Letter: Schools Need Scientist Poppenga

Poppenga-updated-hsby Madhavi Sunder

Strong schools are the hallmark of our vibrant university town. The parcel tax on the November ballot, Measure H, is vitally important to our excellent schools, funding core programs from science to foreign languages, AP classes, music and athletic programs. Losing these parcel taxes (11% of our district budget) would mean teacher layoffs and cutting critical programs essential to student success. I urge you to continue to support our schools by voting “yes” on Measure H, which simply makes up for the parcel taxes set to expire.

After having the privilege to serve on the Davis School Board for nearly two years—and this year to serve as President of the School Board—I understand the kind of vision, talent, commitment and caring it takes to be a successful Davis School Board Trustee. If voters elect Bob Poppenga, our schools and community will benefit enormously. Bob is a professor of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, the number one vet school in the world. One of Bob’s primary goals is to more effectively tap the resources of the world class research university in our backyard to the benefit of Davis schools and children. Bob has already initiated a partnership between the UC Davis Veterinary School and the Davis Senior High School’s new veterinary science program. Thanks to Bob’s leadership, Davis students will have access to paid summer internships at the vet school, tours of the vet school facilities, and quality classroom materials. Bob has served on the school district’s committee to expand career technical opportunities for our students. A Board Member of the Explorit science museum, Bob believes non-profit partners can play a role in expanding opportunities for all Davis students.

It is imperative that we have a scientist as one among our five-member School Board. Over the past 10 years, STEM jobs have grown at three times the rate of other jobs. Bob will help ensure our schools are preparing students for STEM jobs at all levels. Bob’s service will enrich our schools.

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  1. Marina Kalugin

    Of course we do.  Please vote for Bob Poppinga.

    Thank you OP.  And, not only that, but Bob knows first hand the challenges that both the gifted children face and the ones who struggle on the other end of that spectrum…

    He is also able to comprehend more difficult data and get to the truth….not easy these days as there are so many vested interests from so many factions.

    It is not so easy to get through all of the obfuscations and inaccuracies which the vested interests, like unions, government regulations, big businesses an so on,  especially in CA,  and such present.

    These days it takes a kind and caring person, who understands statistics and has the ability to read reports at graduate level to see which side is presenting which statistics and to understand that there is beauty in statistics, but also flaws…

    And, one should follow the money and learn the truth…

    The research and statistics in the USA are only as good as the organization funding the research.

    One needs a truly open mind, and a real skeptical attitude to find out the truth.

    Bob has proven he has those skills.  And, he also has the broad life experience to have learned many of these lessons over his lifetime also.

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