Davis College Republicans Have A Lot To Answer For On Milo


By Sean Raycraft

The controversy over Milo Yiannopoulos coming to UC Davis in January has caused a lot of discord in our community over the last few months. Some believe he should not be allowed to come at all. Some think he should be allowed to speak, but we ought to protest him coming here. Others are enthusiastic about him coming here. What has been missing from this discussion is the why. Why did the Davis College Republicans invite this person to speak at UC Davis? What good to the community comes from him being here?

Milo Yiannopoulos is a professional provocateur. When you go to his Facebook page, you will see him promoting himself and Breitbart, the far-right wing website. He does this by asking his followers to buy racist T shirts and coffee mugs. The merchandise says awful things like “Fat Shaming works” or “Goodbye illegals!”. If one is brave enough to look at the comments section on his Facebook page, you will find a menagerie of racist, sexist, xenophobic, sarcastic, transphobic and threatening commentary. A cursory examination will show his fans advocating for genocide, or rounding up progressives and putting them in camps like lepers. Here are a few more gems from his Facebook page.

“Harry Potter and Rape Culture, both Fantasy”

“There’s a new feminist Barbie, when you pull the string it says Math is hard, lets lie about rape”

“Muslims are like a common cold, and leftists are like AIDS, its easy to fight a cold, unless you have AIDS”

“Darlings! BMW has pulled ads from Breitbart, because they are beta socialist cucks from Berlin — or “New Raqqa,” as it’s now known to locals. Don’t buy their cars.”

“People keep saying Sandy Hook was staged”

“there’s nothing irrational about fearing trannies, they’re fucking terrifying! Im serious! They are so scary!”

He also has written several op-eds for Breitbart, where he calls for a quota for women in maths and sciences, and about Black Lives Matter being the only socially acceptable hate group. I haven’t even brought up his notorious role in encouraging his followers to harass and hack actress Leslie Jones, or his role in GamerGate. Seemingly it is his life’s goal to be the next Ann Coulter, to do or say whatever he can to get attention, no matter how ridiculous he sounds. He has stated he thinks white men are discriminated against in the tech industry in favor of women candidates. He says there is a crystal elevator in the tech industry and not a glass ceiling. It is clear to anyone who pays attention that this kind of speech, this kind of advocacy will be harmful to many Davis community members, and by extension, the entire city.

Years ago, I used to be a Republican. It was exactly this kind of hateful rhetoric (and their religious fundamentalism) that turned me off to Republicans. My grandparents who were staunch Republicans would never tolerate this kind of uncivil discourse. So, what has happened to the Davis College Republicans? Why are they inviting this man to UC Davis? To “protect free speech”? Or is it to anger, hurt and divide a largely liberal, tight knit and caring community? Why should public resources be used to facilitate this champion of hatred and bigotry?

I have laid out some of the deplorable aspects Milo represents, but what good could come from Milo coming to Davis? Is there any good? Why did they invite him to come here? What was the process? What public good is served by inviting him here? It is clear to everyone with eyes and ears his presence will cause harm to members of our community. If you were to go look at the Davis College Republicans Facebook page, you will see some comments about “free speech” or social justice warriors” or “Davis is already freaking out about Milo”. I repeatedly reached out for comment from the Davis College Republicans on this issue, here is what they gave me, word for word.

“Among recent attempts to prevent California schools from hosting controversial Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, some anti-fascist groups have blatantly labeled Milo as a member of the alt-right, a white supremacist, a racist and a fascist, claiming that he must be stopped by “any means necessary”. As a campus club open to challenging our community, we decided to host Milo in order to allow our people the opportunity to hear about ideas, policies, and theories that may be entirely alien to their background. While the Davis College Republicans do not endorse Milo or his speaking points, we do believe that college is a period in life where students must be aware of others’ beliefs and able to support their own values. At UC Davis, we cannot limit ourselves to challenges only in animal science, microbiology, or mathematics. Instead, we have to be committed to challenging ourselves outside of our academics, especially in political and social policies that we will one day develop. It is essential that here, in our college town, we promote healthy conversation about these issues where students can directly hear and question Milo’s ideas. We hope that liberals alongside conservatives attend Milo’s talk with the purpose of pondering his ideas, asking difficult questions, and promoting UC Davis as a place where we challenge the ideas set before us rather than blindly accepting them. As members of this community, and members of the Davis College Republicans, we invite all people to peacefully attend this event.

