Aguiar-Curry Thankful For the Support

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

By Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

I am gratified and overwhelmed by the supporters across District 4 that came out to vote for me for Assembly on June 7th.

I want to thank them and the many volunteers and individual donors who helped make our campaign possible.

And I want to congratulate all my opponents on a very hard-fought campaign. After November, regardless of the outcome, I hope we can all work together to improve the lives of the residents of the sprawling, six-county, Assembly District 4.

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a Candidate for the Fourth Assembly District

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      1. Matt Williams

        BP, when it comes to “smoking” Dan, I believe Cecilia has to stand fourth in line.  The three people who stand taller in that line than Cecilia does are Don Saylor, Dan himself, and Joe Krovoza.  Cecilia is tied for fourth with Bill Dodd.

        1. OutsideThought

          So where does this put you? I ask because I wonder how you pulled off being an El Macero resident, renting a room in Davis, to be relevant for the election ballot. Was your lease in Davis going to cover your term? We all are interested to know.

        2. Matt Williams

          I haven’t been an El Macero resident since I sold my portion of my El Macero house to my ex-wife in October 2014.  My current lease in Davis began June 15, 2015 and continues to this day and beyond.

          Not sure what your question has to do with the 4th Assembly District, but regardless of the tenuousness of the link, it is a question I have no problem answering.

        3. Barack Palin

          Funny, but I don’t see Dan Wolk, Don Saylor or Joe Krovoza on the ballot for Fourth Assembly District, but I do see Cecilia Aguiar-Curry.  Not bad for fourth place.


        4. Matt Williams

          BP, you are equating placement in the final standings with “smoking.”

          Cecilia (and Bill Dodd) definitely each came in second in their respective contests with Dan Wolk, but they certainly did not “smoke” Dan.  If either of them had garnered more votes than the two Davis Democrats together, then “smoked” would apply . . . but neither of them did.  The reality was that Joe’s presence in the 2014 race “smoked” Dan, and Don’s presence in the 2016 race “smoked” Dan, and Dan’s inability to get either of those rivals to stand down “smoked” himself. If any of those three smoking events had been handled differently, Dan would have been part of the November dance.

        5. Matt Williams

          The issues reside in Davis.  The challenge resides in Davis.  The community connection resides in Davis.  Winters is a nice place to visit.

  1. Marina Kalugin

    and don’t forget PGE and their new training center in Winters.

    on the proposal board right now is a whole new giant set of towers to muddy up the lovely views and farmland surrounding Winters and Vacaville..

    those farmers won’t care, right?

    that doesn’t affect their property values does it?   nah,,   plus there are not that many of them and the ones in town won’t care, right?

    no worries on the EMFs….

    and how about that the solar is too expensive in the USA>>>.but not for all the not nearly as wealthy countries who actually use solar everything…

    pass the cigs and don’t worry about the pollution either… you can die from just about everything around you right now anyway….

  2. Marina Kalugin

    oh  and don’t forget the delta tunnels…now what a lovely idea THAT is…

    governor Browns pet project….and guess who his pal is – you got it…the Napo

    Vote Mariko not Dodd and so forth…

    1. OutsideThought

      Cheer up Marina. You sound like you need a hug. Or are jealous  I can’t figure it out.

      Aguiar-Curry smoked Dan Wolk and Don Saylor. She won in five of six counties and the only town in Yolo County she lost to Davis fellas was in Davis. Seems about right.

      Like I’ve maintained all along; she will “smoke” the boys in both elections. One down, one to go.

      BTW.. You’re welcome Aguiar-Curry. Thanks for the thank you post. Crickets from the rest of the field.

      Oh and about Mariko…no way, no day. She’s already running scared of IE’s coming after her. You can’t run scared, and you can’t tout that you captured the “Davis vote.” It won’t win you elections.

      Try working the region, meeting voters directly or holding a fundraiser for some signs…that’s a thought.

      Dodd will sink her. Like a game of Battleship. D-3 hit.


  3. Tia Will


    I am frequently unclear what people mean when they say that they “don’t trust” a politician. I can think of several possibilities so I have an honest question for you. When you say that you “don’t trust Cecelia” what specifically do you mean ?  Do you mean that you do not trust her to do what she has claimed she will do ?  Do you not trust her to represent your best interests ?  Do you not trust her to vote your way, and if so, on what issues ?

    From your post of 12:43 you have listed some of her actions that you did not like. But that is not an issue of trust but a difference in policy preference. So again, I am not clear on the “trust” issue.

  4. Misanthrop

    I don’t trust her to be helpful on reducing the dangers posed by more oil traveling on our railroads. I don’t trust her to do anything to help regulate tobacco vaping or other ill health effects of smoking and I don’t trust her to be a positive force for education and fully expect her to represent the interests of the most reactionary forces in education policy in California. Policies that can be found on the Ed Voice website.

    Ed Voice was the largest spender in the California Primary. They are funded by Walmart money and a few other right wing, so called reformers. They are trying to buy up the entire legislature. I don’t trust them or anyone they support.

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