Academic Senate NOT HAPPY with Napolitano Treatment of Katehi

572a3575db86cDear Colleagues,

Yesterday, the Academic Senate Representative Assembly met in Mondavi Center Jackson Hall for the following:

1) Discussion of events within University of California related to Chancellor Katehi
2) Discussion of what action, if any the Davis Div of AS should undertake in accordance with shared governance

As you can imagine, there was much discussion around diverse points of view. In the end, the Representative Assembly approved three resolutions (described in the attached document).

To: Academic Senate Members of the Davis Division

On May 3, 2016, the Representative Assembly of the Davis Division:

• By a vote of 59 to 4 endorsed the Executive Council resolution announced on May 1, 2016; and
• By a vote of 36 to 19 endorsed the Executive Council resolution announced on May 2, 2016; and
• By unanimous vote passed the following motion:

“The Representative Assembly of the Davis Division requests that President Napolitano conduct an expedited review of the policies that govern compensated outside professional activities undertaken by the University’s Senior Management Group employees (as defined in Regents Policy 7707) and, in consultation with the Academic Senate, implement any needed changes in those policies as soon as possible.”

André Knoesen
Chair, Academic Senate
Professor: Electrical and Computer Engineering
May 3, 2016

and prior docs (already posted elsewhere): click on the links….and if not working I will post those also…

I am so saddened that so FEW faculty of the many hundreds on payroll, chose to attend THIS meeting and yet I am heartened that those who DID go, WERE vocal…

My son shared with me just a day ago some dirt HE was hearing and so much of it was SO full of LIES>>>>

People will ALWAYS have THEIR own opinions and I do also…

But, in my decades here at UCD since arriving as an ACTIVIST student in 1970, and working so closely with SO many Chancellors over so many decades and seeing SO much covered up and SO much hushed up….and I feel that Chancellor Katehi was still the BEST one yet….

I hope that the ACADEMIC SENATE and faculty continue to speak out against the TRUE issues…

The secret and ILLEGAL deals between the UCOP and the GOV… THAT IS ILLEGAL per UC Bylaws and so forth….

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  1. zaqzaq

    It is clear that Napolitano benefits from the Katehi problem.  The bigger UC issue is the increase in non-residents in the UC system for financial reasons.  Going after Katehi changes the focus of the public which should be on the ever increasing tuition and related increased student loans along with the selling of UC slots that would otherwise be available for California residents.  This morning’s Bee has another article on this last problem.  It also allows the legislature to avoid addressing in state tuition.

    1. Tia Will


      It is clear that Napolitano benefits from the Katehi problem

      I disagree that it is clear that Napolitano benefits from the problems of Linda Katehi.  When in a managerial position, it does not help you as an individual if someone who reports to you causes a very public problem. It reflects poorly on your oversight, and in this cases calls to public attention systemic issues for which Napolitano is ultimately responsible.

      While I agree that the increase in foreign students is a major issue, I also feel that the choice to benefit administrators over students in a public institution is as large an issue and has had a major light cast on it through the poor choices of Linda Katehi.

    2. Marina Kalugin

      I agree…with Napolitano’s agenda to militarize the UC system AND enforce the NSA spying on ALL computers on the network, without even prior approval or even KNOWLEDGE by the Academic Senate NOR managers….  I have PERSONAL knowledge of several times when the Chancellor stood up to the Napo….and, most recently, on the Monday when the Napo was demanding Linda resign…..and the Chancellor got REAMED by her in plain view AND earshot of MANY administrators and staff who observed and heard THAT>…  I tried to warn my chair and faculty and others who would listen…or not….that in THAT day when the Chancellor gave her talk about “she is NOT going anywhere”….  that the SEETHING pres was calling in favors with the Gov and the few regents who give HER the time of day……and the result WAS the announcement later THAT Tuesday night…

      Marina Kalugin  (Rumiansev)

      I have ALWAYS had many friends in HIGH places…that is how I often know what others do not….

  2. SODA

    How many attended the meeting? How many could have? As a non UCD academic I do not know how the Representative Assembly is compromised.

    You mention you feel Chancellor Katehi is the ‘best’ of those you have worked with; could you share why?

