Murder Suspect Hodge’s Preliminary Hearing Scheduled for October 20

Robert Hodges is alleged to have killed his three kids

By Novpreet Shoker

This past Monday morning, Department 14 gathered to finalize a date for the preliminary hearing of Robert William Hodges. Mr. Hodges is accused of the attempted murder of his wife and the murder of their three children.

The specific charges include the multiple murders of his children, the attempted murder of his wife, as well as several enhancements for lying in wait and the use of a deadly weapon on two of his children. He is also being held in Yolo County’s custody without bail.

After pleading not guilty to the charges made against him through his defense attorney, Deputy Public Defender Ron Johnson, Judge David Rosenberg utilized this pre-hearing conference to schedule a preliminary hearing for the defendant.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig and Deanna Hays represented the prosecution.

The pre-hearing conference began with Judge Rosenberg discussing the availability of both sides of counsel.

After some quick discussion, Judge Rosenberg and both sides of counsel were able to decide on October 20, 2017.

After asking counsel if there was anything else left to discuss, it was brought to the judge’s attention by the prosecution that the victim in this case is not willing to be called in by the defense for any testimony, deposition, or interview.

It was also revealed that, although the victim will not be called in for the preliminary hearing, she might be brought in later on during the jury trial by the People.

Mr. Hodges faces three counts of murder and one of attempted murder.  The following charges were filed:

Count 1 is for the premeditated murder of Hodges’ youngest son, Lucas Hodges, who was 7 months old.

Count 2 is for the premeditated murder of Hodges’ daughter, Julie Hodges, who was 9 years old. This count involves further enhancements that indicated Hodges was not only lying in wait, but also used a belt on young Julie.

Count 3 is for the premeditated murder of Hodges’ oldest child, Kelvin Hodges, who was 11 years old. This count also involves special circumstances in which the enhancements indicate Hodges lay in wait and used a belt on Kelvin.

Hodges is facing a fourth count of attempted murder on his wife, who is believed to have sustained injuries from Hodges attacking her. This count includes an enhancement that specifies his actions as premeditated and willful.

There is a possibility that Yolo County might seek the death penalty, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Both sides of counsel also agreed that the preliminary hearing will not be lengthy, but instead might only last about half a day.

Mr. Hodges will appear for the preliminary hearing on October 20 at 9:00 a.m. in Department 14.

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