Letter: Dodd Voted Against SB 308

California State Capitol

 Assemblyman Bill Dodd voted against Senate Bill 308. This bill would have increased the amount of money you can keep from the sale of your home as a result of a bankruptcy, and it would have increased it even more for seniors. It would also have removed a requirement that you must reinvest the money in a certain amount of time or lose it. This would have greatly helped seniors avoid living their golden years in abject poverty.

But Dodd didn’t help the seniors. He helped the banks because that’s where the money is. Dodd put bank’s interests before that of our beloved seniors. His opponent, Mariko Yamada, has made seniors’ issues her life’s work. She will not side with bankers over our grandparents as Dodd did. On June 7, or earlier by mail, please vote for Mariko Yamada for state Senate.



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  1. Marina Kalugin

    Thank you for your letter…  I learned much more than I ever wanted to know about elder abuse issues last year, and Mariko Yamada was such a help, even though she had termed out at the Assembly and had a year before she ran for Senate…..she is always ready and willing to help with “the system”.

    After the last “bubble” burst, so many elders and families lost everything to foreclosures and only the wealthy and banks truly won.   The wealthy swooped in and purchased the bargain properties and turned around and rented the properties for more than the people who lost the homes could afford to pay.

    Over the years, I have followed what Mariko has supported.   Dodd has had little to show in office, and this shows which side he is on.

    1. Tia Will


      “Marido…. is always ready and willing to help with “the system”.

      You and I frequently see issues differently, but on this we are in complete agreement.

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