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  1. Marina Kalugin

    Nice topic.   Since before Edward Snowden and the NSA,  this was already a concern..  Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security Chief, under whose “watch” Edward Snowden fled for his life….is now running amuk at the UC..   Several months ago, I became privy to a new mandate UC wide, which was put in place by Napolitano quite a few months before the Academic Senate nor Managers at the UC were even told.

    Of course, I had a fit, and appropriately, so did the Academic Senate…  At that time, I started ranting about the Napolitano to an even greater extent than back when she was first “selected” and “appointed”…  as more and more dirt presented itself to me, my rants expanded…

    Many were starting to look seriously at what a problem she is for us at UC>..and so forth…you know some of the rest already…

    If I am in town, I will attend this….seems right up my alley.

    Thank you.

    Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

  2. Marina Kalugin

    PS>   That is when I sent a letter to the Editor of the Davis Enterprise defending Katehi and implicating the Napolitano.   The enterprise returned my letter, telling me to shorten it.

    I didn’t have time….I made a serious mistake copying the Chief of Police and the Chancellor among others…including key people in the Academic Senate.

    The Chancellor never saw it….and at the time I did not know that the Chief of Police Matt Carmichael was involved in the Pike issue and coverup some years earlier……..and that he was now reporting to the Napolitano…

    1. The Pugilist

      I’m not clear what this has to do with the subject, but I don’t think that Carmichael was involved in the pepper spray or that he’s reporting to the UC President.

      1. Marina Kalugin

        sometimes the leaps are too entrenched for those with the time yet without the skill to investigate and do one’s own research…

        if you’ve been following my posts over the recent days, there are many clues – one just needs to follow the strings.

        I even discussed the state of the surveillance now on campus that the Napolitano started last summer….and now anything I did while connected to the internet at the office or elsewhere has been taped, tracked, analyzed….

        sometimes it is hard to follow the crumbs, but heck I am trying to leave them…

      2. Jerry Waszczuk

        Carmichael was not involved in pepper spray attack. He miraculously became  the Annette Spicuzza ‘s replacement  just two days after the pepper spray show with an  unforgettable image of Lt .Pike  who walked  like a primadonna  with a  M-9 papper spray can and was  unloading it on the sitting on the ground protesters. Lt. Pike most likely was promissed promotion for the task or was told that he will get fire if he will not do it. No win situation. He got  fired.  Priceless

        I am not sure if n the Chiefs  of Police are reporting directly to the  UC  President or to the   Campus Chancellor after the November 18, 2011.  Most likely to both .  After the last occupations of the Mrak Hall by protesters it looks like that  UC President had hand on the  decision  to remove protesters or  not  from the Mrak Hall building.

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