Many Growing Impatient with Katehi’s Paid Leave, Investigation

Chancellor Katehi
Chancellor Katehi

By Jerika L.H.

Students and community members have expressed frustrations over the sluggish and costly timeline of the internal investigation of Linda Katehi. Katehi will continue to take home over $1,150 a day throughout her 90-day paid leave, which will total approximately $106,000 by the end of the investigation. Although this is standard contractual protocol, many have pointed out the irony of paying the Chancellor for a three-month vacation, all while investigating her misuse and squandering of funds. Katehi will continue to enjoy the benefits of the University-provided Chancellor’s mansion, as well as allocated funds for the provided vehicle. A sea of memes have appeared on social media to highlight what many call “downright greedy behavior.” Commenter Alan D. notes, “She’s already making almost a half a million a year, how much more does she want?”

Furthermore, news outlets have been vocal about the lack of transparency and delays in the release of records. In fact, it has been 59 days since the Sacramento Bee’s Diana Lambert requested public records on Katehi and her activities while active as Chancellor.  Given that much of the requested information would not be difficult for the UC to produce, many are beginning to wonder if the delays are due to stalling methods. For example, a request for copies of Katehi’s agenda and appointment calendar would normally be fulfilled within 10 days, if that. Many have taken to public forums to insinuate that the extended timeline is indicative of attempts to censor or strategically redact documents before their release so as to not incriminate others – a contradiction to Napolitano’s promise of transparency. Others have stated that the timeline may be within reason, given the disruptions in upper administration.

Many are awaiting the results of the investigation with bated breath, although the outcome now seems a bit obvious. Countless people have weighed in and popular opinion assumes that Katehi is as good as gone – the investigation is simply due process – despite her promise to remain as the campus leader. What remains unknown is how things will play out for the family members who have been identified as possible recipients of preferential treatment due to nepotism. Apart from the $50,000 salary increase to Katehi’s daughter-in-law, and the restructuring that placed her son under the direct supervision of her daughter-in-law, her husband’s rare and lucrative title has raised eyebrows.  Spyros Tseregounis’ designation as a lecturer with security of employment (LSOE) puts him in a very small class, despite hundreds of other accredited lecturers. He also had the highest base salary of any other lecturer at  $159,560. Rate My Professor surveys indicate that he is unpopular among the students.

Seven days remain until the University of California agreed to surrender all documents – stating that the projected deadline would be June 1, 2016.


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124 thoughts on “Many Growing Impatient with Katehi’s Paid Leave, Investigation”

  1. ContextMatters

    Are you kidding me? The things with her family have already been shown to be false. This kind of crap borders on defamation. Everyone now knows that Katehi was in a huge fight with Napolitano over getting funding for California residents being assigned to Davis (I suspect funding is going to bail out Berkeley). No wonder Nap wanted her out. The Vanguard is on the wrong side of this one.

    There is a (increasingly) small group of people who can’t face the fact that much of what they charged was tripe. And now…yes, now they have Napolitano in charge! Have fun there!

    1. Barack Palin

      But as the article states “many” are impatient……

      Can’t we at least wait for the results of the investigation before the “many” tar and feather her?

      1. TrueBlueDevil

        Seems reasonable, due process. It seems like some of the allegations may be overreach, and sloppy reporting by the Bee.

        We seem to hire a lot of mid level and upper level people based on who you know, not qualifications.

        1. The Pugilist

          Sloppy reporting?  Really.  The Bee didn’t make Katehi deny that the pepper spray wiping was in the contract or that she had nothing to do with the contract when documents proved otherwise.

      2. Jerry Waszczuk

        What investigation you are talking about? . Is no investigation . Chancellor is done with her job in UC Davis . Don’t fool yourself . You could only wait for  the Settlement -Agreement result which would be worded ” To avoid costly litigation the Regents of the University of California have decided …………………………………………………………………………………………………

    1. Marina Kalugin

      Absolutely Mike….>>>  She was the only one of the chancellors to stand up to the Napolitano…

      as far as I know, that is….LOL…….many of the others are good ole boys…..although I don’t TRULY know who the current ones are…  there has been some turnover and I didn’t keep up once my sons were done with university…

      as I said, get out the popcorn as this is only just starting…

    2. Misanthrop

      You are dreaming she isn’t coming back. Even if they find nothing they don’t have to put her back as Chancellor. She is at will and there has been too much controversy that isn’t good for the institution. Returning her as Chancellor will only make everything return to the contentious and divisive situation that existed before she was placed on leave. UC will not let that happen because its bad for the campus and bad for the system.

