JOIN US TODAY AT 1 PM Davis City Council Candidates Forum


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March 12: Davis City Council Candidates ForumCity Hall

Incumbents Lucas Frerichs and Brett Lee, Challengers Will Arnold, Matt Williams, and Paul Boylan are all running for city council on June 7.   There are three seats at stake.  They have all agreed to meet for a candidate’s forum on Saturday, March 12 from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Davis Community Church.  Event co-sponsored by Davis Media Access and Civenergy.

SATURDAY, March 12
Event from 1 to 3
412 C St, Davis, CA 95616

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About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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22 thoughts on “JOIN US TODAY AT 1 PM Davis City Council Candidates Forum”

  1. tribeUSA

    Good to see that extremism is addressed as part of the forum as well.

    Though I don’t know if extremism can be ‘fought’; perhaps it can be defused or moderated. Part of this de-fusing or moderating of extremism might be allowing public venting of anger/frustration with USA policies in the middle east or with aspects of culture in the USA that are different than the middle east–recent migrants from the middle east should be aware that many native born christian americans also disagree strongly with USA policies re: the middle east; and disagree with some emerging aspects of american culture promoted by hollywood, entertainment industry, advertisers, media, etc.

    1. Miwok

      many native born christian americans

      Wow, is that another minority? Are they Native Americans who are Christians, or Christians who are Americans, or what? that is one I have never heard of , and what race is this?

      Is christian a religion, like Catholic or Baptist?

  2. Tia Will

    Hi tribeUSA

    I am writing from the perspective of a single member of the Vanguard editorial board. I do not speak for David or any other member of the editorial board.

    While the Vanguard has traditionally focused on local and regional issues, it does provide a mechanism for addressing broader issues. I found many of your suggested topics to be very worthy of discussion. David has always accepted articles and/or opinion pieces written by individuals. I have written on a number of issues such as border control, gun safety, and roots of societal violence and most recently the Planned Parenthood controversy which would arguably be broader societal issues with limited local impact and yet, he has accepted them all.

    Would you consider writing and submitting a piece ?


  3. Tia Will


    Well this one would definitely be interested in learning more. Perhaps you would be interested in putting together a more comprehensive article with the pros and cons as you see them from a free market entrepreneurial point of view ?

  4. Ron


    Regarding your “Future of Growth” forum on February 17th, the panel does not seem to include representation for the slow-growth constituency in Davis.  Davis residents have consistently supported slow growth.

      1. Ron


        Thank you for your response.

        You did not list Nancy Price as part of your panel (above).  Are there any others not listed?

        In any case, please note that Steven Wheeler, Alan Pryor, and Nancy Price have all been part of the “Nishi group”, which has been advocating for development of Nishi as long as it is “green”. (Sadly, it makes me think of the term “greenwashed”.)

        I understand that these three individuals are environmentally-oriented, but have not been strong at all on pushing back on UCD’s growth (which is continuing to force their housing needs on Davis).

        I am not seeing the “balance” in this forum.   Also, since you often defend Nishi in your Vanguard articles, it seems that your forum may have an agenda/bias favoring development.

        1. Barack Palin

          Also, since you often defend Nishi in your Vanguard articles, it seems that your forum may have an agenda/bias favoring development.

          Yes, things have changed at the Vanguard.

        2. David Greenwald Post author

          Nancy Price just agreed on Friday. There are seven panelists.

          Second, I don’t defend Nishi. I am neutral on the project. I think it should go on the ballot in June and people can decide which way to vote. However, I have had articles critical and articles complementary of the project.

          Third, the future of Growth in Davis is not about Nishi, it is about Growth in general. If you do not wish to attend the discussion on Wednesday, then don’t. If you wish to, then you are certainly welcome.

        3. Ron


          Thanks for your clarification regarding your views towards Nishi, and for the invitation to attend the forum.

          If the forum is an attempt to present a “balanced” view/discussion regarding the future of growth/development in Davis, I don’t think it will achieve that purpose (based on the current makeup of your panel).  Why would you not want to have a true cross section of opinions regarding your selected speakers?  Otherwise your forum is non-objective, and more of a promotion for growth/development in Davis.

          1. David Greenwald Post author

            The intention was to get a variety of different perspectives on the issue of growth.

      2. Ron

        Thanks, David.

        I understand and appreciate the intention, but I think your current roster of speakers will not accomplish this.

        How about extending an invitation to recruit (at least) one speaker who can more adequately address the concerns of those with a slow growth perspective?  For example, have you invited Eileen Samitz?  Judging by her postings on the Vanguard, Eileen seems to have a reasonable, slow-growth perspective, along with the expertise to discuss such concerns.  I’m not sure if she’d be available, but perhaps the invitation can be extended?

        Thank you for your consideration,

        1. Ron


          Since there have been a lot of comments recently (and your forum is only a couple days away), I’m hoping that my suggestion above isn’t overlooked.  Therefore, I just wanted to bring it to your attention, again.

          Thank you.

        2. David Greenwald Post author

          Hi Ron,

          While I’m not sure we will see eye to eye on this, I will say I understand your concerns.  I took a lot of care to make sure that this forum represented a lot of different perspectives.  A number of people I asked were not available and it took awhile to reach some on the panel.  I will say that there are a range of views and while I would prefer not to pigeonhole people there are slower growth people and faster growth people on this group.  In addition, Bob Segar will represent the University’s View and Meg Arnold, formerly of SARTA, a Davis resident, brings a different perspective from a regional and economic development point of view.  Is it completely representative?  No, but it offers a variety of different perspectives.

        3. Ron


          Thanks again for responding.

          It does appear that the slow-growth constituency will not be adequately represented at your forum.

          As discussed in your other article today (“Commentary: Council, Get This Right”), it appears that some are prepared to use a possible rejection of Nishi by voters as a justification to (ultimately) reject Measure R. As you noted, “For those on the slow growth side, Measure R itself might be at stake, as well.”)

          Due to the makeup of the panel, I’m concerned that your forum will provide an opportunity for an (undefended) attack against Measure R.

          1. David Greenwald Post author

            I really disagree. With the possible exception of Jim Gray, I don’t think anyone on that panel is against Measure R.

  5. Tia Will


    I agree that the slow growth camp is not specifically represented. However, this was due to unavailability of a member of this group, not for want of trying. We  discussed this at more than one Vanguard editorial board meeting with me as the strongest advocate for a truth slow growth representative. Alas, as at the last of these forums specifically on growth, no one was able to attend.

  6. Alan Miller

    I am perplexed by the whole discussion.  This is an article about a candidate forum, in which no panel is mentioned, but the discussion starts with “extremism” that isn’t mentioned and then talks about a panel for a growth forum.  Are the comments being linked to the wrong article?

    1. David Greenwald Post author

      It’s a stickied article that announces our upcoming events, the conversation is from a previous event. I think we should probably just shut down the comments section for this as it causes more confusion than anything else.

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