While I appreciate the College Republicans outlining their reasoning for inviting Milo, they dodged the serious ethical problems of inviting Milo to Davis. I agree that college campuses, ought to be places where the status quo is questioned, and freedom of speech and thought are cherished. I would add that colleges ought to be places that further the knowledge of humanity, and work to solve problems. Sadly, I do not see Milo’s visit as advancing any of these goals.

Desmond Tutu has a famous quote about neutrality in times of oppression, it goes like this.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

In this case, the College Republicans have invited the elephant to our community, knowing its going to step on a lot of mice. Moreover, their statement implies that Milo “promotes healthy conversations about issues”. What is healthy about transphonbia? What healthy conversations come from comparing Muslims to AIDS? Is it a healthy discussion to talk about limiting opportunities to women in Math and Science? Is it “healthy” to celebrate and promote someone who makes a living being a shameless self-promoter? What serious discussions and higher level of understanding of complicated issues come from inviting a man who purposefully keeps any discourse at an intellectually sophomoric level? As far as I am concerned, the College Republicans THEMSELVES are responsible for the hurt and pain caused by Milo coming here. Milo is what he is, they know that, the community knows that, and so does Milo. They have a lot to answer for.

Sean Raycraft is a lifelong Davis resident and proud UFCW Shop steward


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43 thoughts on “Davis College Republicans Have A Lot To Answer For On Milo”

  1. Tia Will

    Hi Sean,

    Two thoughts about your piece.

    It is essential that here, in our college town, we promote healthy conversation about these issues where students can directly hear and question Milo’s ideas”

    If a healthy conversation about opposing political and social ideas were really what they were promoting, they have a wide range of true conservative thinkers from whom they could have chosen. As you have noted, provocative insulting statements are not the equivalent of  ideas intended for the purpose of advancement of a constructive conversation. If they had said that they were inviting him for comedic value as they might if the invitation had been to a left leaning comedian I would have been much more inclined to believe them and equally as supportive of both his right to speak and their right to invite. This kind of duplicitous behavior, I find reprehensible for anyone beyond junior high school level and certainly not worthy of university students..

    It is clear to everyone with eyes and ears his presence will cause harm to members of our community.”

    Until the change in Vanguard commenting with the exodus of those who were afraid of harm to themselves or family members, I would have doubted this. I was giving too much credit to those who claimed that those on the left were showing unwarranted hysteria.  What the exodus made clear to me is that there is fear from harm on all sides, but only one side is willing to admit that we have entered an era of heightened anxieties due to threats both real and perceived on the local and national level. As a  Republican friend at work who did not want the current president elect, but could not support HRC said to me yesterday, “Let’s just wait and see what happens.”  When I pointed out the proposed cabinet appointments, he did not know who any of them were let alone anything about their stated positions. This individual is a doctor.  Talk about decision making from profound ignorance by choice. I was appalled. Not because of his conservatism, but rather because of his willful choice to not educate himself about those who will be running the country. It is very hard to consider and/or discuss ideas if you do not choose to inform yourself at even the most basic level. This is what I see being encouraged as “ideas” when the university Republicans invite MY as a speaker whose “ideas” are worthy of consideration.



  2. Marina Kalugin

    there was an exodus on the DV?  I am  not on much but it seems like the same folks are around.. and some new folks are posting.. or perhaps they are now using their real names… who knows..

    I like Sean a ton..  reminds me of me in the 60s..

    But the College Republicans have a lot to answer for?   really?

    What happened to the constitution?  Has it been taken over by the pc ostrich people?

