Granda vs. the Vanguard: Round Two

Jose Granda
Jose Granda

by Jose Granda

Contrary to what the Vanguard says, this has been an excellent week for me, lots of publicity. The attack from the Vanguard on the issue as to how I pay my property taxes obviously backfired on them. The publicity around that issue for the “liberals,” “progressives,” and the intolerant left has been bad, but for those who look at both sides of the debate. The obvious conclusion is a no brainer.   Two of your readers summarized it very well:

  • hpierce October 29, 2014 at 1:21 pm

“God forbid he should discharge his debt! How heinous!   At the time Granda said his taxes were paid, they were. That is a fact, not a lie.”

  • tj October 30, 2014 at 10:37 pm

What’s important in all the above is that Granda might be the only candidate who would take the needs of disabled students seriously.

In light of Marsh, that would be a huge improvement for the whole community.

These combined with the publication of my property tax bill showing a zero balance, containing EIGHT tax assessments from the School Board, the City, and the Library, educated the public to the need to stop voting for every parcel tax that comes around and stop the treatment of the taxpayers as an ATM machine.

Quite the contrary, it has been wonderful for me. After this the voters could clearly see what they are getting if they vote for me. Based on the 3T’s of my campaign TECHNOLOGY, TAXPAYERS, TEACHING, they will be getting someone who is an expert in education with 32 years teaching STEM courses, a candidate who is in the classroom every day, understands the needs of teachers, a candidate that supports the GATE/AIM program, a candidate who has a record of motivating students to succeed, a candidate that supports foreign languages as I speak fluently German, Spanish, French and English, the only candidate able to understand the culture and to be able to communicate directly with 18 % of Hispanic students and parents in this district, a candidate sensitive to the needs of disabled students, and the only candidate looking at the best interests of the taxpayers. Those who appreciate all of these qualities will wisely vote for me, no matter what the Vanguard says.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    “What’s important in all the above is that Granda might be the only candidate who would take the needs of disabled students seriously.”

    i want to understand from tj, why they believe this?

    1. tj

      DP,      When a person has up-close and personal long term experience with something, they have a much greater, broader, deeper understanding than those who don’t.

      Obviously, Marsh’s problems weren’t taken seriously, or seriously enough.

      In other school districts, I know first hand that disabled students are ridiculed by their teachers and treated as if they’re stupid.

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