  3. Marina Kalugin

    The numbers are IN the doc….and the number of FACULTY is public knowledge…you should be able to find it on the new and better website now….  please do your own research…. I am late to get to work….

    I will answer your other question when I have some time later…

    Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

    1. SODA

      Sorry do not see link….not important, just following up on your comment there weren’t many there and I was confused about full Assembly vs full faculty but no matter.

      1. Marina Kalugin

        Not a worry… I sometimes am short when I am swamped….Mea culpa..

        This is cut/paste from the article above:
        On May 3, 2016, the Representative Assembly of the Davis Division:
        • By a vote of 59 to 4 endorsed the Executive Council resolution announced on May 1, 2016; and
        • By a vote of 36 to 19 endorsed the Executive Council resolution announced on May 2, 2016;

        I have NO idea how many faculty are currently on campus….

        ALL faculty are WELCOME to attend… these meetings…

        Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

    1. Marina Kalugin

      Dear davisite4….  Yes, I truly DO know…

      I do it for effect sometimes…and sometimes it WORKS>>>.but sometimes it backfires…

      I didn’t do it enough in recent months on my usual channels at UCD through my chair, faculty, and even the Academic Senate….even my insider friends all over….

      Most of us older timers are retired, dead, committed suicide, recouping from heart attacks….and others just don’t see it even when I YELLL>>>>>

      I have had faculty on the Academic Senate feeding ME info and I have had my TSP rep feeding me info…and I have been censured by my Dean’s Office and I have reached out to the Police Chief and Chazey Partners…..

      I trust the police chief AND Chazey Partners…

      I also trust Chancellor Katehi…and the Interim Chancellor..

      Do NOT use the WHISTLEBLOWER line at UCD aka UC>…..I know many who have LOST their jobs or had their time reduced in an effort to force THEM out…

      I now have HEALTH issues myself…and I kept trying to get my higher ups to do something concrete…as I am this far from a Worker’s Comp myself…

      They ALL know that I know where ALL the skeletons are buried…and that is why they are putting up with me while I am creating HAVOC wherever I can and some things are truly changing….

      ASAP are the ONLY safe terminals on campus these days.

      I am NOT even sure about the OMBUDSMAN>

      Things WERE improving under Chancellor Katehi….

      But, things never happen fast enough for ANY of us.

      I will try to tone it down some…

      BELIEVE it or not, THIS is me toned down….

      Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)









  4. The Pugilist

    I’m not sure I follow all of this, but I don’t see anyway that Katehi is reinstated.  So why are we going through this exercise?  You’re extending the turmoil.

  5. Marina Kalugin

    oh so sorry for “extending turmoil”……I didn’t even know that the investigator has even been assigned yet, much less finished an “investigation”    – do you?

    or, are you the self-appointed Judge AND jury…..


    1. The Pugilist

      It appears that the investigator, San Francisco attorney Melinda Haag, a former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, has been assigned.  My purpose was not to serve as judge or jury, but rather to wonder from an organizational perspective what purpose this will serve.

      1. Jerry Waszczuk

        Paid by UC Investigator is not an independent investigator does not matter if Chancellor would be acquitted or found guilty .

        Napolitano and Hagg are just friends from Obama’s  administration

        In August 2010, Haag was appointed to the Northern District of California U.S. Attorney’s Office by President Barack Obama and unanimously confirmed without debate by the United States Senate.[1]Napolitano endorsed then Illinois Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president.[26] On November 5, 2008, Napolitano was named to the advisory board of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.[27] On December 1, 2008, Barack Obama introduced Napolitano as his nominee for United States Secretary of Homeland Security

        The fact that only five legislators jumped the wagon to crucify Chancellor Katehi is speaking for itself. Four of them from south to be more specific and one from Watsonville .


        1. Marina Kalugin

          thank you, Jerry, for finding and sharing that info about Napolitano and Haag…… This is exactly what I was expecting from the ex-chief of homeland security……sighhhh

  6. Marina Kalugin

    Thank you ….  that had NOT been shared yet in MY circles.
    I will ask the many attorneys in MY family and friends to check HER out…
    Thanks for the tip.

    PS>  If you are still asking, then you are STILL missing the point.   Napolitano had NO authority to do what SHE did….and THAT is why the Senate is NOT happy….

