Community Rallies in Protest of Local Homophobic Preacher


By Jerika L.H.

People from all across California will again rally today in protest of Pastor Roger Jimenez – the Verity Baptist Church minister who has been dubbed “the Homophobic Preacher” by many in the public at large. Pastor Jimenez’s anti-gay rant which recently went viral documented him exclaiming his regret that the Orlando shooter did not “finish the job.” Jimenez preached that Orlando was actually safer after 50 members of the LGBTQI community were massacred. He specifically stated, “Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today? … Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society.” He continued on to say that “these people are predators. They are abusers…I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against a firing wall, put the firing squad in front of them and blow their brains out.”

Although many have been picketing in front of the Verity Baptist Church throughout the week to protest Jimenez’s hateful message, today’s gathering expects several thousand people. Jimenez will give another Sunday sermon and has requested the presence of others to support him during the counter protest. His Facebook event states, “Pastor Roger Jimenez is in the midst of persecution for preaching the truth from God’s word, and crowds of wicked people will be protesting Verity Baptist Church this Sunday. Show your support for Pastor Roger Jimenez by attending services this Sunday morning, June 19, 2016. Let’s break the Sunday morning attendance record and show the world that there are still 7,000 who haven’t bowed the knee to Baal!” He currently has only 37 attendees.

The rally was initiated by John Hayden and Beverly Kearney – two local friends who were outraged to hear such hate speech generating from their own backyard. The event has been shared countless times and has seen overwhelming support.  Hayden states, “When I created this event last weekend my intention was to gather some friends and peacefully to protest Pastor Jimenez. I had no idea that this event would grow to this size this quickly. However, I am glad it has. We now have a force strong enough to make the statement that the LGBTQI community will not sit idly by while hatred and ignorance are preached. We must remain vigilant in keeping the rights and freedoms we’ve attained and do so by protesting and rallying in a loving and peaceful way. I’m very thankful for all of the assurance and volunteers that have helped me orchestrate this demonstration. I’ve received phone calls, emails, and messages of support and which helps keep the momentum going.” Founders and volunteers have prearranged for police and security to be on site throughout the rally to assure that no one is harmed. Although emotions are high, Hayden and Kearney have stressed the point that today’s demonstration will be nonviolent.

While many in the community were shocked to hear that a local church was making headlines in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, co-creator Beverly Kearney finds Pastor Jimenez’s statements to be representative of homophobic sentiments found throughout the country. “We face this type of hate and discrimination every day. LGBTQ people are murdered every day for being who they are. We all need to take a stand and let people know that this type of hate will not be tolerated and there is no place for it in 2016. We must spread love in the face of hatred and bigotry. Those who were murdered in Orlando, and before then, deserve honor and love.” Kearney is also a founder of the Love Is Love Movement which preaches acceptance for all forms of love.

Although grossly outnumbered, the Verity Baptist Church is standing firm in their support for Jimenez’s views. Many in his small congregation have requested that followers and supporters call local law enforcement to complain about Jimenez being harassed. Pastor Steven L. Anderson posted a video of himself to express solidarity with the North Highlands church. He urged others to join Verity Baptist to oppose “sodomites” and stand against the LGBTQI lifestyle. While many criticized Anderson for recording the video while driving and distracted, most others are shocked by the content.

The Vanguard will be on site to see how things play out.

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  1. Tia Will

    Hi Jerika

    I am always torn about the best way to handle these small time purveyors of hate. One the one hand, my instinct tells me to protest and argue against this kind of evil in our presence. And where there is a large following, or the person promoting such hatred is a public official, I think that we are morally obliged to speak out.

    On the other hand, when it is one “pastor” and a following of 37, I wonder if ignoring the entire issue and allowing it to die of its own accord might not be the wiser course.

    In any event, I look forward to any update you share with us.

    1. Jerry Waszczuk

      Ms. Tia

      In your post to South of Davis you wrote.

      “And with regard to both the hate spewing pastor as well as the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. It is hard to find anyone whose message I despise more, and yet I still stand in defense of their right to free speech, no matter how odious.”

      I see from the above statement and today’s opinion that you are very straight forward person in regards to the free speech and freedom of expression and you have knowledge about .