  2. South of Davis

    Jerika wrote:

    > throughout her 90-day paid leave, which will total approximately $106,000

    If she got to $110,000 that would be DOUBLE the median ANNUAL household income in Yolo County:

    Maybe Katehi  can make some extra cash speaking to Goldman Sachs in her time off since they pay even better than UC (they paid Hillary Clinton $106,000 for just 9 MINUTES of “speaking”)…


      1. TrueBlueDevil

        I just learned from a millennial that Hillary used her woefully unsecured Blackberry in Communist China on their Chinese Internet connections! His hypothesis was that this use was so absurd (and incompetent), that the Chinese probably saw her messages and notes and said “No, this can’t be Hillary Clinton… this is a mis-direction.”

        1. Marina Kalugin

          wanna know the REAL reason….it is because the feds tape all their own people…including Killary… now that is happening at UCD>…and the Napol put THAT in place last summer without even asking the Academic Senate…

          so Killary felt more comfortable with the Chinese knowing what she is up to than the US>>>    hmmmmm.

      2. Marina Kalugin

        nahhhhhh it is the same people on the same payroll…..lemme see..  anyone watch Citizen4…

        I didn’t yet, I was busy…

        but I read Russian and if you want to know what goes on in the USA  there is a lovely RT   – it is online.. the Napolitano, Edward Snowden, NSA, Killlary, Clinton, Obama and now it is the Obama, Killary, Napolitano, Haag, et al and Katehi….  and ps, RT is in English…..

        PPS>>> the military/industrial/educational/prison complex is flourishing and yet… who else is?

        1. Tia Will

          PPS>>> the military/industrial/educational/prison complex is flourishing and yet… who else is?”

          Katehi ?  Or maybe you do not see her taking advantage of the perks of the “educational complex” as part of the picture ?

        2. Marina Kalugin

          Tia, I was referring to the “educational” system which is increasingly run by corporations…like those who put out common core..  .more is now spent on prisons and halfway houses..than universities…the for-profit ones are owned by the Clinton Dynasty…the UC budget is now less than 13% funded by the state and yet the state is still feeling that it to be controlled by the state…..much of what happens in the US feeds these complexes…it was kinda a ploy to stick the education and prison in with the military/industrial…but if you follow the money, that is all one happy family running the US purse strings and making decisions that truly are not in the best interests of the majority of the populace…


  3. TrueBlueDevil

    A long-time professor on campus told me that a $50,000 raise over a short period of time is quite unusual. It seems to be UC or UCD protocol to hire the spouses of employees, even when they are hired out of their area of expertise, ex. Teresa Gould hired to lead the alumni association when her background is athletics. As far as RateMyProfessor, her husband having a low rating is not unusual, same low rating for Adele de la Torre who was promoted to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs though again it looks like she had limited background in this area. I figured that was a two-fer affirmative action move.

    I’m undecided on Katehi, but I don’t think we can ignore the huge dollars the campus pulled in during our biggest capital campaign ever.

    What is the protocol on getting this preferred professor status, and was protocol followed? Same for the curious move of her son reporting to his wife.

    She is not taking a  vacation, she is marshalling her forces to retain her job, get a large severance package, and / or go to war. Has a removed chancellor ever sued the UC?

    Given her honorary status in women’s studies and her assertion that she suffered gender bias in her career (how then did she rise so quickly?), expect a claim of gender discrimination.

    The FOIA responses will just yield more requests, this could be death by a thousand cuts.

    1. ContextMatters

      TrueBlue: Her son doesn’t report to his wife (that was in the news – several times and made available through UC Davis, the faculty senate I believe). Protocol followed for appointment for her husband, also in the news.

      Jerrika: Just because she makes more than someone in Yolo County is meaningless. If this is ALL she gets when the report comes out, we will all be LUCKY. And you should be ashamed for your part in all of this.

      This whole thing was mob mentality toward a woman, so yes, I hope she does file a gender-based lawsuit, against the Bee as well.


      1. The Pugilist

        You’re obviously not a law professor at the university.  It’s basically a near impossible hurdle to sue a newspaper and for good reason – you don’t want a paper to have to hold back on a legitimate story in order to avoid suit.  She would have to prove that the Bee’s stories are knowingly false and defamatory and that’s a bridge that is way to far to cross here particularly since the Bee was reporting on documents they received and Napolitano’s letter.

