Investigating Officer Testifies in Shooting Incident

YoloCourt-26By Ryan Gonzales

Testimony was heard in Department 8 of Yolo County Superior Court in the case against Andres Cordova and Andrew Crimmins regarding a shooting incident in Woodland. Although evidence showed that Mr. Cordova and Mr. Crimmins were exchanging threatening text messages right before the shooting occurred, the defense suggested there was insufficient evidence that Mr. Cordova was the shooter.

Deputy Public Defender John Sage concluded the cross-examination of “Mr. N” by inquiring if, prior to the November 29 court session, he had stood up in the public gallery and stated that Mr. Cordova was not the person that shot Mr. Crimmins. Mr. N confirmed that he did, and testified that he had never seen Cordova until the trial began.

Mr. Cordova is charged with attempted murder in the first degree, and felony use of a firearm.

During the direct examination of Woodland Detective Matt Jameson, who was the investigating officer in the case, Deputy District Attorney Michael Vroman showed the court a series of roughly 70 text messages between Mr. Cordova and Mr. Crimmins.

Mr. Vroman had Det. Jameson recite the text messages to the court, which dated back a couple of months prior to the incident, and showed that the conflict began over Mr. Cordova’s partner, “L.”  On June 21, 2016, Cordova had sent Crimmins a text message stating, “Wat good with you and L tho?”

“What do you mean? Y askin if I f***** her?” responded Mr. Crimmins. Mr. Cordova responded, saying that he was outside his apartment and he threatened to break the windows of Crimmins’ car. Mr. Crimmins responded, “I dare you b****.”  the individuals continued to taunt and threaten each other, but ended when Crimmins sent a message saying that he would leave Cordova’s partner alone.

After more than a month passed, Mr. Cordova sent a message to Mr. Crimmins accusing him of stealing L’s ID and now he “has to learn the hard way.” Cordova asked Crimmins to meet him at a parking lot near Freeman and Emerald Streets in Woodland. The last text message in the conversation prior to the shooting was from Crimmins, stating, “I’m here.”

In the cross-examination, Mr. Sage inquired what weapons were found in the suspect’s vehicle. Detective Jameson testified that there was a safe box that contained a .300 Winchester and .30 carbine long rifle ammunition.

Mr. Sage questioned whether the detective was aware that the bullet extracted from Mr. Crimmins was a 9mm, to which he responded yes. Then Mr. Sage asked Detective Jameson  if he had tested Mr. Cordova’s vehicle and hands for gunshot residue, to which he responded no.

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