    She also did NOT have the authority to do much of what else SHE did…but she has the Gov and a few new cronies on the Regents to back HER up….

    I have posted some of that on other threads… by the time THIS was posted, it was old news….and the Enterprise was ALL over it…  see yesterdays Enterprise…

  7. Marina Kalugin

    In the BY-LAWS of the UC….in the MANY VOLUMES of the many policies and procedures…

    There is something called SHARED GOVERNANCE>>>>.

    ACADEMIC SENATE has as MUCH say as the ADMINISTRATORS on what happens on UC Campuses  (or SHOULD per the by-laws)

    There are policies on EVERYTHING….thus the fact that the Chancellor has a certain level of pay, THAT has to be vetted by the UCOP and over a certain dollar amount by the Regents.

    But, FIRST the faculty of the Academic Senate agree on what SHE should be paid…

    Napolitano has been runnning rough shod over the Academic Senates UC wide….

    I am not in the office and cannot spend the time searching the policies at the moment…

    Others here may help with links if they have time…

    1. Jerry Waszczuk

      Are we talking about pay for chancellors , vice chancellors and assistants vice chancellors ?

      If so ,than regents are deciding salary for these positions . For vice and assistants with recommendation from chancellors. Same rules applies for  campuses counsels.

      1. Marina Kalugin

        What you say is accurate, Jerry….however, furthermore, as the administrators are ALSO faculty, then the faculty rules ALSO come into play….after initial appointment, the person is eligible to advance based on faculty advancement rules for merits and promotions.   At that point, the Academic Senate CAP  (Committee on Academic Personnel)   weighs in,  after the Department and the Dean’s office and perhaps local committees have ALREADY weighed in.   There are pages of rules at UCOP AND additional rules for the UCD campus in the UCDAM.  There is also a cap beyond which the REGENTS must approve ALL increases……regardless if it is for a Chancellor or a highly paid Faculty member, such as is common in the School of Med and such…

        I may not be on much for a bit…   this is all very hard on ME personally as I have TRIED to help correct things over the recent months and years and now need to take some time to destress…..

        The LIES are still flying around and the only persons who are TRULY going to be adversely affected are some people who did NOTHING wrong….at least not wrong per POLICY>>>>

        In some circles, it is called COLLATERAL DAMAGE>…..



        1. Jerry Waszczuk

          The UCSR Regent’s  Politburo  does not  pay much attention to Academic Senate . Don’t full yourself .  They running the business and will take suggestions from senate but hat they doing behind the close doors is out of reach of these who things they are important factors in regents final decisions.  I know the UCSR   system better that you think  I do .

          One of  best example example is the pay raise for UC Davis Campus Counsel Steven Drown given him by regents for his ill but successful creation of the Lt. Pike’s  image with pepper spray can  in attempt  to fire Chancellor Katehi . It was very close call for her .
          For his effort to remove  Chancellor Katehi Chief Spicuzza and Lt. Pike, the UC Davis Chief Counsel Steven Drown was awarded by the regents with a 21.9% pay raise, effective December 1, 2011. The UCSR Board of Regents were awarded raises, effective Dec. 1, 2012, during the protests and turmoil on the UC campuses, with only Regent Eddie Island voting in opposition.
          This is a perfect example how important are the Academic Senate and other bodies representing students and faculties in making decision by the UC Regents . I have another example of promoting one of the director to assistant vice chancellor who also a participant in creation of Lt. Pike image for the Chancellor Katehi and UC Davis . These individuals should be criminally prosecuted for causing enormous  financial losses and for creating  a image for the UC Davis which will follow this great place of education for many years to come .  As you should know Chancellor Katehi fired Steven Drown but he actually was not fired but transferred to  Charles Robinson office who is solely responsible what happened in 2011 and what is happening now  with Chancellor . 2011 is only different than 2016 because we two more key players finishing Chancellor Katehi  who are Janet Napolitano and Jacob Applesmith , One is from Obama administration  and other from Jerry Brown Administration , The were brought to the UC system at same time and they finishing the job. Highly skilled individuals  to do the dirty job . If people don’t see this than are they sergeants Shultz from Hogan Heroes  and completely brainwashed  by  the mass media and UCSR Politburo propaganda .

