Argument Outside North Wood Hotel Turned Violent

YoloCourt-23By Samantha Brill

On October 12, 2016, Kanza Kwan Jackson approached his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of the North Wood Hotel in West Sacramento. After approaching, a verbal argument regarding their recent breakup broke out between Jackson and the ex-girlfriend with her male friend. Soon after that, his ex-girlfriend (“DE”) ran off out of fear.

The defendant followed close behind her. When he caught up to DE, the defendant pulled her hair causing her to fall down face first and to break her collar bone. The defendant proceeded to get on top of DE and aggressively hold the back of her neck. This is when DE’s friend (“J”) pulled the defendant off of her. Then J and the defendant engaged in a fist fight.

Kanza Jackson was charged with one count of infliction of injury and one count of placing threats to cause bodily harm or death. The defendant was represented by Deputy Public Defender Lisa Lance, and the People were represented by Deputy District Attorney Martha Holzapfel in Mr. Jackson’s preliminary hearing.

The People called Kanza Jackson’s ex-girlfriend to the stand first. The People asked DE to explain the events of that day. She told the court that she does not remember how she fell to the ground because she was so worked up and scared at that moment. She was shaken up because, while running away, Jackson had threatened, while running after her, to shoot her in the head.

DE explained that, even though he had made this threat, she had never seen the defendant in possession of a gun; however, she was scared nonetheless.

She also explained to the court that there had been two prior incidents where the defendant had violently put his hands on her. One time involved choking her so hard that she was unable to breathe, and the second time he slapped her across the face.

Ms. Lance for the defense then questioned DE in regard to her previous run-ins with the law. DE confirmed that she has had a few issues, resulting in a felony conviction and other minor convictions.

Going back to the day in question, Ms. Lance asked DE how her hair was that day. DE explained that she remembers wearing a long hair wig.

DE then explained to the court that she was a little scared to testify today.

The People then called their next witness, Officer Travis Huderson. Officer Huderson was the officer to respond to the call made by one of the defendant’s friend, who explained the events that had played out.

Ms. Lance then cross-examined the officer. She asked if he saw the defendant at the scene and, if so, what kind of condition was he in? Officer Huderson explained that the defendant had a bloody nose with blood all over his face. The witness then explained that the defendant did not say anything about having health problems.

The witness was excused, which concluded the witnesses for both parties. The People made their argument that the defendant should be held as charged, due to infliction of great bodily injury, as DE suffered pain for more than two months. Ms. Holzapfel added the fact that the defendant assaulted the victim while threatening her. Furthermore, his record reflected quite a criminal past, dating back to 1986.

The defense argued that these counts should be reduced to misdemeanors, and objected to the holding order.

The court ruled that both counts hold standing and that the defendant will be held as charged because there had been enough evidence shown to support great bodily injury.

The court also granted the People’s request for the defendant not to contact his ex-girlfriend.

Scheduling will take place December 7 in Department 8.

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