CFO Lawlor Resigned

Lawlor-DaveFrom: Office of The Chancellor []
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 8:31 AM
To: Faculty and Staff
Subject: A message to all faculty and staff

Dear Friends,

As some of you may be aware, Dave Lawlor, our Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations and Administration and the Chief Financial Officer at UC Davis, resigned Thursday.

During his 18 months on campus, Dave has served our institution well by working to make sure that this university remains on a sound financial footing. We are grateful for the work he has done putting in place a number of important initiatives and programs in meeting this imperative. Dave has also done a laudable job identifying new revenue sources for UC Davis and in working to ensure that our existing resources are used wisely and efficiently.

I have asked Kelly Ratliff, who has served UC Davis with distinction in a number of finance and budget-related capacities and is currently Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Resource Management, to assume interim leadership of Finance, Operations and Administration. Kelly previously served as the Interim CFO and I am confident that she will continue to move us forward on initiatives and ongoing projects that were overseen by Dave.

During this period of transition for the university, it is important that everyone knows UC Davis is financially sound and remains devoted to sustainable excellence. We are committed to continuing to serve our region in a multitude of ways and have no intention of slowing down in providing access to a high-quality education for thousands of California students. I will be consulting with my leadership team and all appropriate stakeholders to determine our best approach to identifying permanent leadership of this vital division.

At the same time, progress that people have seen over the past several years regarding the university’s dynamic research enterprise and in its collaborations with regional communities and other partners remains at full throttle, ensuring that that UC Davis continues to be the vital and outstanding public research university this region and the state of California have come to depend on and value.

Ralph J. Hexter
Acting Chancellor, UC Davis

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and, my response to Ralph:
Dear Acting Chancellor Ralph,

I am happy to see Kelly in this new position.. She is very sharp and truly been an exceptional leader over the years.

Frankly, I did not think much of Dave….

I only went to a few meetings with him and though he is a nice enough guy, I truly didn’t think he understood what he was doing and why.

I am not sure why he “resigned’… but I am much happier with Kelly in the lead financial role.

PS. If only you would get someone better than Ken Burtis as the interim provost, many faculty, chairs, the AS, and many other managers and I would be even happier. Mau would truly be better, though we desperatley need her in the AVP role…..

I know that no one asked me, but I came here as a UCD student in 1970…and seen a lot and one a lot.

Chancellor Katehi was the first leader of international ranking and true staus as Chancellor.

I knew ALL the others since 1970…..

She was the ONLY one to ever stand up to the likes of Napolitano….and unfortunately, Lawlor was out of his league and I don’t know if Karl can be trusted either.

I don’t trust the current Police Chief Matt Carmichael either.

WE need the Chancellor back….and she can take care of the rest.

Thank you,


Marina Kalugin (Rumiansev)
Management Services Officer
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
College of Biological Sciences
University of California at Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-XXXXX
FAX: (530) 752-XXXXX


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  1. Marina Kalugin

    according to my source from last Thursday, and then confirmed by a recent DE article, he was “asked” to resign by Ralph Hexter, and that the Napo had given her blessing…..not sure what that all means….

    I am however, not surprised, that this, which is real news gets hardly a comment, while Nishi is still center stage..

    1. David Greenwald

      I don’t consider this anymore real than a housing development that is up for election in less than a week. Part of the problem is that the letting go or resignation of Lawlor is a personnel matter and so unless Lawlor steps forward, we’re not going to find out a lot more than we already know.

      1. Jerry Waszczuk

        My conspiracy theory is that  Lawlor’s resigned because Chancellor Katehi was accused of the university’s  financial resources misappropriation than Lawlor as a vice chancellor who was approving checks  has to be connected to witch hunt .

  2. Marina Kalugin

    Lawlof was a very key person at UCD>…..the “Vice Chancellor and CFO”……wow….UCD never even had that title before he was brought in with such hopes and fanfare….

    even Katehi gets hardly a mention while the minions are digging in deeper on Nishi..    absurd….

  3. Marina Kalugin

    PS>   David, I also sent you an email….your website is infected and now redirecting people to other sites upon pressing “reply” or “submissions”….  either you hadn’t seen the email yet, or your people don’t know how to fix it…

    1. Matt Williams

      Marina, as I noted in a reply to your earlier e-mail, based on what I am seeing doing the same functions as you are doing, I am not getting any redirections or signs of infections.  It sounds like your computer is where the problems are.  Try clearing your site-specific cache.  What browser are you using?

  4. SODA

    Marina, with due respect, why do you disparage UCD personnel on the Vanguard? It is discouraging to read. What purpose does this ‘article’ serve? Perhaps David and/or Don could address my concerns that I believe might be shared by other DV readers.

  5. Frankly

    Read this:

    As the baby boomers reached college age, state appropriations to higher education skyrocketed, increasing more than fourfold in today’s dollars, from $11.1 billion in 1960 to $48.2 billion in 1975. By 1980, state funding for higher education had increased a mind-boggling 390 percent in real terms over the previous 20 years. This tsunami of public money did not reduce tuition: quite the contrary.

    I am guessing that the $410,000 salary reported (that is $34,167 per month) does not include the perks and benefits.

    I would venture a guess that it exceeds $500,000 and possibly $600,000 in gross compensation.

    And just count all the administrative managers working for UCD and add it all up.

    Then you will understand a big reason why tuition has risen much faster than the rate of inflation.

    1. Jerry Waszczuk


      This is  what you posted is a real stuff  which should be addressed in the Napolitano’s  administrative leave letter served to Kateki in April 2016.  You  perfectly described the problem as  the “tsunami of public money ” .

  6. Roberta Millstein

    So much for my suggestion that the Vanguard not publish stories with unsubstantiated personal attacks.  E.g.: “I don’t know if Karl can be trusted either…I don’t trust the current Police Chief Matt Carmichael either.”  How does this count as informative?  Why would the Vanguard publish this – what purpose does it serve?

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