Yolo Indivisible Hosts an event to Thank Garamendi for Defending Healthcare

Staff for Congressman Garamendi holds the phone to a microphone for the Congressman to address the crowd during Indivisible Yolo’s event at the end of January


On Friday, March 24, at noon, members of Indivisible Yolo, on behalf of Yolo County residents, will hand deliver signed “Thank You” cards to Congressman John Garamendi for his leadership in opposing the American Health Care Act (aka Trump/RyanCare).

The United States Congress is expected to vote on the Trump/RyanCare legislation on Thursday, March 23rd.   We are assured by Congressman Garamendi that he will cast a “No” vote to defeat Trump/RyanCare.

Defeating Trump/RyanCare is critical to protect millions of Californians from losing their healthcare.  Indivisible Yolo strongly opposes most of the draconian provisions in Trump/RyanCare, which would:

  • Deny 14 million more people health insurance in 2018 by repealing the Affordable Care Act individual mandate;
  • Make the number of uninsured  to go up to 21 million in 2020 and then to 24 million in 2026 by making changes to the tax subsidies and putting caps on Medicaid enrollment;
  • Raise premiums for nongroup markets in 2018 and 2019 by 15-20% more than what is in the ACA;
  • Permit premiums for older enrollees to go up by five times in order to reduce premiums for young adults;
  • Remove the required essential benefits under the ACA beginning 2020;
  • Permit insurers to apply a 30% surcharge on premiums in the nongroup or small-group markets for individuals who have been uninsured for more than 63 days within the past year;
  • Put a per capita cap on Medicaid and end the Medicaid expansion, which would deny the program $880 billion in 10 years time.

Trump/Ryancare will devastate the 26% of our most vulnerable Californians who are covered by Medical.  Ultimately, the program raises premiums on everyone in the individual market.

We, Indivisible Yolo, are hopeful that Trump/Ryancare will fail to garner the necessary votes in the House on Thursday, March 24th.  Congressman Garamendi has been a critical voice against the Trump/RyanCare and has held several town hall meetings to hear from his constituents. We invite you to use the occasion on Friday to say “Thank You” to Congressman Garamendi for fighting to defeat Trump/RyanCare so that millions of Californians can keep their health insurance.

When: Friday, March 24 at noon

Where: Congressman John Garamendi’s district office, 412 G St, Davis, CA 95616

What: Local community members will gather to deliver “Thank You” cards to Rep. Garamendi for his “No” vote on Trump/Ryancare”


More event information can be found on our facebook post, and please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

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