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4 thoughts on “Kudos to the League of Women Voters in Davis”

  1. omrob

    +1, and thank you for the thoughtful piece about civility. Another organization, Food Not Bombs, has also stopped it’s non profit functions in the City due to similar issues.

    At this point, its important that we curtail some entertainments, slow it down, and re-engage in our communities through public service.

  2. wdf1

    The Woodland chapter of the League of Women Voters seems to be very active.

    I think some of the function that the Davis chapter had as being a forum for civic discussion of issues has been taken over by the Vanguard, though I know some would dispute whether the comments section is as civil as would be ideal.

    In past decades the Davis LWV would publish “explainer” articles in the Enterprise that were very informative, usually in the op-ed section.  It seemed to be a way that the organization could be out there promoting its existence.  Those articles seemed to be very infrequent in recent years.

  3. Miwok

    Sorry to hear one of the most politically respected organizations in one of the most politically active cities in America cannot sustain the chapter.

    When I worked in Local Access TV in Roseville, one of the highlights of the months and years there was the productions we had for them. They had candidates from both sides of the issues and the campaigns. Not entirely balanced but I think they tried.

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