Letter: Ajay’s Innocence

Dev-2yr-6by Teresa Geimer

About six years ago, in Yolo County, Ajay Dev was sentenced to 378 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The only evidence against him was a pretext call that his accuser was allowed to translate. She determined that one sentence in a 50-minute call was an admission of guilt.

1. The accuser did not take it as an admission of guilt at the time of the call since later in the call she complained that Ajay is not giving the accuser what she wants.

2. An independent translator could not determine what was said in that sentence, but could tell it was not an admission of guilt. The court used the accuser’s translation anyway. In addition, Ajay was not allowed by the court to give the reason his accuser would lie. A great injustice has been done, but in October, the courts through the appeal process can correct it. Free Ajay Dev! The courts just can’t fail him again.

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  1. Davis Progressive

    “The accuser did not take it as an admission of guilt at the time of the call since later in the call she complained that Ajay is not giving the accuser what she wants.”

    imagine getting 378 years on evidence that thin

  2. ResJudicata

    Cash for Convictions…

    The scurrilous, unconscionable conviction of Ajay Dev stands as monument to the egregious disregard for the canons of judicial ethics, sponsored on behalf of the Yolo County District Attorney. To date…the prosecution in the State v. Dev has failed to produce a scintilla of forensic evidence sufficient to substantiate the accuser’s spurious and exaggerated claims of having been physically abused on 750 occasions over a period of five years. Additionally, the Family physician testified under oath that she saw no signs of emotional and/or psychological trauma, including any indications that the accuser had suffered any demonstrable evidence supporting the allegations of physical abuse.  Notwithstanding the accuser’s serial prevarications under oath concerning testimony involving core details endemic to the case; the jury in their conspicuous lack of discretion and compunction, decided to ignore the accuser’s unequivocal absence of credibility as the sole witness in the litigation and opt to pronounce reasonable doubt Dead On Arrival.We soldiers in Ajay’s Army remain steadfast in our infallible belief attendant to his innocence, including his eventual exoneration for crimes he emphatically did not perpetrate.

  3. MamaBear

    Pardon my legal ignorance but what is the purpose of a 400 year sentence for anyone??? How does this benefit the public, especially if it’s true that there’s some sort of monetary incentive for the length of sentences… wouldn’t it be better to convict more (guilty) people for less cost to the public?

    The general consensus being Ajay Dev’s innocence just makes this frightful.

    $hit, I knew my own issues with Yolo DA made no sense, now I am truly worried that I’ve locked horns with something akin to the mafia. Lord help us.

    I hope the leftovers of justice are soon served to Ajay. I say leftovers because after losing five years of his life, justice already missed his table. :-/

  4. Marina Kalugin

    dear MamaBear, if not for a ton of money, a private eye who I hired, and a top attorney at top cost, my white son would likely have been hung out to dry for  a DUI when he was not even the driver….and a criminal still went free in that case…

    that was in Woodland in 2004…. the DMV is even worse…as the “officer” said, the evidence proves your son was not the driver, however to “teach him a lesson” for “not cooperating”…ie taking the fifth… my son chose to “take the fifth”… wrong thing to say to angry and dumb cops in Woodland…

    the DMV officer said he will need to serve another year of license suspension…though he stopped driving as soon as the first suspension was announced… so he actually served 2 years of suspension…and then later his “arrest” came up on a background check for a Fed job….

    because he didn’t want to get his friend “in trouble”…the underage friend who already had a juvie history a mile long..

    the corruption is so rampant, and yet, since you spoke out and this case is also in the news…things may change….but there will likely need to be some “purges” first…

    and some laws changed…in CA there are truly crazy laws now…I learned about some of them during last year…crazy stupid laws that help no-one and make things worse for the elderly and abused…

    Mariko is on it…we need her in the Senate….

  5. Marina Kalugin

    now trying to get back to sleep…and though this is off topic it was so funny had to share…

    I try to sleep everytime I listen to this, but somehow I end up 2 hours later reading comments on a video about how to talk to giraffes
    sometimes the DV is kinda like that ….get sucked in…when I should be sleeping…..


  6. WeAreTheCheese

    And this is where the nation needs further insight. We know about cops and some scurrilous laws, but we’ve only heard whispers about unrestrained prosecutorial power, the lack of oversight, and completely overlooked judicial error.

    Some may believe there must be some massive piece of evidence against Ajay left out of this quick retrospection of Ajay’s case, but unbelievably the author has provided all the most imperative elements of this case. Such is the state of our judiciary.

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