        So I would suggest you recognize that people are going to reach different conclusions here.  I don’t see how Katehi survives, but I’m not the decider here either.

        1. Marina Kalugin

          I don’t know who you are either, pugi, but truly haven’t presented as the sharpest tack in this bunch either….and yes, why would anyone go after a paper…     LOL   who has the time or the interest…much less the funds for such nonsense…

  4. Jerry Waszczuk

    How about the  cost of two  expensive lawyers and  former U.S prosecutors  Melinda Haag and McGreagor Scott  which were hired for  $ 1200/ hr  by Napolitano to witch hunt Chancellor Katehi? . Linda Katehi is not a Senator Leland Yee and  Chancellor Katehi  husband and her  kids are not the Hamid and Umer Hayat from  Lodi , CA to be prosecuted by  the   former U.S Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano and her two  expensive buddies Melinda Haag and McGregor Scott. Seems to me that the Janet Napolitano’s nostalgia won’t let her  forget that she is not anymore  the U.S Homeland Security chief  to order  Chancellor Katehi ‘s “deportation”.  Melinda Guzman is  an expensive attorney as well and she will make lot of money of this Napolitano’s  TV and mass media show  which humiliated and still humiliating  to Chancellor and her family.  Chancellor is not coming back.  However the decision is already made. I know how it is work . I spent more than one year on investigatory leave  before my employment was terminated by regent’s order. This is not a Chancellor’s  choice  that she was placed on the  investigatory leave and is  nothing to whine about . Now, everything is in the lawyer’s hands  and it is a  matter how  quickly they get into agreement to pay off Chancellor’s  and her family exit. Lot of money is on the table and the  two former U.S  prosecutors are the damages mitigation factor . That it .

  5. Marina Kalugin

    And, guess how newspapers survive…. the same people who take the ads and the same people who then endorse the candidates…the same ones who sometimes sit on a fence too long and ignore real scoops and who cannot ever be impartial nor objective as money truly talks…

    That letter that the Napo wrote to Katehi was such a joke and a farce, as PROVEN by the Academic Senate of UCD already…

    I am thankful that the Napolitano obviously had even way worse advisors than some in the Chancellor’s office and Provost office who are on UCD payroll….

  6. Marina Kalugin

    as I told my friends, UCD would be fortunate if Chancellor Katehi would return….and for the many reasons I have shared elsewhere.

    My biggest worry is that she won’t want to….why should she ?   she is an internationally ranked woman – and engineering whiz who deserves her accolades  …who has every option open to her..

    The good ole boys who are now in number 1 and 2 on campus are hardly of her level….

    Ralph is a good Provost…he has the job of going around and telling the different factions what they want to hear….he is NOT who we need for Chancellor…

    Napolitano was brought in by the Gov and a few of the newer and less sharp Regents…some pals of the Gov to clean house….but she was not who UC needed NOR wanted….and went after someone obviously sharper than herself….



  7. WhitestWhite

    Has anyone taken the time to read the PRAs on DeVry ? They are all here

    Read them and see how Napo made Katehi a scapegoat. Also while you are at it look at what other UC executives make while sitting on boards, info that Napo hid and her office says in the email exchange that ‘WE ARE TRYING TO KEEP A LID ON THIS’ and ‘WE WANT THE FOCUS TO REMAIN ON ONLY CHANCELLOR KATEHI’. So David Greenwald you need to stop with this trashy journalism and really pay attention to what Sac Bee has done in bed with Napolitano.

  8. WhitestWhite

    Also take a look at this

    See what Napolitano is trying to hide. Napo’s office in the DeVry emails says WE DON’T WANT THIS LIST TO BE OUT.  So many executives on boards with conflicts of interest. Look at A Paul Aliviasatos did. Served on Lynda and Stewart Resnick’s board. See what Mark Laret, UCSF Health system does. Sits on Varian Medical Inc. Now UCSF may be using Varian software, who knows ?? The list goes on and on.

    1. Barack Palin

      Very interesting.  She certainly gets around.  Is she even a UCD student?  Does someone protesting to get rid of Katehi that’s not even a student or associated with UCD even count?

      1. WhitestWhite

        she was the lead protester. All these FK protesters would say is that we welcome community members. David Greenwald was well aware but chose to remain silent, right David ??

  9. WhitestWhite

    David Greenwald, its easy to bandwagon but it takes time to investigate and get the facts correct. This investigation is a bunch of bull crap and Napolitano opened a pandora’s box by doing this.