      Would you please elaborate a little about the boundary between hate crime and  free speech. ( exluding the heinous crimes punishable by the criminal law  )  Many times in course of my employment with UCD I noticed that anti -gays graffiti or swastikas painted on walls in UC Davis campus were   investigated as a hate crime by the UCD Police.  Here we have Pastor from the Sacramento  Baptist Church  and Westboro Baptist Church and their anti gays quite intense  action is protected by the free speech and  freedom of expression . On other hand anti-guys propaganda and swastikas painted  on UC Davis campus wall are  being investigated as a hate crime  but   Pastor’s sermon supporting heinous crime and terrorist act is protected by the constitutional rights.


    2. Biddlin!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/display_960/image.jpg
      “… when it is one “pastor” and a following of 37, I wonder if ignoring the entire issue and allowing it to die of its own accord might not be the wiser course.” Not necessarily disagreeing, but what, then, is the magic number? I have avoided the protests because of my own strong emotional reaction to the massacre in Orlando and a fear that a thoughtless remark from a parishioner might evoke a more manifest reaction. On this particular day, I’m mindful of all the fathers who will have only a terrible emptiness this fathers’ day.

      1. Tia Will

        Hi Jerry,

        I am happy to share more of my thoughts on this issue. Although I disagree with any hate based messages, there is a critical difference between speech in a protected venue ( a church, ones’ own home, a private club or meeting house) and vandalism. In the case of small group communication, the ideas are being expressed in a voluntary venue where people have gathered for the express purpose of hearing of sharing those views. For me, this is absolutely covered under the umbrella of “free speech” unless he is actively inciting them to engage in violence.

        Vandalism, on the other hand, involves defacement or damage to property that does not belong to the perpetrator and is visible for all to see whether they want to or not. We have defined vandalism as a crime in and of itself. My understanding is that the type of message and whether or not it targets a specific group is what makes it worthy of investigation as a “hate crime”.


  2. Alan Miller

    I know many people who are against gay marriage, for example.  They are not bad people — I know where they are coming from — though I disagree — they are not hateful, as such.  Most are older, based in long-held religious beliefs, and their numbers will diminish over time with the next few generations.

    This pastor is pure, hateful scum.

    What baffles me is not so much him, but who are these 37 people who follow him?  I’d love to know their story.  They scare me more than he does.

    “only” 37?  Hardly.  I know smaller congregations than that.  This is Westboro level hate.  I’m glad everyone knows who they are and they are out in the open now.  The scum has found it’s fellow scum, and Sacramento knows where the pond is.

  3. Jerry Waszczuk

    I know many people who are against gay marriage, for example.  They are not bad people — I know where they are coming from — though I disagree — they are not hateful, as such.  Most are older, based in long-held religious beliefs, and their numbers will diminish over time with the next few generations.”


    Proposition 8 was not based on most older in long -held religious believes.   The Proposition 8 shows that State of California is quite conservative state outside the SF and Hollywood.


      1. Jerry Waszczuk


        Nothing  has  changed in this matter .  Most black people are against gay marriage , California is being populated more and more by Latinos which most of them  Catholics and Christians . The Proposition 8 is not even one decade old. What are you  talking about saying long, long time ago . Don’t forget what happened to Grey Davis in this state. Look at City of  Davis itself .  The City Davis is not liberal city  and predominately white .  The Davi;s  vigil for Orlando’s  victims  was minimal and almost unnoticed. Look at the photo on the  Vanguard. The UC Davis has Dr. Martin Luther King Hall with  the Dr. King statue but  the black students admission and black faculties percentage is outrageously low in comparison with other groups .  Do not  lie to yourself with  your cheap propaganda. Try to learn history of the United States of America and  the State of California and look around before you say something .

        1. Don Shor

          Californians overwhelmingly support gay marriage now.
          As of Feb. 2013:

          By a nearly two-to-one margin (61% to 32%), California voters approve of allowing same-sex couples to marry. This represents a complete reversal in views about the issue from 1977, when The Field Poll conducted its first survey on this topic, and is the highest level of support ever measured by the poll.
          Approval of allowing marriage between two people of the same gender includes majorities of men and women, voters in all racial and ethnic groups, and Californians living in each of the major regions of the state. The only subgroups where majorities remain opposed are registered Republicans and voters who classify themselves as conservative in politics.

