Come Celebrate the New Davis City Council

cc_celebrationDavis Downtown is hosting a special event honoring the new City Council. The celebration will be on Monday, June 13, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm, at the The Pence Gallery,  212 D Street in downtown Davis.

Downtown business owners and community members are excited to welcome and celebrate the newly formed City Council.

This event will be the first opportunity for the new 5-member City Council to come together and share their goals for the coming months.

The celebration will honor the new City Council consisting of current Council members, Mayor Pro Tempere Robb Davis and Rochelle Swanson, re-elected Council members Brett Lee, Lucas Frerichs, and newly elected Council member Will Arnold.

At the same time, Davis Downtown will honor the current City Council for their hard work and dedication to our community over the past two years. The current City Council consists of Mayor Dan Wolk, Mayor Pro Temper Robb Davis, Rochelle Swanson, Lucas Frerichs, and Brett Lee.

All excited to hear what the new Council has planned for our community and how together we will strengthen relationships between business owners, business groups, the City Council, and City Staff while establishing and maintaining our downtown as the primary business, entertainment, cultural, and social center of Davis.

Let us know you are attending. Visit our Facebook Event page at:

Davis Downtown’s Celebrate the new City Council will be held at: The Pence Gallery
212 D Street
Davis, CA 95616
6pm to 8pm

Appetizers by Chickpeas
Beer Provided by Three Mile Brewing

Wine Provided by Matchbook Winery

Raffel Prizes

This event is brought to you by Davis Downtown

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  1. Marina Kalugin

    It is now 4 days since the election, and on the yolo site there is nothing about the final results.

    Given that there are still a huge percentage of votes yet to be reported…why are the results not being updated?

    1. David Greenwald

      Because there is a process for securing and confirming them that takes time and then they will tally them and the counting will go quickly.

  2. Marina Kalugin

    I hope it was a good party.

    Given that over 6K votes are still not in, how can one truly be sure that the results are final?

    I called yolo county today and they said they have 28 days to finish the work on verifying signatures and counting all of the ballots and invited me down to see the process.

    That was nice, but.

    Also, they count all Yolo ballots as a bunch, don’t break out by the districts/cities until later.

    All told, there are over 18K to count.  wow.


    1. David Greenwald

      “Given that over 6K votes are still not in, how can one truly be sure that the results are final?”

      Math. It is almost mathematically impossible for the result to shift and it would take such an extreme shift in the results to change the top 3 that it is not a realistic possibility. The only result that could possibly shift is Measure A and even that is unlikely.

  3. Matt Williams

    I am back east for my mother’s 93rd birthday and my 50th high school reunion and so unfortunately I will miss tonight’s festivities.

    All my best to all the Council.


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