  10. WhitestWhite

    This seems to me like a COUP. Napolitano just pulled a bunch of BS. And you say that UCD is delaying PRAs. It’s not UCD. Its UCOP delaying things to come out. UCOP sat on DeVry PRAs until the day when Katehi was put on leave. Guess they were covering their own ass and thats what they are doing now by telling UCD to hold on to PRAs. Why doesn’t Sac Bee give UCOP a call and ask why they are asking UCD to hold on to the PRAs?

  11. WhitestWhite

    Linda Katehi made chump change on her outside activities while 48 other executives seem to have earned quite a lot of money. Wilton John, Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance of UC Berkeley made $50,000 just from a conference. One frigging conference, as a speaker.

  12. WhitestWhite

    And look at Napolitano’s office people. Sheryl Jeanne Vacca and Charles Robinson also making money from outside activities now, eh ?? . And Sheryl Jeanne Vacca is apparently leading Katehi’s investigation from UCOP. Quite laughable now …

    1. The Pugilist

      You have to have a reason to scapegoat someone.  Katehi’s damages were self-inflicted and she compounded them by giving dishonest accounts of the pepper spray wiping contracts.

      1. WhitestWhite

        oh so its okay to scapegoat someone. And check your references when you talk about dishonest accounts. She said that she wasn’t aware of the language in the PR firms contracts. She knew they existed as its clear from an email between her assistant and Nevins and Associates that they are trying to set up a meeting. Her chief of staff oversaw the communications department so he is the one to be held accountable for the verbiage not Katehi. A campus head can’t know about whats in thousands of contracts that UCD has a role in. And why are so hell bent on Katehi pugilist? What’s your agenda here that you are so blind after everything that has refuted Napolitano’s allegations?

        1. The Pugilist

          “oh so its okay to scapegoat someone. ”

          Interesting, you feel the need to try to twist my words.  I wonder why?

          “check your references when you talk about dishonest accounts.”

          How do you know I don’t have first-hand knowledge?

        2. WhitestWhite

          pugilist again you gave the reason yourself by saying Katehi self inflicted all this on her. Really, why because she is a WOMAN whereas others in the UC system who do gravest things as compared to her are mostly MEN. Who were not even scrutinized at all?

        3. Marina Kalugin

          absolutely true…..she did not see much of what passes along and some things were actually hidden and not shared….some on purpose and some was leaked to other agencies on purpose….it only takes one disgruntled employee in a confidential office to cause quite a bit of havoc…

          the higher up you go, the more you rely on your team of attorneys to read and vet

          in the UC system having top notch managers to watch your back is also critical……all of the nonsense in the papers has been disproven or not proven and much was circumstantial and hearsay to start…….

          I think the most anyone will find is that some piece of  paper didn’t get the appropriate signature….that is what the Department Manager is for making sure is done right….   and that is who should be called to task if that is even the case, that some paper wasn’t routed up the lines for the Pres approval…

        4. The Pugilist

          “we don’t know anything pugi”

          You certainly don’t know nearly as much about things outside your immediate field as you think you do.

        5. WhitestWhite

          The guy who oversees the communication or oversaw when Katehi was the Chancellor is her chief of staff, Karl Engelbach. So if Engelbach drops the ball Katehi takes the fall for it ? He is BTW not on leave but still serving as chief of staff for our acting Chancellor Hexter. That makes me laugh hard.

    2. Tia Will

      Napolitano made Linda Katehi a SCAPEGOAT. Made her take the fall for old white boys or just old boys.”

      There is a fine line between a “scapegoat” and being the first to get caught. If there is a practice occurring broadly which is either illegal, unethical, or just plain a bad practice it needs to be identified, evaluated and stopped. This process will have to begin somewhere. If the investigation of Linda Katehi is the only change that comes of this process then I believe that your assertion would have merit. If her investigation leads to major systemic changes, then I will say that it was a first and necessary step in dismantling the corrupt practices that you seem to want to lay at the feet of others, but exonerate Linda Katehi for her freely chosen participation in the same. I would point out that no one forced her to participate in any of the two boards involved nor to allow her name to be affiliated with KAU.

      1. WhitestWhite

        I believe her name with KAU was suggested by Bill Lacy, the ex Vice Provost of UOIP and now global affairs. The fact that no one is even talking about what other executives do, let alone investigating them is in itself a red flag. A glaring one. If each of these executives are given the same scrutiny then yes its fair to say that this is not scapegoating. The point is its not being given any attention. So yes it is scapegoating.