        2. Jerry Waszczuk


          Looks like you came to  Alan’s rescue. Gay marriage is is done deal in California but it is not changing fact the the deal was and is against majority  wish and will.  Polls are polls depend who you ask. You know how accurate polls were by  predicting Donald Trump’s defeat in the primary and look what we got.  The voters are the best polls. You believe what you like to believe.  Go to any black Baptist Church and ask people what they think about gays marriage . Black people and their churches in California made Proposition 8 succeeded. Don’t fool yourself with polls . If the Supreme Court would not come to gay’s marriage rescue than you would not have gay marriage in California . This the fact . .

        3. Ron

          Jerry:  “Go to any black Baptist Church and ask people what they think about gays marriage.”

          Hmm.  Sounds like a point I was trying to make.  (If the “religion” topic wasn’t already uncomfortable enough, Jerry’s statement also addresses some general differences in religious beliefs between races.)

          Jerry’s statement also shows why gay people often suffer, at the hands of the majority.  (And, perhaps demonstrates a reason that a popular vote may not always be the best way to establish protections, for a minority group.  Even from a larger group that has suffered in the recent past, as well!)

          Sometimes, I lose faith in humanity!

        4. hpierce

          Uh, Don, you realize that there is a difference between “supporting gay marriage”, and voting to end ‘state’ legislation “prohibiting” it right?  The two are not the same… not even close…

  4. Ron

    I grew up at a time when the worst thing in the world was to be called a “fag”, by my peers.  I was always relieved that at least I wasn’t a “fag”.  I also “looked down” on those who were perhaps considered “effeminate”.  Now, I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t realize what was going on.  Unfortunately, some bullying and teasing always seems to be directed at those who are considered to be “different” than others.

    Now that I’m older, I think I’ve realized where hatred toward gays comes from.  I think it primarily comes from (some) religious teachings – including some “mainstream” religions.  (I suspect that some people simply interpret these teachings in a more “literal” manner, than others.  Or, maybe it’s an “offshoot” of a primary mainstream religion.)

    Can one be a “good Christian” (or a “good Muslim”, etc.) while still supporting (or at least not discriminating against or killing) those who are gay?  If so, are you disregarding the teachings of your own religion?  (Or, perhaps “picking and choosing” the passages that you agree with?)  Also, does this make you question the entire religion, itself?

    I realize this is a sensitive topic, but it’s always something I’ve wondered about.  (I hope that no one takes offense to this question.)

    1. Jerry Waszczuk


      Germans soldiers during WW II had engraved “Gott Mit Uns ” on their belts buckles and 50 million people died . Communist did not have “Gott Mit Uns” on their  buckles and killed 80 million people . It does not matter what your believes are . It always will be reason to kill  and hate others.  In ancient Sparta it was an  honor to be a gay soldier and these soldiers  were great worriers and killers . .  They  were not Christians but they had Zeus and other Gods to believe .

      1. Ron

        Jerry:  “It does not matter what your believes are.”

        Are you stating that some mainstream religions don’t “teach” followers to hate gay people?  (Or, at least lead them to believe that they’re committing a “sin”?) If many people within a particular culture/society follow such religious teachings, how would their culture/society (and government) treat gay people?

        I think the Germans also targeted gay individuals. 

        Where do you think this hatred comes from?  (There’s no logical reason for it.)

      2. Tia Will


        You have hit neatly upon the cause of my ambivalence. There is no magic number. I do have a deep, deep desire for us to choose peaceful means of disagreement and conflict resolution. As a woman’s health provider, I have lived most of my career knowing that my friends and colleagues who choose to provide the legal service of abortion may be putting their lives at risk over and above what we all face every day. Every few years brings a new story of violence at the hands of someone who claims Christianity as their reason for murder. I also have friends in the LGBT community. So this also has particular poignancy for me just as it does for many members of our community.

        1. Jerry Waszczuk


          Ms. Tia

          Some Christian Churches preachers like this from Sacramento or Westboro are not the main stream Christian Churches , In every  political group , party or church you could find always individuals which are requires to be place into mental health and wear special jacket or behind the bars.

          Most churches are teaching love and compassion. Abortion issue never will satisfy both sides .

