Arraignment Postponed in KetMoRee Stabbing


murder[1]by Antoinnette Borbon

Standing behind a glass-plated window stood the two defendants who are being charged for the stabbing death of a Hacienda Heights man.

Martyn Alex Contreras, 25, and Zackary Thomas Sandeno, 21, both of Vacaville, were allegedly involved in the stabbing death of Peter Alexander Gonzales, 23, who according to his family had been visiting Davis to attend his sister’s wedding. Family of the slain victim were in attendance for the arraignment.

Davis Police are still searching for a third suspect, Joseph Gregory Sandeno, 20, of Vacaville.

Both defendants, Contreras and Sandeno, requested a continuance pending retainment of private counsel. The two face first-degree murder charges per Penal Code section 187(a), along with gang enhancements according to PC section 186.22.

Martyn Contreras stated, “I am going to be using an attorney I have used in the past.” Zackary Sandeno echoed that, stating, “I am still looking for private counsel, your honor.” The court granted a continuance date of October 5, at 1:30 pm, Department 1.

Supervising District Attorney Garrett Hamilton agreed with the continuance: “I agree with that, your Honor, but want to keep the motion in place,” referring to a motion keeping the two defendants together.

Witnesses say a fight broke out about 1:30 am inside KetMoRee Thai Restaurant & Bar. The Davis Police Department investigated the fatal stabbing, which took place in those early morning hours inside the nightclub.

The 23-year-old victim, Peter Gonzales of Hacienda Heights, suffered fatal stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the UCD Medical Center.

On late Monday, Zackary Sandeno turned himself into authorities.

A witness who was at the nightclub during the fight said the assailant who stabbed the victim was defending his friend. “But it was a bloody scene with unnecessary violence,” stated the witness.

“I still can’t believe this happened, I am in shock, I used to have fun there and now it’s a crime scene, unbelievable what Davis is coming to,” commented a former patron of the nightclub.

This homicide marks yet another tragedy for the small community of Davis.


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5 thoughts on “Arraignment Postponed in KetMoRee Stabbing”

  1. Tia Will


    You don’t defend your friend with a knife. Pull a combatant off, push someone off, call for security, or worse case hit someone, grab an arm.” 

    I agree with the message of your post. However, I find it surprising coming from you who have frequently defended what I consider to be the use of excessive on the part of police using the justification that the police do not know in advance that the detainee is unarmed.  Would that not be equally true in this scenario. Would you not be likely to be on the losing end if you attempt to defend your friend with your fists or by grabbing any arm if the assailant happens to be armed with a gun or a knife ?

    1. TrueBlueDevil

      I’m not BP, I’m TBD.

      I don’t recall defending the use of excessive force by police. I do advocate politely following every directive the police give, being respectful, and that these actions will work the best for everyone.

      I don’t think I see any logic in pulling a weapon in a bar fight, that is what tact, street smarts, feet (to walk away with), and self defense are for. Unless it was a good friend, if someone pulls a gun I probably run the 100 yard dash in Olympic time. Leaving a bar by 12:00 or 12:30 is also a key tactic, lots of problems happen at closing hour, lots of hoods fishing for a limited number of women, etc.

      Now, if an intruder comes into a house in the middle of the night that is a completely different matter.

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