    In the 60s… many marches were shut down.. .protestors were arrested..

    now the folks grumble amongst themselves and are afraid to speak out.. to march to protest.

    many hide on the DV and refuse to participate if they cannot throw stones anonymously.

    in the 60/70s people died to get their message across   and in the politically correct 2016  how many decades later…. ? what is going on?

    folks are protesting that some college group invited some out there guy to come and shake some folks up with words and ideas?

    wtf ..  why are there so many more wooses  than before?

    In the meantime, there is this maximum that more publicity is better than less…

    .and I truly hope that as a result more show up and ask the hard questions…. and attempt to listen to the guy’s answers… and not just drown him out and cause violence…..

    UCD used to be the safe haven for diversity and all folks of any kind… where everyone was welcome to speak and discuss and also sometimes be booed.. but never attacked …

    Perhaps I missed some real riots when any other ” unwelcome weirdo” speaker of any kind took the stage..  but I am sure someone will remind us…

    Those who are taking their right per the constitution to speak out and incite others against this speaker  should also recognize the groups and the speakers right to come talk…

    in an ideal world, those who dish it out should also be able to take it.. .. who knows.. .. if enough come and talk perhaps someone might learn something.. and perhaps it may even be the speaker



      1. Marina Kalugin

        accountability has little to do with the constitution. ..

        if one were to truly uphold the constitution much of what is going on in the USofA wouldn’t be..

        there is not much difference between a union activist nor another kind of  “professional provocateur”

        or a politician  or the DV.. or other media…. everyone has their agenda and some get free advertising   😉

        PS>   What do the College Republicans   (ps aren’t they still named the Young Republicans or is this a different group?)  have to be accountable for?   they also have their own agenda..

        the fact that most folks in Davis and especially the left on campus are shocked and appalled  how is that something they need to be accountable for?

        1. Howard P

           they also have their own agenda..

          Well, having known members of the UCD Young Republicans in the past, they are not “monolithic”… the invitation was likely not a unanimous decision by the group… might even have been a small portion, maybe even an “editorial board” [or ‘speakers group’ subcommittee]…

        2. Marina Kalugin

          yes.. and they are being responsible..  they are inviting those on the fringe to help the others understand diverse viewpoints if nothing else.

          I was so far left when I started UCD< but the guys next door were poli sci and law school and invited me to go to a meeting..  I found out the group was not demented nor crazy..

          Interesting enough, the guy who was inviting me out was from San Leandro where his dad was a head honcho for Safeway and even then Don was raking in the bucks.  he had a union job as n undergrad at the Safeway in town…. he did become an attorney and when he became a CA leader of the Salvation Army .. well not my thing..

          Then when I was working on the Ron Paul campaign in my spare time..  I again was invited to be a member..  both campaigns and we got Ron to campus..

          I am a proud member of the YCAL or whatever they now call themselves on Campus or was during those campaigns. and all the the others are now graduated..  I was a Bernie supporter and have no clue what they were up to now.. but really there is nothing to fear when one hears opposing views.. try to accept is as an opportunity to go and listen and ask the speaker the hard questions.

          That would be much more useful that banning or protesting or rioting.. though sometimes there is no choice but a peaceful protest..   sometimes one has no option.. but rioting that is usually pretty stupid.. and is most often instigated by the side which is more interested in causing problems..  like the dems at a republican rally and vice versa…




  3. Mark West

    “Milo Yiannopoulos is a professional provocateur.”

    Yes, and you make his job easy when you respond to him, or even just the thought of him.

    The best way to respond to trolls on the internet is to ignore them and the best way to respond to professional provocateurs is to ignore them. They are only successful (and consequently in demand as speakers) only because of the controversy their presence creates. If you ignore them, there is no controversy, and they wither away unwanted. Articles like this, and the discussion that inevitably follows, are exactly what ‘feeds the pig’ and keeps the provocateurs in the public eye, thus the author becomes a willing accomplice.

    “As far as I am concerned, the College Republicans THEMSELVES are responsible for the hurt and pain caused by Milo coming here.”

