Court Watch Briefs: Casa Del Sol Stabbing Trial Close to Commencing


By Esmeralda Figueroa and Mary Nguyen

Casa Del Sol Stabbing Trial Close to Commencing

By Esmeralda Figueroa

Woodland residents are being charged with the murder of Ronald Antonio. Alexis Ivan Velazquez, Justin Matthew Gonzalez, Cynthia Maria Tello, Ruby Aradoz, and Malinda Joy Collins were arrested last year in connection with the stabbing death of Ronald Antonio.

On August 30, 2016, Woodland police officers responded to a call in response to a report of a fight at a Woodland mobile home park, Casa Del Sol. Upon arrival, officers found Antonio stabbed outside of his trailer home. Police officers and paramedics attempted to save Antonio, however, they were unsuccessful.

Motions for the defendants will be held on November 6, 2017, in Department 10.

Judge Holds Man To Answer on Charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon

By Mary Nguyen

On Thursday, a preliminary hearing convened in Department 8, Judge David Reed presiding, for defendant Jacob Anthony Vignoli. Mr. Vignoli allegedly, along with two other unidentified subjects, assaulted “MC” at the
intersection of North and West Streets in Woodland.

MC was on his way to a restaurant after going to the library with his family, when Vignoli and the other assailants exited a vehicle and beat MC. The defendant claims that his mother suspected MC of stealing her phone while they were at the library, and he proceeded to attack the man and empty his backpack to attempt to retrieve the phone.

There were three witnesses called to testify against Vignoli. Officer Greg Elliott spoke to a woman who was also approached by a male about the whereabouts of Vignoli’s mother’s phone. They asked her to look into her purse and when they could not find the phone they went back to the vehicle. After MC was beaten, he took note of their license plate and the woman wrote down the license number of the gray SUV. Upon investigation, Officer Elliott found the mother’s car with an almost identical license plate to what was reported.

“D”, the second witness, was across the street when the incident occurred. He confirmed that MC was assaulted by three men. He stated that he saw MC not only being punched by the men, but also kicked until he was on the ground. D also stated they dumped out the victim’s backpack to see the contents and left them on the road.

The third witness was not needed in order to proceed with the preliminary hearing.

MC sustained serious injuries, primarily to his head. He had to obtain two staples in his head due to Vignoli allegedly hitting him with a brass knuckle. However, when questioned, Vignoli denied these allegations. According to medical records, MC’s wounds are consistent with brass knuckles. The defense attorney stated that MC swung at him first, so Vignoli claimed self-defense and still refuses to release information on the other assailants, claiming that they were not involved.

Judge Reed deemed that there was sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial. Despite the defendant’s clean record, the People will still be prosecuting the witness for a felony, Penal Code section245(a)(1), an assault with a deadly weapon, and will not reduce it to a misdemeanor.

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