Yolo County Democratic Party Endorses Candidates for the Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Primary Election


Democratic_PartyDemocrats Endorse Candidates That Will Promote Fairness, Inclusivity and Opportunity for Californians and Yolo County Communities

The Yolo County Democratic Party (YCDP) has endorsed candidates for federal, state and local races in the Tuesday, June 7 Primary Election. These endorsements are the conclusion of a lengthy process by both the California Democratic Party (CDP) and the Yolo County Democratic Party.

“This year marks a milestone in Democratic Party leadership as the nation chooses a new president amid a Republican Party season of obstruction, political intransigence, and the adoption of exclusionary rhetoric and policy in Washington D.C. and in states and communities across the country,” said Bob Schelen, YCDP Chair.

“Now is a critical time for Democrats to guide the nation toward policies of fairness, tolerance, and better economic and educational opportunities for all of us. The Yolo County Democratic Party is confident that our endorsed 2016 candidates embody these principles, and that their election will allow Yolo County and California to continue to lead the nation in fostering the kind of communities we all want for ourselves and for our children,” he added.

YCDP Endorsed Candidates for the Election to Be Held June 7, 2016:

Federal races:

  • Kamala D. Harris, for Senate
  • John Garamendi, incumbent, in House Congressional District 3
  • Doris Matsui, incumbent, in House Congressional District 6

State races:

  • Dan Wolk, in California Assembly District 4
  • Kevin McCarty, incumbent, in California Assembly District 7

County and local races:

  • Jim Provenza, incumbent, for Yolo County Supervisor, District 4
  • Will Arnold, for Davis City Council
  • Lucas Frerichs, incumbent, for Davis City Council

Californians must be registered to vote by May 23 to be eligible to vote in the state Primary Election this year. YCDP will maintain a booth each Saturday through election day at the Davis Farmers Market where state and county residents can register to vote.

Those that need to register or re-register can also visit the California Secretary of State’s website at http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm or visit the Yolo County Elections office at 625 Court St in Woodland.


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12 thoughts on “Yolo County Democratic Party Endorses Candidates for the Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Primary Election”

  1. The Pugilist

    Take away points:

    Brett Lee is not a Democrat, but Matt Williams is.

    Wolk over Saylor and Curry.

    No endorsement in the Senate Race, Mariko still has her support with local Dems but the handwriting is on the wall there.

  2. aaahirsch8

    My Hypothesis- Please punch holes in it.

    1. GOP is irrelevant so Democratic party has become a  “big tent” for the political call. Thus it must accommodate a wide spread of ideology, including former Republicans like Bill Dodd and Rochelle Swanson.

    2. There is an ideological split in the democratic party  between business Democrats and Progressives.


    3. This split maps to Council votes that have same consistent 3/2 split on controversial issue. (Cannery, Cannery CFD, parking reforms, sugar tax).

    4. The Davis Democrat Party endorsements largely reflects the dominance of Business Democrats in the party establishment…not the Progressive wing of the party.


    > Brett Lee was not endorsed. But Dan Wolk, Lucas and Will are.

    >  Will Arnold is a business democrat: Evidence: a) he was recruited by  Rochelle Swanson (aka “davis is open for business”) b) Will was clearly the most pro-growth candidate for council based on comments at candidate forums.



    5. Finally (a stretch?). this ideological split locally also maps to the split in values Nationally between
    > Progressive/socialist grass roots outsiders (Bernie) and
    > Business Democrat/establishment (Hillary)




    Please feel free to punch holes in this hypothesis. 





    1. The Pugilist

      I am not sure I buy into that. I think a lot of people in Davis who you associate is being more business oriented a very liberal on national issues

    2. hpierce

      Tia… am coming more into your concept of disregarding dichotomous thinking… Business vs Liberal? In my life experience (and in history), there are too many exceptions… and, pretty much by definition, successful businesses are “progressive” (the most ‘conservative’ ones have failed, or are in trouble)… all depends on the nuances one places on “labels”…

      1. Tia Will


        My first Vanguard induced smile of the day. Thank you for sharing about an increasing commonality of thought. A change of perspective, no matter how subtle, is what keeps me reading and commenting on the Vanguard.

    3. davisite4

      aaahirsch8’s hypothesis seems spot on to me.  The only puzzle is that they didn’t endorse Hillary – I suspect they wanted to but knew there would be a backlash.  Smart (i.e., strategic) on their parts.

      How anyone could endorse Will Arnold over Brett Lee’s proven track record of thoughtful and independent thinking is baffling to me – unless you accept aaahirsch8’s hypothesis.

        1. hpierce

          Silly bylaw… guess they wouldn’t support Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican…

          See, https://www.nps.gov/thro/learn/historyculture/theodore-roosevelt-and-conservation.htm

  3. hpierce

    Not sure, but will probably not release my endorsements until June 7, @8:01 PM… might have a “stop X” recommendation, tho’…  there is already one CC candidate I shall not vote FOR, based on track-record… am undecided on the other three, but am strongly leaning towards two… one of them is not an incumbent…

    Not that anyone cares about my endorsements (nor, should they)… but, then again, I give not one scintilla of weight to endorsements by parties, groups…  possibly a few scintillas of weight to endorsements made by individuals I personally know and have respect for…

    1. Napoleon Pig IV


      “. . .  I give not one scintilla of weight to endorsements by parties, groups…”

      Excellent post! I agree with you and hope a majority of our fellow citizens also make their own thoughtful decisions rather than simply relying on parties and group to think for them. Who know what really goes on behind the scenes that leads to one candidate being endorsed over another? It doesn’t seem to consistently be experience and qualifications.

      1. David Greenwald

        I do think most people think about endorsements backwards. It’s not that they should give weight to endorsements by parties, groups or individuals, it is that given incomplete information, the people, groups and parties that choose to endorse provide us with a lot of information about the candidates.

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