      3. Tia Will


         It always will be reason to kill  and hate others. “

        I do not believe that this is a necessity. I do not believe that it is God given. I believe that the choice to hate and kill is a choice that men make freely. I believe that we create our own world and we can make it a peaceful place or one of violence. The choice is ours. To simply say that “there always will be reason to kill and hate others” is to ignore the fact that there have been a number of societies that have chosen to live under peaceful circumstances. There are many countries today that do not embrace or tolerate violence to the degree that we do in the US. To me this is ample illustration that we could choose another path but do not because to many of us, our theoretical rights are worth more than the lives of others.

        1. Jerry Waszczuk

          Ms. Tia

          it nothing to do with God . It is  Darwinism.  Read how many people dying every day in USA because of violence . We have here plenty  of food . Most animals kill others animals because they  are hungry and they have to kill or they  looking to expend their territory.

          Take today food stamps and welfare from people in USA  and you will see what is  going to happen . 50 million people in USA are on food stamps . You will be buying AR -15 and lot of ammo .

      4. Jerry Waszczuk


        During WW II Germans  targeted only gays not lesbians and  gays were sent  to concentration camps. After  camps were liberated gays survivors were sent to prison because of  of German law . The law  was changed 20 years fter the  war. Today in Russia you will get  punished having gay propaganda not only being gay . This what it is . Main stream  Christian religions don’t teach to hate gays if churches are not controlled like it is in China today. Some Islam countries are more liberal than others . I think worse is the  Saudi Arabia and of course Taliban , ISIS  and similar Islamic organizations practicing 3th Century Islam . Many countries  on the world have  ani-gays measures not even related to any religion.  Politician are dirty and hypocrites because from they  promoting rights for minorities and on other hands they are doing business with decision makers in other countries where minorities are being prosecuted and punished because they are what they are . I think that the  hate and aggressiveness is a part of human nature . The  wars are the best  examples where instinct to kill is  stronger than brain and common sense. Atrocities  during wars and ethnic cleansing  are beyond imagination . Slavery , gassing massively people include children   by Germans who  gave so much to civilization  is something what is very difficult to understand, comprehend  and it  is beyond imagination.

        “Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal said: after the  Adolf Eichman’s  prosecution by Israeli Court.   “The world now understands the concept of ‘desk murderer. We know that one does not  need to be fanatical, sadistic, or mentally ill to murder millions; that it is enough to be a loyal follower eager to do one’s duty.””

        I am not sure if I  completely agree with Wisenthal .  You have to have evil in your brain to sent thousand innocent people to gas chamber by your signature .

        1. Ron

          Interesting thoughts, Jerry.  (Kind of depressing, though.)

          I guess there’s a difference between belief in god, vs. following some structured religious-based teachings that encourage violence.  (Based on my limited knowledge, I’d have to disagree with you regarding the message that some organized religions are teaching.)  Your example of Baptist Churches provides some evidence of this, as does the leader of that church in Sacramento.  Even though the current Pope seems quite different than his predecessors, I don’t think he (or the Catholic hierarchy) supports gay marriage – based on religion.  (Let alone premarital sex, etc.)  I’ve never figured out how someone can claim a particular religious affiliation, while “conveniently” ignoring some of its teachings.  (How is that justified? Are people making up their own “religion”? Why not, I guess.)

          Maybe you’re right, regarding some anti-gay persecution that’s not strictly based on religion.  (But, I think that these teachings have a way of infiltrating society, at large.  Even if the connection is not immediately apparent.)

          I recently read that most religions start out with the same basic premise (which doesn’t include such hatred), but the meanings become twisted pretty quickly!

        2. Jerry Waszczuk


          In this country is freedom of religion and you could be a founder of new Scientology Church if you have talent and money .  If you look into history than King of England Henry VIII could not get divorce from Pope than became himself Head of new  Anglican Church and started reformation , than beheaded his wife and on and on.