    Nope, they needed people like you to be ‘outraged’ in a public forum in order to make it possible, which makes you just as responsible.


  4. Colin Walsh

    Sean, Thank you for writing this article. This is an article that needed to be written. thank you for moving past the question of should he be allowed to speak to the important questions of why is he coming? and what is his message?

  5. Eric Gelber

    Mark West said: “If you ignore them, … they wither away ….”

    That may be true of inconsequential extremist fringe groups; but that’s no longer the case with Yiannopoulus and his ilk. The alt-right has gone mainstream and now is, perhaps, the most influential faction within the Republican Party and certainly within the soon-to-be White House.  If not the Davis College Republicans, the national Republican Party of Donald Trump will have a lot to answer for–perhaps with the next congressional elections in 2018, or the 2020 presidential election.

    They won’t just go away by being ignored. A light needs to be shined on the intolerant and hateful ideology that already has become the norm in much of the country.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke



    1. Howard P

      Shining a light on something is good… helps identify and deal with evil… almost all ‘movements’ gained traction when people just tried to quash all discussion… the independence of  India;  the independence of the US; Christianity;  the fall of Communism in Germany, Poland, etc.  All gained strength when they were repressed/oppressed.

      The complete repression of expression, does indeed “feed the pig”, as Mark has said.

      The A-hole should be allowed to speak… then refuted/derided…  as the wise philosopher, Shrek, said, “better out than in”… ‘ya gotta know your enemy…

      1. Jaroslaw Waszczuk


        Perfect statement. To  know the enemy language is very important .  America is the country where you could convert almost anything and any garbage to dollars and make your living of  if you  have a proper skill , knowledge and talent  how to do it.

    2. Mark West

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke

      Eric: – I do not advocate ‘doing nothing’ I just don’t see the value of being ‘publically outraged’ as that just provides the environment that hate-mongers need. Sean describes the speaker as a ‘professional provocateur’ and I readily agree. The goal of the provocateur is to stir up public distress so by responding directly to the provocation we ensure his success. We gain nothing by trying to prevent him from speaking as that simply expands the publicity for the event and gives writers such as Sean the justification for repeating the hateful comments in their op. eds. If we ignore the event, we take the power back from the provocateur and his accomplices.   

      Protecting our freedom of speech means protecting the speech of those we most strongly disagree with, not just those found in our favorite echo chamber. The most powerful response to hate speech is to ignore the provocation and continue to work towards our own goals.

      1. Eric Gelber

        I certainly do not advocate preventing Yiannopolous from speaking on campus, and have repeatedly supported his First Amendment right to do so on the Vanguard and elsewhere. But I also support such actions as peaceful protests and demonstrations, in addition to working toward positive change, to prevent giving the impression that his message is tacitly accepted by the local community. The ideology he represents cannot be ignored away.

        1. Howard P

          You are correct… any ideology (which I don’t believe applies here, as the speaker is an opportunist, not an ideologue [many on the “right” and “left” are posturers, rather than ‘believers’… Rush Limbaugh is a great example… a ‘pill head’ who denounced marijuana use]) is certainly subject to refutation, and opposition if appropriate.

          I’d like to hear what the jerk has to say, so I can refute his ‘facts’, and denigrate his opinions. I say that as a “flaming” moderate.

          Have to say, crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge [Selma, AL], on foot, twice this year, was a bit of an epiphany… putting what I thought strange, as a child, into the context of what was really going on in the ’60’s…



        2. Mark West

          “The ideology he represents cannot be ignored away.”

          I completely agree, but the speaker, his provocation, and the ginned up ‘controversy’ around his appearance can and should be ignored.

  6. Justice4All

    Hey Yall, this is Sean Raycraft (the author). Im not sure why the facebook login isnt working. Anyways, just so we are clear, I am not advocating for de platforming. Im simply stating that the College Republicans knew, and still know that bringing Milo to campus will cause many groups of people in our community a lot of emotional pain. In a sense, they themselves are responsible for that emotional pain, and they need to be held accountable for it, as they are complicit in it. This isnt to say that Milo is not responsible for his actions. He clearly is a despicable human being, who doesnt care who he hurts, so long as it furthers his agenda, namely himself. But the College Republicans brought this man to our community. That is the problem that has been missing in this discussion so far.

