CORPORATE MONEY TRAIL: $2.1 Million From Corporate Special Interests Boosting Dodd’s Senate Campaign

Mariko YamadaOver $2.1 Million from Chevron, Big Tobacco and Corporate Special Interests are Boosting Bill Dodd’s Campaign for CA State Senate

Interest groups spend millions backing Dodd’s campaign, making State Senate District 3 the top race for independent expenditures in California

(From Yamada Campaign) – Ten days ago, the Yamada for State Senate campaign reported that corporate special interests had spent $1.4 million boosting Bill Dodd’s state senate campaign. New public documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office show that this amount jumped to over $2.1 million – and keeps climbing.

Some of the nation’s largest corporations, including Chevron, Phillip Morris, Monsanto and others are working behind the scenes to elect Bill Dodd.

The facts behind the dark money:

  1. From April 13, 2016 until May 26, 2016, the “EdVoice” independent expenditure committee – partially funded by JobsPac, which accepted money from the tobacco industry (Phillip Morris), Walmart’s heir and Republican real estate developer William Bloomfield – spent a total of $1,410,164 supporting Bill Dodd’s campaign.

  1. “Californians for Jobs and Strong Economy” – the Chevron-backed IE – has spent a total $223,796 supporting Dodd’s campaign.

  1. “Alliance To Get California Working Political Action Committee” funded by big tobacco spent $75,077 supporting Dodd between May 12, and May 26, 2016.

  1. “Cooperative of American Physicians” and “Californians Allied for Patient Protection Independent Expenditure Account”, funded by healthcare corporations, together spent over $142,500 to help Bill Dodd.(Source:

  1. Groups like Monsanto, bank associations, insurance companies and other corporate interests are donating tens of thousands of dollars to Bill Dodd directly.

Here is the breakdown by committee:


Money is funneled from committee to committee, but if you follow the money trail – it all leads back to the corporate titans of big oil, tobacco, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and leading conservative Republican donors.

It’s clear these companies get what they pay for.

* As Chevron, Monsanto, other anti-environmental groups and insurance companies support Assemblyman Bill Dodd, he supports them right back.

* A recipient of multiple contributions from Monsanto, Dodd voted against legislation that would require manufacturers to disclose their ingredients on consumer products. (AB708, Business and Professions Committee)

* A key environmental bill requiring California’s emission standards be set 40% below 1990 levels failed to pass because Assemblymember Dodd and 14 other Senators did not vote. Dodd tells voters he cares about the environment, but when it comes to making a key vote, Dodd takes a walk.  (Source: September 9, 2015)

* After the tragic balcony collapse in Berkeley that took the life of a local resident, Dodd walked out on a vote for SB465, which would require increased oversight on contractor claims involving negligence, fraud and incompetence. (

* In both his 2014 Assembly races, Dodd accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from corporations like Walmart and anti-environmental groups like Monsanto, Allied Propane Service and the California Independent Petroleum Association, an arm of big oil. (FPPC filings, 2014-2016)

* And Bill Dodd failed to appear at the most recent State Senate Candidate Debate on May 11 in Dixon – a town in Bill Dodd’s own Assembly District. (Source: The Reporter article, May 12, 2016)

Corporate-backed Bill Dodd is conveniently absent when called to take on the tough fights.

A registered Republican just months before he ran for Assembly, Dodd switched his party affiliation when he realized he couldn’t win as a Republican – so perhaps it’s no surprise that this conservative candidate is receiving support from special corporate interests.

Mariah Noah, Yamada campaign coordinator, said, “Follow the money – and the votes. It’s clear Bill Dodd is in the pockets of corporate special interests. Voters have a very clear choice – side with corporations or support Mariko Yamada’s people-powered campaign. A social worker for over 40 years, Mariko is a principled leader dedicated to serving and strengthening middle class families and taking a stand to protect our environment, water and food supply, seniors, veterans and the most vulnerable communities. It’s the tale of two campaigns that voters need to hear.”

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  1. The Pugilist

    Yamada’s people claim that she is right in this race.  But her body language tells me otherwise.  Mariko has pushed back against the IE several times and Dodd is acting as though this doesn’t exist.  That suggests they don’t see her as a threat.

  2. Marina Kalugin

    oh pugi…. do you REALLY think those companies would throw away millions if they didn’t feel it was needed…..tsk tsk…

    he doesn’t show his face because he is all hot air……and getting hotter by the day..

    1. The Pugilist

      The corporations are not the same as the Dodd campaign.  The have a different motivation.  Dodd wants to win.  The corporations are trying to buy influence.

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