Why I Am Running for Assembly

Elmer Mark Kropp
Elmer Mark Kropp

By Mark Kropp

Where do I begin? My wife says with the Truth!

I took on a New Year’s Resolution a while back to start running 5Ks. Good health and all; plus, it’s run slash walk. A walk in the park? (aka Mission Impossible.)

I eventually, with my daughter, ran ½ marathons and even marathons. I continued to run in cities where I had meetings. I read in ESPN sports magazine that man is built to endure and outrun food. That explained to me the ability of some folks, who by common wisdom, could not be in front of me. I used to joke with Dan Wolk, when are you going to run again? My daughter began the habit of texting me at mile 24, how many runners you got behind you, dad? The answer is kind of like the race for the 4th Assembly District seat.

I have wanted to help with social services since the 10th grade. I thought I would learn medicine, the law and then legislate. Don Saylor has done somewhat the same for nearly 40 years. He began with a Masters’ in Public Policy.

I remember Californians calling out for non-politicians and “top 2” primary (party affiliation doesn’t matter etc.) I did not know groups organized here would begin endorsing candidates prior to official Secretary of State sign-ups. If this continues we should get our daughters endorsed now.

Charlie Schaupp has certainly been at this for a while. Just remember, even Al Gore had asked Col. North why he built a fence around his Virginia property and his response was to protect from Osama. This was way before the rest of the world knew who he was. We must stay vigilante but not necessarily be to militaristic in the Assembly. However, it has been men like Lt.Col. Schaupp that allows us freedom to debate and the opportunity to dialog, especially in the House.

I travel to Brazil a lot because we have a clinic and an orphanage there. I tend to compare and contrast. Brazil is a democracy with 27 states as we have 50. Corruption has now become apparent. Their first woman president has been impeached.

I went to medical school at a California approved institution in the Caribbean. One of the islands governments is predominantly women. They have the same legislative quarrels we do. My military friend who diffuses “human bombs” says, you cannot judge the individual by size, color or gender. “Look at their brains like a computer.”

Current monies in the form of independent expenditures (IEs) are in the amounts that far exceed the small contributions made by friends. This is America! Voters need to be aware. My German relatives are always comparing the rise of national socialism to events here. Money from IG Farben, corporate Germany, did effect politics there.

I know Cecilia as an honest person. However, I find her response needs to be more. The devil will dance with you, but we all know the price. If not, let me share that my dad’s great aunt offered him cash when he first came to this country. He said no because she might always feel he was beholden to her.

I personally would have embraced my benefactor or very publically and categorically rejected them and I would have repeatedly entered this into print.

My wife and I are working through the immigration process for our daughter. It has been 4 years. I know how immigrants in California feel. What about migrant workers? We can make this a well-documented and efficient system for farm workers.

My wife is a 5-star hotel chef. She started washing dishes at 1 am in downtown Davis for $10 an hour. I know what minimum wage feels like and believe me we have bills.

I am in law school and I agree we need to refinance student loans.

I work on homelessness in Woodland and with Pastor Love and the mayor, we are borrowing from Seattle’s experience with “tiny homes.”

My main concern remains medical care costs. No one should have to choose between food and medicine.

I read about “Run-Pan” (State Senator Pan) and I am truly sorry. It is not right that an expert Pediatrician be in such a disrespectful position. However, I myself spoke of measles and I meant chicken pox. I too make mistakes.

We need to continue to worry about costs as we age. I propose a senior citizen supplemental billing system so a 90 year-old doesn’t lose cable service because personal finances have run out.

My campaign has always been about education, economy and the environment. I will propose legislation for my constituents and oppose that which we disagree with. I have been doing regulatory affairs and quality assurance for 25 years now. I too had to manage and lobby. I served many years on successful committees for City Council. I have the experience.

As to the money-my high school basketball team was met with a banner that read, “Send the rich kids home.” We played the game!

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  1. Marina Kalugin

    Nice to “meet” you….  I have seen you around town…and nice to put a name with a face…

    And,  I enjoyed hearing about you and your stories.  That shows me who you are and I like that.

    I vacillated between pre-med and pre-vet and ended up at UCD>>…after a couple of years at pre-med and volunteering/interning in the psych ward at the then Sac County hospital, now part of UCDMC, I decided that was not for me….I floated around taking interest classes like entomology and beekeeping, landscape architecture and Russian History and other Russian classes.

    Finally went on PELP-  joined a local cult…became a high level manager in said cult.. left after seeing the writing on the wall….and returned after deciding to go into industrial engineering and/or management…….and UCD did not have either major…so I decided to take the classes which would be useful for management, got my BA, and headed to my MBA….in the meantime, and at the same time, got married, started my own business, had 2 children, was working on campus as first a student worker and later a “career” employee..  oh…and got very involved in city issues, GATE, school board, and so on… while raising 2 brilliant sons I did my ECE….and then since my husband was a pilot, started flight school also…

    Never enough time for all my causes and interests….

    When I was a child, my family moved to Brazil for 5 years awaiting for our immigrant visa to the US>>>….  used to speak Portuguese fluently….  English is my third language…but I still cannot type and who has time to correct typos and wordos…

    As I said, nice to finally put a name to a face….  I continue to be an activist and a life-long student of all things which have peaked my interest….and I see a kindred spirit on this post.

    PS>  I have also voted for you in the past, simply as a statement against the local dems who were and are in charge…….now that I am getting to know you, I made the right decision in prior votes….  LOL

    Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)

  2. Marina Kalugin

    PS>   When my son was living in Miller some years ago…the Regent’s Scholars and Integrated Studies dorm…for the first time in his life he enjoyed playing soccer with his team of friends….their Tshirts read:   “All our good players are studying”……..

    I loved it…..it was club sports and these brilliant kids were not the ones who usually got to play….. here they all got to play and also laugh about it…and guess what, they even did well…

  3. South of Davis

    Marina wrote:

    > fascinating, not a single other person thought this was real news…

    He seems like a nice guy but has even less of a chance of winning the election than Tony Lopez (who is running for mayor in Sacramento)…

  4. Marina Kalugin

    Hi South of Davis,   I too am South of Davis….but moving soon……will have a few rooms to rent out at my current place…

    I am likely only going to vote for him…..and I already have posted elsewhere on that strategy…

    I like Don, but don’t think he will have a chance to the finals…

    in the primary, the top two will head to the finals….

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