    1. Marina Kalugin

      actual  Sean..  sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us..

      that was in Kindergarten or earlier.   I suggest anyone who is feeling hurt by the words of others put on their Big Boy or Big Girl panties and stop being victims.

      I know that is not the view that even UC Davis and the Napo espouses as evidenced by the letter that went out to all after the election…

      emotional pain?   gimme a break..  go live in africa where Nestles pollutes the water supplies and then charges for bottled water..

      Gen X and millenials.. .. coddled and babbied.. that is the real problem around here…

      1. Justice4All

        Well Marina,

        I think you should look into what Milo did to Leslie Jones, and what he did to a trans kid in Wisconsin. Hes a raging a–hole, and youre defending him in the guise of telling people to grow up. Its been my experience that people who complain about political correctness, or say that the younger generations are coddled are themselves thin skinned and vain. If I criticize the boomer generation for blowing up the national debt, allowing corporate pollution, and eviscerating the social safety network (all things that are tangibly and provably true) somehow I am the whiner and complainer. If I say Trump says racist things, (which he does) somehow I am the complainer. If I say Milo is an a–hole, I get told to shut up and deal with it. Its a convenient hypocrisy

        [moderator] edited.Certain words trip our filter.

        1. Don Shor

          Aside from my concerns about his specific comments, these events are becoming more intense each time. He travels with his own security, and says insulting and provocative things in front of audiences that will include people who will react viscerally (which is his intention). At some point there is going to be some pushing and shoving, it won’t be clear who provoked what, and Mr. Yiannopoulos and his supporters on the right will smugly point to it as evidence of the intolerance of the left. And all those folks who were opining about free speech will then tsk-tsk about the violence, and once more gloss over the content of what provoked it.
          At a recent event he showed a picture of a local transgender activist, then attacked her by name and ridiculed her. That’s protected?

        2. Marina Kalugin

          show me any place where I defended the guy?  and I didn’t tell you to shut up either..

          I appreciate your points of view  and always have.

          I just think that it is up to the individual if they are going to allow to have their feelings hurt by someone elses words and especially if they feel the guy is out there anyone.

          I would be much more like who cares?  who cares what he thinks and who cares what he says..

          I have found that in many cases those who lived through much worse things than someone elses words are just not going to react as much or be hurt.

          Or course, everyone does have their pet buttons.. for those who think this the most important thing going on. well they can have that opinion also

        3. Howard P

          No, Don… but we need a vocabulary to deal with it… there is ‘free-speech’, there is ‘hate speech’… the latter usually directed towards a “group”… not sure if we have a term for ‘hate-speech’ directed at an individual, that doesn’t fall under the rubric of slander.

          There have been City employees maligned/idiculed on these pages in the past… unelected… what was posted, bordering on slander/libel, and it was tolerated on the VG (if not somewhat encouraged, subtly).

          Why would a vocal activist be treated better than a public employee acting in their role?

          Truly it is obnoxious speech, and free speech allows for rebuttal, or “shouting down”… or “paying it back”…

          No answer, but to prohibit such speech troubles me…


      2. Alan Miller

        What Marina said.  It’s not that some won’t be hurt by him, it’s just that that’s how it is, that’s the price of free speech.

        Bring on the Jew hater.  I’ll rebut them, but I won’t call to shut them down.