  13. WhitestWhite

    As for the Sac Bee what is Sac Bee’s agenda? Claudia Morain, wife of Dan Morain who is the head of Sac Bee editorial board, used to work in the Office of Strat Comm at UC Davis but was apparently asked to leave. Is this Dan Morain’s sick vendetta against Katehi ?

      1. WhitestWhite

        you telling me head of Sac Bee editorial board doesn’t have control over reporters or can’t influence them.’re quite delusional or really trying hard prove your own point.

        1. WhitestWhite

          yes columnists are different but not the reporters. Also dear Sam Stanton’s son was denied admission in UCD. Quite telling, eh ??

        2. The Pugilist

          You seem to not understand that the Bee operates with a clear line of separation between editorial staff and news staff.  You cannot wiggle off this hook.

      1. The Pugilist

        So that would be zero, it’s quite obvious what you do for a living.  Half of what you’re talking about, you haven’t the slightest idea.
        [moderator] Please avoid this kind of back and forth of escalating put-downs. Stick to the topic at hand. Thanks.

    1. WhitestWhite

      Pugi I will not give in to your stupid provocation and you are a nobody to pass a judgement on what I do. It is quite telling though who you are. A useless reporter.

      [moderator] Please avoid this kind of back and forth of escalating put-downs. Stick to the topic at hand. Thanks.

      1. WhitestWhite

        In fact you and your fellow reporters at Sac Bee and wherever have done quite a job at twisting the facts. But lies and half baked truths only go so far…

  14. WhitestWhite

    And when I read the PRAs it seems clear to me that Napo’s staff were well aware of the DeVry position. Karl Engelbach forwarded them the DeVry press release and there was no objection on that from Napo’s office. It is only when the DeVry press release went out and created a furor by Kevin McCarty and some others that made Napo’s office write to Engelbach and Adrian Lopez. Interesting stuff. And also Sac Bee didn’t uncover any stuff on DeVry. It was the press release itself that was made public.

      1. WhitestWhite

        Really, everything started from DeVry and Napo’s office was quite aware of it. And that lead to scapegoating of Katehi by UCOP. You really need to get your facts together pugilist.

        1. The Pugilist

          Everything started with DeVry, but Napolitano gave her the all clear after the initial scandals, it was the add-ons that ended up getting her.

  15. Jerry Waszczuk

    I am expecting   that UC will settle  the differences with chancellor very soon because this Napoliatno’s safari  to hunt down Chancellor and the  publicity associated with  could have  a terrible outcome  for  the UC Davis and to  the  whole UC system for long  time . Showing  to the world that chancellor and chancellor’s  family  could be a  subject of the ruthless UCOP  prosecution  would  eventually  have enormous impact to hire a  good chancellor and other leaders  for any UC  campus .

    This not the same as  the supervisor -worker dispute in the HVAC  or other UC Davis shop which could be resolved by the  letter of expectation or remarks on evaluation . Is Napolitano and others in UCOP are out of their minds. ?  Looks like .  I am wondering who was behind to hire Napolitano as the UC President . She should apply  for the President of  Antarctica and manage the   global warming there. Penguins probably would escape to Greenland seeing Napolitano landing in her Air Force One.

    1. WhitestWhite

      This is a coup Jerry by Napolitano. Yeah she thought she can do this successfully. But oops noo..She involved Sac Bee in her little scheme but people are smart. And who knows who else is in bed with her.

      1. Jerry Waszczuk

        Hi WhitestWhite

        I like your nick name . In Polish language would be ” Najbielszy”  or whiter than snow .  I knew from the beginning that Napolitano is playing KGB’s game . Homeland Security is almost exact translation from the Soviet’s KGB . Learn from the best.


  16. Barack Palin

    WhitestWhite, I appreciate your comments.  Very informative and interesting.  Keep posting, you obviously know more about this than our regular commenters.

  17. WhitestWhite

    Thanks, BP. You should definitely see the spreadsheet on how much other execs make in the UC system. Mark Laret, UCSF President of Health System; A Paul Alivisatos from UCLA; Jeffery Bluestone, UCSF Provost, Sheryl Jeanne Vacca, Charles Robinson from UCOP and many more..All doing things of conflict of interest.

    1. Jerry Waszczuk

      Charles Robinson is on the PJM Board on East Cost . . Big money and we don’t hear the   Sacramento Bee’s  and Napolitano’s whining about . It is  so obvious that Chancellor Kathei has been singled out for the  completely different reason . We will find out about  when  Darrel Steinberg will became the  next UC Davis Chancellor .

