Vanguard Commenters Stop Fearing the Facebook Log In

I keep hearing from people, people who have Facebook, that they don’t want to mix their Facebook lives with their Vanguard lives.  I hear from other people that they don’t have Facebook, don’t want to do Facebook.

First of all I get it – but there are some misconceptions as to what the Facebook log in means.  It is simply a log in interface.  Your Vanguard post will not appear on Facebook.  Your Facebook information, other than your profile photo, will not appear or be accessible on the Vanguard.

In short, if you have a Facebook account right now – there is zero reason not to use it to log in to the Vanguard.

We have now closed access to your other log in.  You can ask me for a special log in to continue using that.  That remains a possibility.  But it will be more cumbersome for you.  All of the logins on the Vanguard will direct you to the Facebook log in.  You must use the special log in information every single time.

I am going to graphically show you how easy it is to do the Facebook log in.

This is one of several possible entry points, but most people are probably going to log on from here.

It is simple – simply click on the login or registration button.

Notice – the url is a Facebook interface.  The Vanguard has no access to your username and password.  You are simply using the Facebook log in to interface and create an account or log into your existing account.

This is a Vanguard profile now.  Notice that you can edit your profile.  It has my Facebook photo, but other than that, there is no way for people to track your Facebook information.

Here is what a post looks like under Facebook:

The top one is my log in from my existing account.  The bottom one is my log in through Facebook.  The only difference is the profile picture.  There is no link that people would even know it’s a Facebook log in.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, your post on the Vanguard does not show up on your Facebook feed.


I’m sorry, I just want to drive in this point.  There are a lot of misconceptions on this.  There is no exchange of information and no way for people to track you back to Facebook or vice-versa.

Look, I’m going to honor our agreement to allow people to post under their previous log in as long it is under people’s actual name and people can apply to post under a pseudonym.  But by far the easiest way to post will be through the Facebook log in.  If you need help – shoot me an email and during the week, feel free to call me.

About The Author

David Greenwald is the founder, editor, and executive director of the Davis Vanguard. He founded the Vanguard in 2006. David Greenwald moved to Davis in 1996 to attend Graduate School at UC Davis in Political Science. He lives in South Davis with his wife Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald and three children.

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  1. Alan Miller


    You mean if one is naive enough to have a Facehook account in your own name.


    Look, I’m going to honor our agreement to allow people to post under their previous log in as long it is under people’s actual name and people can apply to post under a pseudonym.

    I’d like to apply to post under my own name.  I’d just like a box so we don’t have to paste in another log in box url.  I wasn’t  able to post earlier because I was on a different computer and couldn’t log in.  So I tried my Davis Enterprise Facehook account, but it isn’t blessed, even though it has the same avatar and is obviously me.


  2. Jaroslaw Waszczuk

    Why anybody would care to look  at Alan or Howard Facebook , I don’t look even at my own Facebook . FB is consuming too much time .
    Also you could set your FB that nobody look into beside your friends , family a you as the account owner . It is easy to set up

  3. Tia Will

    In other words, IF YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK account, there is ZERO REASON NOT TO USE IT TO LOG IN.  NONE. ZERO. ZIP. NADA.”

    Unless of course, you have an account which you never use, and so are always forgetting and having to reset your password, in which it actually takes more “clicks” to get logged in on via Facebook than it does to use the saved link that you sent me.  Never say “zero, none, zip, nada”…..there are always exceptions !  Smile.


  4. Dave Hart

    I’m not afraid of the Facebook login, but I am a teensy weensy bit annoyed.  I can’t just log in with my saved password.  I have to click one extra time and then, like real quick, try to get back to the article I wanted to comment on from the floating banner because I’ve lost my place.

  5. Marina Kalugin

    only an i@@@@@@@@@@ would title this thread this way.. . ooops sorry DG

    or rather a non-techie?  kinda the same diff..

    Only those who never understood why Ed Snowden is living in Russia, rather than being dead due to the likes of the Napo..

    The NSA is alive and well throughout UC now..  only MY faculty are refusing the BIGFIX at UCD…

    And so much more which is all SOOO off topic.. and get a f clue folks.

    nada mixing my FB profile with this place ..


    1. John Hobbs

      ” why Ed Snowden is living in Russia,”

      Because he fears prosecution and execution since he is a traitor who stole and leaked classified information. What do I win and what does this have to do with Facebook sign in on this site? It is a matter of convenience for the owner so he doesn’t have to verify identities.

      1. Marina Kalugin

        that is the mainstream media approach.. those of us who actually think the constitution still means something and when the pres lies and says  ” oh no the feds are not monitoring every word”  well we need people to come forward and attempt to right the sinking ship..

