Sentencing Delayed for Reyes; But Co-Defendants Sentenced to Prison Term, Probation

Sentencingby Tressa Bryant

Michael Reyes, Liberty Landowski and Lisa Humble faced their sentences, after a Yolo County jury last month found the three co-defendants guilty for their differing participation in attempted murder, with Mr. Reyes facing life for attempted murder.

Due to the seriousness of Mr. Reyes’s charges, the court is taking another few days to decide on his sentencing. That decision will be announced on Wednesday.

Mr. Rod Beede was hoping to get Ms. Humble’s sentencing down to probation. He stated that she was overwhelmed with the situation. Mr. Beede also told the court that it was possible that Ms. Humble was being beaten and was under the influence of methamphetamine near the day or days leading up to the crime. Mr. Beede also mentioned that because Ms. Humble has a son she should be given a single chance, of probation. Mr. Beede believed Ms. Humble is a good candidate for probation by stating, “This is not a women who has dedicated herself to crime.” He added that she has been respectful in prison and that people can change.

Mrs. Zambor strongly disagreed with Mr. Beede by reminding the court it was Ms. Humble who hid the car and made sure her family was continuing to hide the car. Mrs. Zambor also pointed out that, during the trial, Humble was laughing and joking with her fellow defendants, as well as being disrespectful to some of the guards on duty. Ms. Humble did not show a lot of remorse for her actions. Mrs. Zambor also reminded the court that Ms. Humble had a juvenile record and it was not her first time in trouble with the law.

The judge also picked up on the defendant’s behavior and said, “Sitting around swimming pool attitude.” He noted that none of the defendants seemed concerned that they were facing severe charges. The defendants also seemed more concerned about keeping the car hidden during the trial than about the accusations they faced.

The maximum years Ms. Humble could have served was five, but the court decided on three years and four months in prison.

Mr. J. Tony was able to bring Ms. Landowski’s charges down drastically by reminding the court that Ms. Landowski had only known Mr. Reyes for two days. Ms. Landowski had only been in trouble one other time, for a schoolyard fight. Mr. Tony also pointed out that Ms. Landowski had been very careful with her behavior during the whole process and was in general a shy person and has been changed by what has happened to her.

Ms. Zambor in turn reminded the court that Ms. Landowski had been the one to drive the Mustang. Ms. Zambor stated that Ms. Landowski was still writing love letters to Mr. Reyes and sending him pictures.

The judge then agreed that she had helped hide the Mustang but was very scared during the trial. The court agreed to give Ms. Landowski a suspended midterm sentence to show Ms. Landowski the seriousness of the crime. Ms. Landowski currently has served 529 days, and on probation is not allowed to have any alcohol or drugs and must go to a treatment program. Ms. Landowski is serving three years probation and is not allowed to have contact with any of the victims or defendants so she can try to straighten out her life.

About The Author

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  1. sisterhood

    “it was possible that Ms. Humble was being beaten”

    “Ms. Humble has a son”

    This is a shame. Too bad she can’t get some kind of rehab program for her meth use. I doubt she’ll get clean in prison. I hope her son is in good hands. I fee sorry for him. On that same note, I’m glad Ms. Landowsky got probation, since she also has a child.

    Mr. Beede was hoping to get Ms. Humble’s sentencing down to prohibition. 


    1. NoneYaBidness

      Lisa’s biggest problem is her attitude. It’s just at the moon. She has spent too much time with these gang bangers. She won’t learn un-less her attitude is checked. Only way to do that…. prison cell.

  2. betatstr

    I think this seems like fair sentencing. Hopefully Ms. Landowski will follow her probation rules and straighten her life out. It sounds troubling that she is sending love letters and photos to the person who not only got her in this terrible position, but who also shot (and almost killed) a man in the back. What is she thinking?

    1. NoneYaBidness

      Well, and the problem is also that by acting loyal Reyes in this fashion may have hurt somebody worse than they have ever been hurt in their life, someone that gave her more help and support through all of this than she probably deserved. She may have betrayed a good person, someone that actually cared for her.

    2. NoneYaBidness

      And it makes a person wonder, were these really love letters? What was actually said in them? What were the pictures? Unfortunately, the DA will take any simple thing and blow it up into what they need it to be. And a defendant will minimize it. So I guess you can really never know.

    3. NoneYaBidness

      I send Photos to my sister all the time. Are they romantic? Of course not. I have a female friend that calls me her “husband” as a joke. You just really never know, do you.

    4. NoneYaBidness

      What makes it a “love letter”, ? If I say “I love you” is it know a “love” letter? without reading the letter, we will never know. Was it stupid for Liberty to send “anything to Mike “POS” Reyes, yes. But who has seen them other than the DA?

    5. NoneYaBidness

      I’m thinking she has some big mental problems.  Maybe crazy? Who knows. At a minimum, she is not too bright. And maybe she just is not as an innocent person as we all thought. Maybe a good liar. Maybe she got lucky. Maybe we want to think people are good, but sometimes they just aren’t.

    6. NoneYaBidness

      Apparently she was “in love” with Mike and wrote him love letters and sent him pictures the whole time she was in jail, after only knowing him “2 days” LOL , so something is obviously wrong. And who knows what she really did. Either way, she is obviously messed up in the head. LOL

    7. NoneYaBidness

      I didn’t realize that you could have an arraignment, pre-trial, then a trial, where not only does the DA story change from minute to minute, but the defendants lawyers change stories, the witnesses change stories, the defendants have a different story, NOBODIES stories even came close to matching. Mikes story did not match Lisa’s lawyers story, Lisa’s lawyers story did not match Liberty’s Lawyers story. And EVERYONE’S story, contradicted what they had said before. It’s like a soup of lies, from both the DA, the witnesses, and the defense. I think that the ONLY thing clear and convict-able, is that Mike Reyes shot Ernie. The rest of it should be a mis-trial just for shear stupidity. If I had been on that Jury it would have been a hung jury by me, just for being sheer crap.

    8. NoneYaBidness

      It seems to me that the juries these days are too afraid of the prosecutors to think for themselves. It’s crazy, like the prosecutors can just stand up there and say whatever lies they want and are not even questioned by anyone. Not saying they are wrong, just saying I think they can lie and get away with it. Almost intimidation.

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