        1. Howard P

          Goes beyond Jews… after all, Christ never repudiated Judaism… my take is he was a ‘reformer’… so, an attack on Jews is an attack on Christians, particularly catholics… heard a ‘joke’ about a priest and a rabbi discussing religion, and the punch line was “yeah, one of our boys went to the top of your religion”…

      3. Tia Will


        words will never hurt us..”

        coddled and babbied.. that is the real problem around here…”

        No Marina, the real problem is not about who has been “coddled and babied”. It is about enormous disparities of wealth, access and power. It is about hatred and the desire to suppress and oppress that which one loathes. If you doubt this, I would suggest a very interesting current book, Hillbilly Elegy, if you have not read it. If is a very insightful part memoir, part exposition on growing up poor. As someone who grew up rural poor, although in a different part of the country, I believe that it offers some real insights into the power of words to turn people against each other for one’s own gain.



        1. Marina Kalugin

          I’ll put it on my list. . .after such books as Lighten Up..Seven Ways to Kick the Suffering Habit…  and Coming Home,  A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Caring for a Dying Loved One   by Debora Duda.. self published by an amazing woman my “hubby on paper only” and I  met on vacation in KA in 2015…..

          I’ll be sure to get to it right away

          now what is that about

          omg..  at first glance I thought the title of the book was Hillary Effigy   ha ha

          If ya travel to Kauai be sure to stop at the Hanapepe Bookstore.. the westernmost bookstore in the USA>

          And it is new and used books.. handpicked to shake folks up or provide useful info which the common folk will spit at..

          It was full of books like Hillary Efigy or The Donald Effigy.   too funny..

          I still only have time for real research… nonfiction..  and too many other more urgent issues.. but will put it on the list. .



        2. Marina Kalugin

          PS>   Didn’t the AMA tell ya that technique of telling people what is wrong with them or their thinking went out some decades ago?  The newer techniques are Mindfullness, past life regression with or without hypnosis..

          Only the worst and or oldest doctors of any kind would consider saying something like that.. Yeah, since you stated recently you are retiring soon, or  something, perhaps it was so long ago that you are not up on that.

          If I was one of the coddled and babbied generations.. I could perhaps get upset..

          If you still need some extended learning units this year..  highly recommend training in Mindfulness…

          in Davis one of THE best experts and speakers on this topic is Mitchell Adler..

          Formerly a UCD Counselor he is now in private practice….

          Now over a decade ago, he invited by the UC Davis Managers group for an all day retreat…

          I thought I was back in the 60s/70s.   wow….

  7. Robb Davis

    Perhaps this situation can lead us to reflect more critically on how we can/must create alternative events to, rather than “participate” in (even in oppositional ways), this charade.

    For example, perhaps we should agree to come together at the same time as the Milo Y event, in a public space, and celebrate what is good and admirable in our community.

    By standing together to speak of what is good, of what “blesses” us, of what makes us proud, we, without speaking his name, create a counter narrative to what he espouses.  Rather than react, we proactively celebrate what sustains us in this place, in this community.

    Keep in mind that this man knows nothing of our values, he is not part of our social fabric, he is a hired gun who cares little for any harm he might cause.  We, however, care about this place.  We care about the students, the seniors, the children in our schools.  We can name the places we love here.  We can articulate what we appreciate most about our town and its people.

    In celebrating what is good we dismiss his vitriol without engaging it.  In standing together, we create healing and eschew division.  We can create whatever kind of event we want and in doing so, in uniting our voices, we can crowd out his voice.

    1. Howard P

      Darn good points (trying to avoid the filters)… where do I sign up for this “alt-real” event? Seriously, I truly like the concept…

      What if someone came to spread ‘filth’, and no-one came? Wonder if I can find enough crickets to flood the Mr Y venue…

      Another example of why I voted for you, Robb…

  8. Mark West

    “For example, perhaps we should agree to come together at the same time as the Milo Y event, in a public space, and celebrate what is good and admirable in our community.”

    Isn’t this just another form of ‘reaction’ to the event? Instead of attempting to ‘crowd out his voice,’ why don’t we allow his voice to fall on deaf ears and instead model the behavior that we prefer. We don’t need to ‘come together’ when we all have it within ourselves to act in a way that disproves the rhetoric of hate and to do so without drawing yet more attention to the hate mongers.