      UC Davis Chancellor salaries are 4 x  higher than the  City of Sacramento Mayor elected position salaries .

    2. Barack Palin

      WhitestWhite, some of the commenters on here already have Katehi guilty before the investigation is even completed.   I think they are after her because of the pepper spray incident.  IMO Katehi will never get a fair shake on this thread.

      1. WhitestWhite

        BP, Katehi is smart. And accomplished. Although I would say she doesn’t have much political acumen. Because if she would have had she won’t be in this situation. But I think she will see through what is happening to her. Pepper spray was a conspiracy to get rid of her. But it failed. Some people are gonna keep their eyes closed no matter what. This is a COUP and Katehi was made a scapegoat. That’s a reality and someday the reality is gonna come out.

        1. Jerry Waszczuk

          No conspiracy  there . It was just the UC Davis  old boys and old girls club  dislike of the  Katehi’s   Greek accent.  The pepper spray served the purpose to throw the Greek down the well and make the  UC Davis free . UC Davis Campus Counsel Steven Drown with few others  was master of disaster in November 2011.

    3. South of Davis

      WhitestWhite wrote:

      > You should definitely see the spreadsheet on how much other execs

      > make in the UC system. Mark Laret, UCSF President of Health System

      Thanks for posting, FYI anyone can check out pay at:

      MARK R LARET CEO MED CTR 2014 Regular pay $981,215 Other Pay $618,380 Total Benefits $118,442 Total pay & benefits $1,718,037.00

      Not a day goes buy when I don’t regret getting a government job years ago (with “other pay” of more than a half million on top of my close to a million “regular pay”)…

      P.S. If you have some good spreadsheets sent to them to David’s new Yolo Leaks site

  18. Tia Will

    You should definitely see the spreadsheet on how much other execs make in the UC system”

    So if all of the executives in the UC system are accumulating huge profits while working within the UC system at the cost of the taxpayers and students, my question for all is why should Katehi not also be held responsible for her actions just like all the rest. Surely you would not feel that she should not be held responsible just because she is a woman.

    1. WhitestWhite

      You tell me why only Katehi? Lets bring everyone at par, shall we and then talk about who’s guilty and who’s not guilty. Why punish Katehi for something the system allows? You attack the system if you are so ethical and not single out 1 woman alone.

      1. Tia Will

        Who paid her for this protest ?”

        It may be “telling”, but it is hardly surprising. Many business and interest groups pay their “volunteers”. “Yes” on Nishi has paid students to promote their issue at forums and Farmer’s Market. Actors and athletes get paid to pretend that they love products. Businesses will pay for promotion. A few decades ago doctors were paid by tobacco companies to promote smoking in TV ads. We have chosen a society based on acquisition of  money, not transparency as our highest goal and then we are surprised when people take advantage of what is offered to them ?

        My question is, other than as a moderately interesting topic for conversation on the Vanguard, what difference does it really make ? If Linda Katehi would be better suited on the basis of her own values and principles at a private institute than at a public one as I believe to be true, or if she has breeched guidelines for behavior ( regardless of whether or not others have done the same) as others believe, then why does it matter who calls this out ?  There is an investigation under way, as should have been started much sooner from my point of view. If there was no wrong doing, investigation would have brought this to light without the prolonged drama. If there was wrong doing, UCD could have moved forward much sooner. Chancellor Katehi could, instead of dissembling have chosen to suggest a full investigation herself from the very beginning thus short circuiting the entire drama. However, as usual, she chose a route of obfuscation which at best casts her in a bad light, and at worst demonstrates yet another example of poor judgment which is the very reason that I believed she should consider resignation.

        1. Jerry Waszczuk

          “Chancellor Katehi could, instead of dissembling have chosen to suggest a full investigation herself from the very beginning thus short circuiting the entire drama. However, as usual, she chose a route of obfuscation which at best casts her in a bad light, and at worst demonstrates yet another example of poor judgment which is the very reason that I believed she should consider resignation.”

          Are you suggesting that Chancellor  has no rights to defend herself and her family  against Napolitano’s accusations and allegations  ? Just curious.  Why Regents won’t vote to let her go ? Regents have power to let her tomorrow.


