Letter: Katehi and UC/UCD Corruption

Chancellor Linda Katehi in February

By Susan McCormick

Above all things, most universities, including UC and USC, fear bad publicity and any university will avoid bad publicity at “all” costs.  Linda Katehi was forced to resign to stop the bad publicity, and part of the resignation was the promise of a job in the future at UC Davis.  Anyone with inside knowledge of the inner workings of UC will know this.

UC is riddled with law violations and corruption, but the public is not aware of this because, if there is anything to hide, UC will go into “cover-up mode” immediately. Most violations will never become known to the press.  When the press does find out about a scandal, the University will immediately go into “damage control mode,” picking one person to be the scapegoat and leaving the rest of the violators in the background with no accountability for their actions.

For example, the $2.3M Food Stamp embezzlement at UCD was first reported to the Nutrition chair in March 2006.  The press got wind of it when a whistleblower complaint was filed outside UCD in August 2006.

Between March 2006 and August 2006 UCD tried to cover up the embezzlement, and the whistleblower was subjected to harassment, retaliation, intimidation, entrapment, and discrimination from numerous upper management people, including the chair, dean, vice chair and a MSO.  All these people knew about the embezzlement, but none were prosecuted.

Only the embezzler, herself, was prosecuted.  The embezzler actually stole $160,000.  The rest of the money went to many things in the Nutrition department, such as updating the chair’s office and new department equipment.  UCD internal audit accounted for $600,000.

The question remains – what happened to the rest of the money? Less than one-half of the money was accounted for. The press never followed up with this question.  The chair, vice chair and dean were demoted.  The vice chair and dean have since retired.

The ex-chair remains with a yearly salary of nearly $214,000 in 2015 and is still head of the Mars grant money.  The MSO (Management Service Officer) was promoted and went on to harass, intimidate, discriminate and retaliate more employees for many years. She was making over $117,000 in 2013.  Most of this happened under Linda Katehi.

Many other things happened under Linda Katehi.  Most people know about the Pepper Spray Scandal.  People do not know about the following:

1) 2009 – age and racial discrimination. harassment and retaliation for filing complaints. Plant Science Department. location Salinas, CA. ADA and EEOC violations. employee is terminated.

2) 2009 – disability and age discrimination. harassment and retaliation for filing complaints and law suit. UCD Medical Center.  ADA and EEOC violations.

3) 2009 – disability discrimination. harassment and retaliation for filing complaints. Primate Center. ADA and EEOC violations.

4) 2012 – racial discrimination. retaliation for filing complaints and refusing to be corrupted by outside interference with the team. Athletic Department.

5) 2009 – cronyism and corruption Athletic Department. athlete admitted to team without trying out.  family paid $10,000 a year for 4 years.

6) 2010 – CalOSHA violation in Costume Shop.  cited several thousand dollars by CalOSHA..  harassment and retaliation to staff member who filed complaint. EEOC violations.  further CalOSHA violations.  more harassment.

7) 2009 – age discrimination. harassment and retaliation. EEOC violations. Student Housing Department.

8) 2010 – disability discrimination. harassment for filing complaints. Plant Science Department. ADA and EEOC violations.

9) 2009 to 2013 – disability, harassment, discrimination, retaliation of at least 3 staff at IPM (Integrated Pest Management). ADA and EEOC violations.

10) 2012 to 2015 – disability and age discrimination.  harassment, retaliation for filing complaints. Entomology Department.  ADA and EEOC violations. The MSO from the Food Stamp embezzlement was the harasser and retaliator.

11) 2007 to 2009 – racial discrimination and harassment. CA State Lab (CAHFS) at UCD.  ADA and EEOC violations.

12) 2005 to 2011- multiple age and disability discriminations. harassment and retaliation. Cronyism. Nepotism.  VMTH (Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital) ADA and EEOC violations (not all under Katehi).

13) 2010 – using “budgetary problems” for layoff reasons when there is no budgetary problems. VMTH.  Happened at other times also.

14) 2009 – changing layoff unit to cause a reason for a layoff. Vet Genetics Department. Also happened in other departments at other times.

15) on-going to present – human resources is a “management protection service.”

and there is so much more.

Most of the people were driven out of UCD.

The law violations, corruptions and scandals will continue at UC unless someone with the guts to stop it steps in. UC has too much power and money.

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    1. Alan Miller

      My questions exactly, BP.  And I despise Linda Katehi.  And I’m still wondering if publishing a bunch of accusations is wise — without some backup.  Strange how it just says, “People do not know about the following”.  And is this just stuff that happened “under” Kathehi, or stuff she should have reasonably been responsible for?  And why no bio line at all, not even a simple one?  I can’t believe I am sort-of defending Katehi here, not something I ever do, but this letter left me blank.  And yeah, it’s a “letter” — if so, to whom?

      Is August 3rd of each year the annual Vanguard “Incredibly Badly Written Guest Blog Post Day” contest?

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