Johansson Picks Up Key Endorsement from Councilmember Will Arnold

Will Arnold, Davis Vanguard

Arnold cites Johansson’s experience and progressive justice policies that reflect the values of Davis and Yolo County

(From Press Release) – Davis City Councilmember Will Arnold today announced his support for Dean Johansson for Yolo County District Attorney.

“Dean has the experience and record on public safety that reflect the values of our community.  I share his commitment to fairness, equality, and justice, which is needed now from our District Attorney,” said  Arnold.

Dean Johannson has served for more than 20 years as an attorney in our justice system, both as a Deputy District Attorney and currently as a Yolo County Deputy Public Defender.  He is challenging the incumbent District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

“I have met with Dean and followed his advocacy for those whose lives are impacted by our criminal justice system,” continued Arnold.  “He is a proponent of Governor Brown’s criminal justice reform efforts, which have been strongly supported by Yolo County voters.  Unfortunately, our current District Attorney has consistently opposed those reforms.  It’s time for a change.

“Of special concern to me is the issue of gun violence.  It is both a national and local issue.  I was disappointed to learn that our current District Attorney signed on in support of the NRA lawsuit to restrict local and state gun control efforts.  As a locally elected official who represents a community that wants to reduce gun violence, I want a District Attorney who shares that priority. This is a rare opportunity for Yolo County voters who share my concern about gun violence to send a message on this issue.

“I look forward to working with Dean and others in our law enforcement community to help achieve the progressive justice reforms that our community supports,” said Arnold.

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  1. Jeff M

    What a shame.  Will is a smart guy, but he seems to be pandering to the criminal element and those afflicted with a “criminals are victims” mindset.  It is exhausting work trying to keep people of a certain ideological group safe from all their misguided impulses.   I don’t even know what a “DA that reflects Davis values is” if not the Neighborhood Court that Jeff Reisig implemented.  But Will makes a big mistake here saying that Johansson represents Yolo County values… because Yolo County values increasingly differ from Davis values.  Reisig sits perfectly in the pocket to reflect the aggregate values of the county.  Thankfully the Davis vote has grown weaker over the years with respect to Yolo County.  That is good for the people of Davis as they will be less likely to keep harming themselves with bad election choices.

    1. David Greenwald

      Why Will pandering? How can you make that assessment without talking to him? Maybe he simply disagrees with Reisig and by extension you on this issue?

      1. Howard P

        Meant as fair question… did Will Arnold make the endorsement as an individual? Will the campaign add “Davis CC member” to the name in their literature?

        If the answers are, “yes” and “no”, that’s cool… if “yes” and “yes”, that’s uncool (IMO)… if “no” and “yes” that’s a potentially serious problem… [a “no” and no” would be very weird]

        1. David Greenwald

          It’s not an official action of council or an official action by a councilmember. Usually the endorsements have a disclaimer, titles are for identification purposes only.

  2. Howard P

    Funny… but not amusing…

    On one hand we have folk criticizing electeds for making an endorsement for someone they (poster) does not support… on the other hand, we have the “faithful party” excoriating electeds for NOT making an endorsement that ‘should toe the party line’ (another of today’s threads)…

    “It’s a strange, strange world we live in Master Jack”…

    Except in extreme cases, I question “endorsements” by political elected folk… even more so in an election where the office is ‘non-partisan’…

    Probably why I am an active voter, with no affilitation as to “party”…

  3. Tia Will

    he seems to be pandering to the criminal element and those afflicted with a “criminals are victims” mindset.”

    I don’t see it that way. Will Arnold seems to be able to make a distinction between criminals who are dangerous to the community, and those who are not. DA Reisig does not seem to be willing to make this distinction as in the “third strike for a bag” of cheese case.

    As fiscally conscious as you seem to be upwards of $600,000 + court costs would not seem to be a good value in terms of community protection. And yet this is what DA Reisig chose.

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