        2. WhitestWhite

          Tia, why are you only focused on Katehi? Just explain that to me and also ask yourself. What is it ? The problem is not what Katehi is best suited for. The problem is the treatment and scrutiny she has been subjected to. Now again Napo knew about DeVry’s press release and did not raise any objection to it. Then paid protesters, her not willing to highlight what other executives are doing, blatantly saying I want the focus to be on Katehi only. What is this ? How in the world this is fair and justified ? And you talk about dissembling the investigation? So you expected that Napo will treat her this way and then ask her to resign and prosecute her family and she would just say oh thank you. I will go away quietly. Heck no. I am glad she decided to fight this one. Any respectable person would fight for their rights.

  19. Marina Kalugin

    UC Chancellors actually earn less than comparable chancellors of “similarly” ranked and lower ranked institutions.

    When Chancellor Katehi was hired there were lots of reports/studies etc all over the news with the comparisons at the time…….

    and, why is anyone singling out just the UC execs?  Execs of stature throughout academia are sought out for board positions, speaking engagements, etc.  the higher the level of the exec, and the higher the “rankings” of the institution, the more the execs command…   this is not even news….

    1. WhitestWhite

      Marina, trust me this is news to many here. They have been after Katehi ridiculously since day 1. Its a witch hunt and a classic case of scapegoating. It is so hard for many of them to still think about this objectively.

  20. TrueBlueDevil

    Do UC chancellor contracts have a morals clause? i.e., if a chancellor brings negative attention to their campus, is that grounds for termination?

      1. Jerry Waszczuk

        Katehi employment is not at will . She would be gone already  if she would have no contract or would be not be  employed by the  memo of understanding between Chancellor and UC Regents with all benefits she has , It is not such simple .

        1. hpierce

          Well, City Managers, DJUSD Superintendents, are “at will”, but you are correct that their “contracts/MOU’s” generally have provisions for “terms” in the event that either party wishes to end the relationship, prior to the end of the “term”.  I have no knowledge of what Katehi does or does not have.  Can you enlighten?  Is the employment agreement of public record?  Does it exist?  Do you have access to it?  Will you share?

          Therefore, there should be no “settlement” if Katehi is dismissed… the existing contract (if it exists) should be fulfilled… nothing more, nothing less, IMO.

      2. Jerry Waszczuk

        Katehi employment is not at will . She would be gone already  if she would have no contract or she  would be not be  employed by the  memo of understanding between her and the   UC Regents with all the benefits she has . It is not such simple . Two Melinda will take care of business.

  21. hpierce

    A number of the posters probably believe in the “grassy knoll/Cuban/Mafia connections” to JFK’s death [and Warren Commission ‘cover-up’], and/or that man really never landed on the moon…

    I’m content to wait and actually see the results of the inquiry.

    1. WhitestWhite

      Na I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Facts speak for themselves. The DeVry PRAs, paid protesters, Napolitano not wanting to disclose what others in the UC system make and that a lot of them sit on controversial boards with conflicts of interest itself says a lot. If media can throw so much mud at Katehi for Wiley, then why not on Mark Laret for serving on Varian, Jeffery Bluestone for serving on Pfizer (both from UCSF with grave conflict of interest), David Feinberg from UCLA for OSI systems, Pradeep Khosla, UCSD Chancellor for being of Indian origin and sitting on board of Infosys (an Indian IT company) and Thar Energy (again Indian company), HCL (again IT).. the list goes on

  22. WhitestWhite


    Na I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Facts speak for themselves. The DeVry PRAs, paid protesters, Napolitano not wanting to disclose what others in the UC system make and that a lot of them sit on controversial boards with conflicts of interest itself says a lot. If media can throw so much mud at Katehi for Wiley, then why not on Mark Laret for serving on Varian, Jeffery Bluestone for serving on Pfizer (both from UCSF with grave conflict of interest), David Feinberg from UCLA for OSI systems, Pradeep Khosla, UCSD Chancellor for being of Indian origin and sitting on board of Infosys (an Indian IT company) and Thar Energy (again Indian company), HCL (again IT).. the list goes on

  23. WhitestWhite

    Who knows how are these people possibly involved. Do UCSF hospitals use Varian software, do they have contracts with Pfizer, does UCSD has anything going on with Infosys, does UCLA health system use OSI software??? It is hypocrisy at many levels to keep the focus on Katehi alone.

    1. Misanthrop

      You are too focused on the outside income but Nepolitano backed Katehi on that even though the JWiley and Sons board seems like a serious conflict. The big reasons Katehi had to go was the internet manipulation that runs against the core idea of the university as an institution free from suppression of information. With all the calls from legislators for Katehi to go, the faculty divided, the student protests and Katehi lying to her boss about the internet scrub it was obvious that Katehi had to go.