  8. Marina Kalugin

    Mainstream media is silent on the current happenings behind the scenes, though they are being alerted, given info which is interesting and useful, and so forth…  that includes, I understand, the DV and the Enterprise.

    For those who are savvy enough to understand that the Chancellor was NOT the issue, please speak up while there is still time to bring her back.

    Please get involved and help right this travesty.

    Her only “crime” was to accept advice from incompetents, who also failed to protect her by failing to tell her that there is a form which is supposed to be filled out if you are going to be on the board of a company…  or, and it didn’t even apply in the case of the chancellor’s son, that there is a form or an online system to be done when there are relatives in proximity..

    Those failures are failures attributed to new staff who didn’t know enough about UC policies to make sure the correct paperwork was submitted on-time…

    I am hearing that the offices on the fifth floor of Mrak were a hornet’s nest of mediocrity lashing out at our stellar leader…..feeding things to unions and student groups, who all became pawns in the drama….

    Instead of doing one’s job properly, he/she/they decided to target the person without whom he/she/their incompetent or at best mediocre  lazy asses would not even be there for this type of subterfuge….

    Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

  9. Marina Kalugin

    PS>  The Academic Senate completed their OwN investigation on the charges and evidence and found nothing awry….of course even they are cowed by the Napolitano….

  10. Marina Kalugin

    I, and OTHERS, continued to try to give the DV  the scoop and yet all I ever saw was Nishi and MORE Nishi.

    And, for the second time in a row, the Enterprise has the same news… a real scoop……

    It is headline on the ENTERPRISE today..

    and I am not including the link as that holds up approval.

    Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

    students who were protesting, please listen up and share….as Katehi is the friend and the Napo is the one still trying illegally to put the head on the pike..

  11. Marina Kalugin

    Dear All,  I don’t know who Michael Ziser is… someone who has been at the UCD since 1970, his name is not familiar to me.

    It has been years since I knew who the best professors were on campus…when I was a student and then as a staff member and when my son was a Regent’s scholar…even that was now more then a decade ago.

    My Chair’s wife is one of the disaster area known as languages in HARCS…..  That combining of tiny departments into one giant “shared department”  is one of the things which I have spoken out against for a long time…

    However those who truly are stellar are usually not the ones throwing rocks at Management……

    They are too busy trying to keep their teaching, research and service together… no offense to anyone I mention here.

    In the last decade or however long it has been, since the Provost Hexter arrived, funds have continuously shifted more and more to the Non-Sciences…and  administration…..  if one has the financial sense to ask for transparency and actually GET the statistics, that might even be obvious to a  “professor” of English…

    That is within the PROVOST’s jurisdiction…>   not really the Chancellor…

    And, if I had time today to provide docs I would.  Instead, I am going to take a rare few hours off…and I will truly let the rest of you at it…if you could look past Nishi for a moment.


  12. Marina Kalugin

    PS>  I know of MANY other whistleblower complaints and in THOSE cases the ones who brought the complaint are dead, or gone or time reduced…  NONE of those were at the Chancellor…

    she was the good guy trying to wade through some of the issues, but she has not been here that long to even hear about some of the earlier ones.

    It is NOT an easy job to keep all of the factions happy…..during the 27+ years of good ole boy Vanderhoef, you did well if you were a friend of the good ole boy…

    If anyone really wants to get all the dirt out in the open, just ask Jerry and in the last year I have somehow stumbled across many other issues…

    PSS>   Do NOT ever use the whistleblower line…that is how to get attacked… no matter what your standing…

  13. Marina Kalugin

    I sent the very latest news scoop this morning and it didn’t even have any links in it and it is STILL waiting……of courese the moderators are ALL over the Nishi nonsense…..does ANYONE care about real news……..obviously NOT the moderators….

    [moderator] Hi Marina,
    There is nothing in the moderation queue. Please post it again if that’s what you did. David or I approve things that just get flagged for links very quickly.

  14. Marina Kalugin

    I did NOT save it this time….and it said it was waiting for the moderators….it was from the Acting Chancellor AND my comments…..sighhh…

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