School Board Candidates Square Off in PTA Forum


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DJUSD School Board Candidates Alan Fernandes, Jose Granda, Susan Lovenburg and Bob Poppenga squared off on Monday at a candidates forum sponsored by the PTA.  The video was recorded by Davis Media Access.


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8 thoughts on “School Board Candidates Square Off in PTA Forum”

  1. Davis Progressive

    why is granda fixated on the eight year total cost – yeah if i had to pay $5000 it might be a challenge, but i’m not paying $5000, i’m paying $620 a year, which is slightly more than i’m paying now.  big deal.

  2. Marina Kalugin

    not sure why Granda is fixated on that….that will likely cause him the election.

    although I like the guy, he is not well known enough….he starts too little too late in each race….though I have voted for him on occasion because of the truly poor field, this time we have two stellar candidates …..Bob Poppinga and Alan Fernandes.

    If you are unhappy with the crash of Gate, and the fact that the DJUSD is now wasting many thousands of dollars due to the poor decisions not long ago by Susan Lovenberg please join me and many other parents/grandparents of children of all skill levels and other concerned citizens who truly care about the educational achievement in this town,  in ensuring she is not re-elected.

  3. Marina Kalugin

    it was 3/2 on the DJUSD a few moments ago, with Susan  and the other two who are not running this time on the majority side of not allowing the third strand of GATE…

    As a result,  someone filed a complain with the FED Dept of Education, and an investigation was begun.  I caught an article in the DE just a few weeks ago that over $17K has already been spent so far.

    The one person who could have really handled this cycle well, is Deanne Quinn, the one person who kept the GATE program alive over many decades.

    In fact, Deanne tried to tell the board that the third strand was full of children who were disadvantaged, and instead she was “let go”.

    The one leading the charge against GATE  (also known as AIM in this town and no where else) and for the overturn of Deann is Susan Lovenberg.

    Alan and Sundar voted to expand access to the children who did qualify.

    There is a lot of further information on this whole fiasco in the archives of the DV.

    Alan understood the issues, and voted for the third strand.  As did Sundhar.  I have not had time to review the tapes of those meetings, but I understand they are still available to the public as well as the Fed investigators.

    Bob Poppinga is in a very interesting position with his children…one doing well in the traditional classroom and the other in GATE.

    He understands that no size fits all…and that even common core, which has killed the initiative of many bright children of faculty and managers who are in public school these days, and who I know from my decades at UCD, actually includes some teaching modalities which the lower rung may respond to.


    1. wdf1

      MK:  As a result,  someone filed a complain with the FED Dept of Education, and an investigation was begun.  I caught an article in the DE just a few weeks ago that over $17K has already been spent so far.

      The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) responded that they didn’t see a case there and closed the investigation — article in today’s Enterprise.


  4. Marina Kalugin

    anyone know what the final total was?   not to mention likely some many things that were not even included….time, energy and stress of those who are not hourly and so do not get paid for their overtime…

    interestingly this was a headline story on the DE for the day which I posted my comment  and for which I was out of town, so didn’t see until last night….oh wait, that WAS last night….

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