Open Letter to Davis Parents: Come to Support Teachers on October 5

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By Davis Teachers Association

Parents and supporters of Davis students: We need your voice now in our efforts to provide stability, sustainability and student success of Davis schools.

Show your support for Davis teachers and attend the DJUSD Board Meeting on October 5th, 7pm at 23 Russell Boulevard. Pack the house!

As an organization of Davis educators, we know that relationships between students and their teachers are the heart and soul of our school community. Students are at the center of everything we do. Davis students are facing the following issues:

Teacher shortage crisis

The high cost of living coupled with low wages and astronomical health care costs prevent our district from attracting and retaining the most caring and qualified teachers that students of Davis deserve.

The upcoming wave of teacher retirements, valued educators leaving the district for better opportunities and our district’s inability to attract and retain quality teachers threatens our students’ educational success.

Unfilled positions lead to underserved students and overworked teachers

Due to unfilled positions, math and science teachers are picking up slack by teaching additional classes. Teachers have less time for professional development, more students per class, and no additional prep time. Other specialized positions, such as special education, Spanish immersion, and Montessori are left unfilled indefinitely or filled by non-credentialed teachers or substitutes. The higher caseload of students and larger class sizes means that teachers have less time to meet with students and develop positive relationships.

Turnover leads to lack of stability for students

Many of our wonderful teachers who bring best practices and current research to the classroom have left or are contemplating leaving the district. Students deserve a consistent community of teachers who form strong relationships with them to ensure their success.

We can’t do this without you. We need your support at the DJUSD Board Meeting on October 5th, 7pm at 23 Russell Boulevard. See you there!

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  1. Tia Will

    Being present is good. Being informed is better. If the teacher’s are asking for community presence, I also have a request. I would like to see an article that outlines the specific shortages, ( pay, hours, #s need vs positions filled for the various specializations noted, comparisons with similar districts …)

    It is easy to get up and say “I support teachers”. It has much more impact to say in what areas and be able to provide data to support specific requests.

    1. Howard P

      They’ll make that info available @ the meeting… not a moment before… helps to cut down on rebuttal, and discouraging attendance by those with different views…

      It’s a “rally”… only true believers need attend…

    2. Blair Howard

      We provided some information last Spring, most of it is still accurate.

      We fall behind in pay, class size and other metrics. Hours are not an issue and pretty standard as most teachers work long hours past contract times. This year the district has filled many positions by having people work an extra class over the normal load, as well as using long term subs and interns. Not all the most ideal situations. The district does acknowledge a 3-5% pay gap with comparable districts, Rocklin is the closest example. The goal is to get the board and admin to do something about it.

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