Sunder’s conflicts of interest. Whether it is right or wrong to impose her own beliefs in schools about homosexuals, lesbians bisexuals and transgender students to “see themselves reflected in the curriculum” or whether it is accepting the endorsement of the Yolo County Clerk who is in charge of counting the votes on this election is something the voters clearly can see for themselves. .

What is more important for Davis voters is a whether I have the education and leadership qualities to make difference in the education of our children. We must go beyond a single issue as parcel taxes or one person’s opinion in the Vanguard. I believe informed Davis voters will see that I have the ability to analyze the issues from a broad perspective. Our goal must be that NO student is discriminated or bullied for ANY reason.


Transforming teaching and technology into educational policy for Davis schools requires experience. Whether it is teaching children the principles of why airplanes fly, building Hubble telescopes or helping university students to analyze the Granda-2complex flight dynamics of the Space Shuttle, I have been there and continue to do that. I am a Mechanical Engineering Professor teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers, changing lives of children and young adults for the past 32 years. I served as one of NASA’s spokesmen, issuing the status reports for 17 missions of the Space Shuttle Program. I bring these experiences into the classroom whether is when an elementary school teacher invites me or my own students. Teaching is my passion, I love doing that and making students successful is my reward and happiness. Currently I have five students doing research on our journey back to the Moon and to Mars. Three of them have been accepted to continue for a PhD program with full scholarships. I have a lot to contribute to Davis schools if given the opportunity. If elected, I will not lead looking sideways as the current Board and other candidates do to fit in.

Being in the classroom, I understand teachers, students and parents. I have volunteered my time to help teachers and to conduct motivational lectures in science and engineering for elementary and high school students to study STEM careers. Three of my children have attended Davis public schools. I believe boys and girls should have the same opportunities in STEM careers.

Granda-3I am the candidate running for School Board that:

  • Can bring diversity and fiscal responsibility to the School Board.
  • Has the best interest of both the students and the taxpayers at heart.
  • Is an independent thinker, a different voice with no political commitments.
  • Speaks Spanish fluently and culturally understands the 18% of Hispanic students and parents in our district.
  • Is experienced in teaching STEM careers. My web site is:

TECHNOLOGY, TAXPAYERS, TEACHING” the 3T’s of my campaign, represent my beliefs as a School Board Member.

If you believe in these 3T’s beyond a single issue and you really want me to be elected, please vote ONLY for me, not for three. This will increase my chances of getting elected on November 4, 2014.

You can get to know me better by visiting my web page at: or send me an email at:

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  1. Mr. Toad

    You act like the vote counting is biased. You are free to have observers watch the entire process. It is a totally transparent process. County Clerk’s take an oath to uphold the constitution but retain their right to free speech. Speaking about intolerance you ought to check your own.

    As for not paying your taxes I saw your name in the public notices of delinquent property taxes in the Davis Enterprise last year. Glad to see you have fulfilled your obligation to pay your taxes. Don’t expect a medal though we all do it its just that most of us don’t whine about it so much.

  2. DavisBurns

    I am interested in your position on spending some money on the Davis High School robotics team.  Apparently, they sell light bulbs at farmers market and beg for sponsors but get no support from the high school.

    The Citrus Circuits robotics team featuring local high school students took their robot all the way to the Final Four of the FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis last weekend — the farthest the team has ever advanced in its nine-year history.

    Along the way, the students and their coach — Da Vinci Charter Academy teacher Steve Harvey — displayed the innovative, problem-solving spirit and gracious professionalism they’ve become known for, including creating a sophisticated scouting system for the competition that the team then shared with a rookie team at the championships.

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