Yamada Launches “The Rich and Powerful for Dodd” Ad Campaign

Mariko Yamada(From Press Release) – Mariko Yamada’s campaign for State Senate District 3 launched an online ad campaign today that highlights her opponent Bill Dodd’s ties to the wealthiest corporations in the nation, including Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

The six-second YouTube ad uses imagery to underscore the stark contrasts between the candidates: Dodd is the corporate-backed candidate on the side of the 1%, and Yamada is the grassroots Democrat running to represent the working and middle class.

The ad promotes the new website TheRichandPowerfulforDodd.com, which includes facts like Bill Dodd was a registered Republican only months before he ran for Assembly in 2014. It also outlines the facts on the dark money trail behind his campaign in June.

In the June Primary, corporate special interests, including Chevron and Philip Morris, spent nearly $3.2 million boosting Dodd’s campaign. Despite this overwhelming spending, Yamada finished just seven points behind Dodd, 30% to 37%.

Before, and certainly after these major donations, Dodd has supported major corporate interests, including his most recent vote against overtime for farmworkers.

Follow the dark money from the June Primary:

  1. From April 13, 2016 until June 3, 2016, the “EdVoice” independent expenditure committee – partially funded by JobsPac, which accepted money from the tobacco industry (Phillip Morris), Walmart’s heir and Republican real estate developer William Bloomfield – spent a total of $1,974,407 supporting Bill Dodd’s campaign.
  1. “Californians for Jobs and Strong Economy” – the Chevron-backed IE – spent a total $273,796 supporting Dodd’s campaign.
  1. “Alliance To Get California Working Political Action Committee” funded by Big Tobacco spent $112,596 supporting Dodd between May 12, and May 31, 2016.
  1. “Cooperative of American Physicians” and “Californians Allied for Patient Protection Independent Expenditure Account”, funded by healthcare corporations, together spent over $241,937 to help Bill Dodd. 


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