        3. hpierce

          Obviously, Jerry you know little about religions nor history (nor English Grammar)… [previously, you cited “third century Islam”, whereas  Mohammed wasn’t born until the sixth century [AD/CE]].  Martin Luther began the reformation before Henry VIII… in fact, the latter used Luther’s lead to justify his self-serving goals… yet, you seem to justify Kaheti’s self-serving actions by others’ “leads”… guess that makes sense, in a weird way…

          You are certainly entitled to your opinions, but not to BS “facts”…

        4. Jerry Waszczuk


          Thanks for correction on Islam . It was a misprint. Henry VIII began  the Church  reformation not Martin Luther in England.    Also ,  thanks for remaining me about my grammar. It was nice of you . You are so kind and compassionate.  I am not sure why you included Katehi in your post .  It must be also your  kindness .

          Chancellor Vanderhoef stated  that Linda Katehi is a super star and I believe she is.



  5. Jerry Waszczuk


    For over 2000 years  western civilization is thriving base on Judo-Christianity philosophy regardless if people are going to Baptist , Greek – Orthodox , Catholic or other churches with Jesus name . Whether people were believers ,  church goers or not,  they lived  and still  living  by established canons of ethics found in Bible and noble acceptable philosophers  rather by  than by  Marks , Engels,  Mao , Stalin , Lenin , Hitler books and their philosophy.

    Catholic Church philosophy and   teaching does not accept gays marriage and  one of the reason that the  Catholic Church is different than the  other Christian churches .  I don’t know  if it is ever will change but for sure not for some times. Every Pope is different like every President in USA is different but it does not mean radical changes in Catholic Church doctrine or the  Constitution of United States and political system  because of different  President  As you know , priests in the  Catholic church can’t get married than nobody should expect that Catholic Church will bless gays marriage .  Recently the  Catholic Church made some decision to  get divorce easier . Beside this Catholic church is more compassionate to gays than many of other churches as I see it .

    No one Church can force you  to do what you like to do . You have always choice to go to other church or don’t go to any church. I think you can not find western civilization country where church could dictate anything  to people . However , churches are very positive organisations . Especially in the less developed countries and in USA as well .  Majority likes dollars with “In God We Trust ”  and every likes to have plenty of dollars blessed by God regardless of believes.  Gays and lesbians , democrats and republicans , blacks and whites, communists and atheists  , poor and  rich . legals and illegals  etc. GOD IS GREAT.



    1. Ron

      Jerry:  “Whether people were believers , church goers or not, they lived and still living by established canons of ethics found in Bible . . . “

      Exactly my point.  It infiltrates society, “for better or worse” (as in marriage)!

      Just saw on the national news tonight that most Muslim religions criminalize homosexual behavior (something to that effect).  (The news reported a story about gay Muslims, related to the incident in Orlando.)  That’s the part I don’t understand.  How can anyone claim allegiance to a religion that they don’t (and/or can’t) actually follow?  Wouldn’t they automatically question the entire doctrine, at that point?

      On a related note, I probably shouldn’t share my thoughts about marriage (but here goes, regardless).  It’s basically a legal contract, and – an outdated/unneeded institution (in some ways).  Parents are responsible for their children, even without marriage.  I don’t know why the government needs to be involved in this.  (Perhaps in earlier times it was needed, when women raised a lot of children and were prevented from working outside the home.)

      Even though I’m probably not religious, I like your idea of god “blessing” my dollars! Hey – whatever might help! (Not sure this will work in a casino, though!)

      1. Ron

        Correction – most Muslim “societies” (not “religions”).  (But, it seems that they are often “one and the same”.)

        Regarding stoning – yeah. I’m not gay or Muslim, but I’m frightened and saddened to think about what goes on in these societies.

    1. Jerry Waszczuk


      It is called  honor killing if any member of family bring dishonor to family or social group . This what it is . We don’t have any statistic about  honor killing  country because it  is illegal. Saudi Arabia , I think is  the only Muslim country where beheading is  custom to kill prisoners which were sentenced to death . Saudi Arabia is  the most conservative Islam country  in regards to women , gays, other faiths and infidels .

  6. tribeUSA

    I saw this preacher on television speaking out against gays–he appeared to be demented, and a low-watt bulb. It is somewhat frightening to think 37 others support his statements enough to make their support public. Perhaps they are just nostalgic for the good ‘ole medieval days of persecution of designated evildoers, and this nostalgia will pass.

    1. Jerry Waszczuk


      In medieval days nobody was admitting publicly  his or her different sexual orientation and as well in many states in this  country not so long ago. We no need to look so far back  and  to the  Arab countries .

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