  6. Marina Kalugin

    PS>   David are you really going to try to convince ANY of us.. that FB is free?

    surely you pull our legs. . how much are they paying YOU to use their interface?

    if nada, then it is surely not enough….

    I have some REAL IT folks in the various SLAV countries and they would do a way better job and on the security also. do ya think I am kidding?

    PS> they would also charge ya way less.. . and other techies in almost every state and on every continent.. sometimes ya get what ya pay for, and other times it is better to pay for the best….

    You should know by now that I rarely kid and certainly not on something as important as the log in to the public group called the DV…

  7. Marina Kalugin

    PS>>   this is what I was trying to tell ya DG over the weekend..  on the front page where it says LOGIN>.  at the top right and also at the almost top left

    one should just be able to click on THOSE buttons and log in.

    not jump around through so many hoops..

    any competent IT person can fix that..

    and it doesn’t matter how the blessing is done, it can all link very nicely..  if someone has a clue wtf they are doing.

    I am sure many on here enjoyed the break as though David sent me the workaround I got sOOO exhausted trying to explain it to him I was nada. is that more important than the pool?   nada



    1. David Greenwald

      I’m not following you.  I clicked on the top right, that took me to the log in page.  I hit log in with Facebook and I was in.  Two clicks.

      1. John Hobbs

        “I’m not following you”

        Extremely difficult to do with the rambling off topic narratives, misused acronyms and now apparently “Spanglish?”

        One must wonder if we all would not be better served with simpler declarative language and fewer personal anecdotes.

      2. Marina Kalugin

        but the point is that..  as the title of the article says..  for those who are not interested in using facebook…. or something not exactly like that.. but why offer options 2 and 3 when the site is not configured to make those options usable…

        there was/is an option 3 and that is where if the login buttons were properly configured one could use option 3 and not use FB and it would remain easy for those who prefer not to use it…

        FB is not providing the service for free…it sells ads based on their mining software and yeah gonna leave this dead horse along….   I just need to keep handy the alternate log in site.

        thank you for that btw 🙂


        1. Marina Kalugin

          huh?   competent IT support could fix that also…

          and not have the likes  of D>T and others still complaining just yesterday?   again….

          really how hard is it to make it easier for folks

          and not have to use FB and also not have to spend hours on here discussing it ad infinitum.. . a competent IT person could have fixed it all by now..

  8. Dave Hart

    Hard not agree with the sentiments of the anti-FacePlant crowd, but if you’re posting on the Vanguard, you’ve already left electronic footprints and fingerprints all over the place in ways you never dreamed of.  It’s all part of our collective cyber-Hell and everything you say or have ever said (and even stuff you never said) can be and will be used against you.

    1. Marina Kalugin

      yes.. . and so?  as I have posted many a time..  if anyone thinks there is any privacy in this USofA.    one is dreaming .. that doesn’t mean that I wish to support the schemes of FB either….

  9. Marina Kalugin

    where is the like button?   but of course those who no longer post due to being trampled on are not going be here to hit “Like”..

    PS .. did the” how to un-ignore”  get sorted out yet?   there should be a simple FAQ for that also…

  10. Ols Keith

    [moderator] Your comment has been deleted. If you have concerns about the Vanguard comment or log-in policies you can address them directly and privately to David and/or the editorial board.

  11. Jaroslaw Waszczuk

    The Davis Vanguard  should have option to log in  via  Twitter beside the Facebook log in.  The DV is linked to the twitter and  by accessing  the twitter  @DavisVanguard account  is very easy to find any article posted on the  DV . All DV articles are posted on the twitter.  It is easy to open the twitter account and the twitter  nick name could be used to log in to DV  without a fear that  somebody would access Facebook others personal  information . It would increase the number of participants in the DV discussions . No DV is Amazon River without piranhas as it was a few weeks ago .

  12. Ols Keith

    I think there’s plenty to be concerned about when other commenters have access to your FB page and then repost things publicly on these types of venues.  I for one don’t think that should be happening and putting ourselves out there through FB is a terrible idea.

    [moderator] Logging in through Facebook is the policy. You can apply to David for an exception. If you have a problem with policy, take it up privately and directly with David or the editorial board.

    1. David Greenwald

      Don’s correct that there are options for you to consider – one of which would be to log on the standard way. It is not that people have “access” to your Facebook account. It’s simply that a Facebook account can be public (you can also change the privacy settings on that account to restrict who can access your updates to friends), all they have to do is Google your name to find your info if it is publicly accessible.

      We will take up this issue next month – as it is a new issue for us.

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