      All the rest is theatre; the refusal to resign, the accusations, the investigation, the high priced lawyers. Its all about the terms of Katehi’s severance. Katehi was at will. Nepolitano doesn’t need a reason to remove her as Chancellor. Its all a game, a dance, theatre, its Kabuki.

      Ironically, its Jerry Waszczuk who has this right. This is how UC gets rid of people and Katehi’s number is up. Flail away with your facts all day long it. In the end they won’t matter as anything but bargaining chips in the terms of surrender. My prediction is the severance is settled before the investigation is complete.

      1. Jerry Waszczuk

        My prediction is the severance is settled before the investigation is complete.

        You are correct about severance  with exception that what you called investigation is actually the damage control Napolitano caused for herself by wrongly accused Kathei of wrongdoing. Napolitano won’t survive long . She will get her five years with UC and she will be gone .

  24. Tia Will


    My focus has never been exclusively on the outside income, although that was certainly one concern. I first wondered if Chancellor Katehi should resign following the pepper spray incident. Not because I felt that she was directly responsible for the use of the spray, but because I found her reasoning faulty at virtually every decisions making point that was presented to her. Her whole series of decisions was based on limited information, indirectly acquired with some vital pieces dismissed, and fear. These were not the logical decisions of an experienced leader but knee jerk responses to a grossly overblown fear of the “but what if” when there was zero evidence to back her worst fears. She then doubled down on poor judgement by attempting to hide or excuse her actions at every step.

    To me, regardless of her money attracting ability, these are not the actions of a strong leader. This combined with her obvious preference for privatization of a public institution led me to believe that her perspective combined with demonstrated poor judgement made her less than an ideal lead for UCD. I have been hoping for years that she would find a more lucrative or attractive private sector position and resign of her own accord. The latest series of missteps and their clumsily attempted coverup have only been confirmatory for me. I fully respect the fact that mine is an outsider’s point of view and that those who favor privatization of the UC system and/or those who may have a personal favorable association with her may feel differently.

  25. Marina Kalugin

    All state employees pay is public record….just do a quick google search for the link…rushing sorry….that includes all UC employees…

    it will not reveal “outside compensation”  but UC also keeps records on that….not sure of the timing..I believe it is reported annually after the fact for the year…but some need preapproval..

    All UC records are now totally mined, tracked, recorded and used…. that is since last summer and per Napolitano orders…like the NSA>…

    UCD Acad Senate had an uproar when they were alerted a few months ago…

    Interestingly enough, for several days the weekend after the illegal action by the Napo, the UC wide payroll/personnel was taken down for a few days and then ground to a halt.

    The campus IT infrastucture became unbearably slow….there was a “Project” to upgrade the CAS….Central Authorizations Service…

    At that same time all records were being duplicated and saved elsewhere….from PPS  Payroll/Persoonel system… .there was a “hack” day going on at the same time….and “inside jobs” are also performed when “outside entities” are supposedly “hacking”…

    due to various lines I am on, I was sending out “alerts’ to my faculty, staff and researchers at the time…and corresponding with my IT person….WE were on alert at our department…



    1. Jerry Waszczuk


      I know  what I can  can get under PRA provision  and what I can not . Look at the THE ABC’S OF PRIVACY & PUBLIC RECORDS

      and UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual
      Chapter 320, Records and Archives
      Section 20, Privacy of and Access to Information
      Date: 5/11/09, rev. 7/8109
      Supersedes: 5/14/04
      Responsible Department: Campus Counsel
      Source Document: UC Business and Finance Bulletin, RMP Series, Records Management and Privacy

  26. Marina Kalugin

    More interesting, to me, is, who the F……hired the Napo and WHY….  ( I know but have no time…so someone please chime in with docs)….

  27. Jerry Waszczuk

    Napolitano hired herself. Come on .  National security , Two nuclear labs . Global war on terrorism. Don’t you see  or don’t you know who have  been hired by  Napolitano  to prosecute Chancellor. Read the Melinda Haag’s and McGregor Scott’s bios.  Just friends

  28. Marina Kalugin

    good thing I was in meetings….and thanks to the others for keeping this on the forefront….but I see the real action is on the nonsense Nishi nonsense….and did I mention “nonsense”…  jeez

  29. WhitestWhite

    So when is Davis Vanguard gonna write a full story on what other execs do in the UC system and how Napo is protecting them? When should I expect to see that ?

    1. Marina Kalugin

      sadly never….and they waste so much time and space on Nishi and more Nishi nonsense….  while the real info is kept at bay…

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