Graduate Student Association Endorses Approval to Build Lincoln40 Housing Complex

Simulation of Lincoln40 from Olive Drive

(Editor’s note: after lengthy public comment and discussion, the Davis Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Lincoln40 Apartment complex.  Earlier that evening, roughly 20 students showed up and stood in the back holding signs in support of more student housing.  The Graduate Student Association voted 87 to 2 with 8 abstentions in favor of supporting the project.  This is their resolution).

Resolution Endorsing the Approval to Build Lincoln40 Housing Complex

Sponsors: Don Gibson, Integrative Genetics and Genomics Graduate Group
Roy Taggueg, GSA President
Jeremy Prim, GSA External Vice President

WHEREAS , the UC Davis Graduate Student Association (UCD GSA) seeks to advocate on behalf current and future University of California Davis graduate student needs including, accessibility to campus, affordable housing, and economic opportunities; and

WHEREAS , advocacy and support of local measures which directly benefit University of California, Davis graduate students is critical to improve the standard of living; and

WHEREAS, a chronic shortage of housing in the City of Davis has led to an apartment vacancy of 0.3% or less for the last three years. 1 ; and

WHEREAS , Lincoln40 would add 708 beds to the housing supply in the City of Davis, with apartments designed for the student population 2 ; and

WHEREAS, 71 Affordable units will created for UC Davis graduate and undergraduate students who are often unable to qualify for subsidized housing 3 ; and

WHEREAS, locating Lincoln40 off Olive Drive is infill development supporting a bike friendly commute while preserving agricultural land while allowing close access to downtown
Davis, Amtrak, and UC Davis; and

WHEREAS, the population of UC Davis is projected to continuously grow through 2020 further exasperating the housing shortage if new housing construction does not follow 4 ; and

WHEREAS, Lincoln40 fulfils the will of voters in the City of Davis whom decided to reduce peripheral growth in favor of infill projects through Measure J/R; and

WHEREAS, Lincoln40 will achieve LEED Gold equivalency LEED Gold standard for environmentally responsible building; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED , that the UCD GSA endorses the planned construction of the Lincoln40 housing complex, and the UCD GSA Executive Council will inform the UCD graduate student community, City of Davis Planning Commission Members, City of Davis Major and City Councilmembers of GSA’s position in support of Lincoln40; and

THERFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the UCD GSA Executive Council maintain a priority to advocate for additional housing in the long range plans at UC Davis, in the City of Davis, Yolo County, and in the state of California.

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