  9. Carson

    How many community members do I have to find to act aggrieved  will be needed to muzzle a speech?  10?  20?  When the MSA has a speech about divesting from and destroying Isreal, can the Hilel house simply say “nope… this will cause harm”?  And kill it?  Or is it only for those that attack left wing causes?

    THAT is the issue at hand here.  It always feels great to wield the power of the mob veto when you are in the mob… and here in PC Davis lefty land, the perennially offended are in “power”.  But do you want to live in a place where others can claim offense, and cut off  access to a speech?  To Media?  Where does it end?    Are we going to start censoring which blogs can be read in Davis?  Which TV channels?

    1. Howard P

      How many community members do I have to find to act aggrieved  will be needed to muzzle a speech? 

      Good points, but particularly the “act aggrieved”… ‘kinda like “acting out”… childish, annoying… someone needs a ‘time out’, but am not inclined to do it by fiat… I see no direct “injury” by letting a jerk spew his stupid, self-aggrandizing vomit.

      If we are watchful, and hold on to our values, the speaker will suffer from “limp noodle syndrome” (impotence)…

      [Herb Caen quoted Strange de Jim, when confronted with a guy who ‘exposed himself’ at a party, as saying “very nice… does that come in men’s sizes?”]

      1. Marina Kalugin

        always loved Herb Caen… if he was still writing.. . some may be protesting the words he was using…  I mean the ones on the other side of whatever fence   🙂

  10. Sharla

    Milo just secured a book deal.  He admittedly feels the negative publicity is what is “raising his profile.”  https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/dec/30/breitbart-milo-yiannopoulos-claims-deal-autobiography

    I think Robb’s idea to be busy elsewhere, doing more positive things, might be the best way to not help this guy.  We know that he will purposely say the most offensive, outragous, things that he can think to say.  He is quoted in the article that he purposely does this.  What is the best way to battle someone who is making money off of spewing hate?    Not showing up?  Or showing up, but holding another, more positive event just outside maybe?

  11. Marina Kalugin

    there are many articulate people in Davis, including attorneys and debate winners going back decades…judges and high level attorneys who can win just about any case…..in this case hiding or ignoring serves little purpose

    truly the best way is to have the most articulate turn out en masse and present the opposing views to his until he runs away….  calmly, articulately, refute the nonsense and present the other side.

    Then articles, news casts, etc… after the “event” will include not only what he spews, and the pictures of the protests, but actual rebuttals.   … not just folks screaming to drown him out nor others with more sense but some truth to offset….

    This could be an opportunity…  who knows….

    I would do it, though I am not nearly as articulate and this is not one of the topics which evokes the passion one needs to do this properly,  as I have spoken out on many things over many times over many decades, but heck I am in a way better country to heal…. and not flying back just to do that… that issue is not on the top of my priority list…


    1. Howard P

      Sorry folks… the world ends tomorrow at midnight… I completely agree with 93.24% of Marina’s 5:57 post… sure sign of the end of the world… or perhaps, just an agreed upon ‘truth’… like the existence of gravity…

  12. Marina Kalugin

    libel and slander only holds up in court, unless the judge is bought out, when it is actually libel or slander.. or if one can pay for the better attorney..

    hopefully truth wins out in the end…..

    anything I ever posted I have the docs to prove it..   still..  but now they are even further away.. .


  13. Marina Kalugin

    I used to be very shy in front of large groups..  not for some decades….but still.   one of the techniques to get over speaking out is to pretend the audience is all naked..

    other techniques are to meditate with or without eyes closed just sitting quietly

    and later walk around and look at people until they don’t scare you..

    there are many many variants on those techniques……some from ancient days.

    many people who hide or cannot speak out have something to hide..  when one is out there being a jerk.. well it can be an opportunityof something to handle

    or something to fear and complain about..

    It is all about ones perspective and  one’s experiences also color what one is willing to say or do…and where and when..

    As an old ASIAN woman.. .usually spoken as OLD Chinese woman… one can get very loud and bossy… not so much in the USofA@@@@@@@


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