Guest Commentary: I’m Backing Beeman


By Brody Fernandez

Greetings fellow residents of Davis, I hope this message resonates with all of you. The City Council Race in Davis will be such an important choice for this City going forward. I myself have lived in Davis for only 2 years as a current student. However contrary to popular belief, I do not wish to leave abruptly after my academic tenure here at UC Davis. This is such a great place to live, and that’s why it’s imperative that the City elects a leader that will speak for all Davis residents, young and old, student and non student alike. That’s why I’m backing Beeman.

Shortly after leaving the race several months ago, Ezra was the first candidate to reach out in solidarity, in an effort to hear what my concerns and platform issues were in this highly contested race. After our conversation, and several to follow, I concluded that Ezra Beeman would not only suit the city’s needs, but he would effectively and honestly represent all Davis residents. In a field full of diverse and qualified candidates, I think Ezra has the perfect amount of salt and pepper in his hair to get the job done. Although Ezra was not the only candidate to reach out to me, he was the only one I felt that could truly resonate a tangible connection with my cohort of young students and professionals.

As one of the youngest former candidates in the race it was discouraging to here from students and young professionals alike that they felt their voice didn’t matter, or that they would never be heard. I’m here to tell you as a student and young professional that I’m confident Ezra Beeman will speak for the younger generation and minority voice in this City. If you want proof that “things won’t be the same”, I encourage all residents to look at what Ezra has said about measure “J” on his website and social media platforms regarding the Nishi Project.

In a City where housing is undoubtedly the number one issue, Ezra wasn’t so quick to go ‘with the grain’ like many other candidates on this measure, but he was among the few that wanted to step back and beg the question “Is this really the best we can do for Davis?” This is just one example that illustrates how Beeman is a candidate that goes ‘against the grain’ in a time when especially young voters in the city, think that our ‘status quo type of leadership’ is inevitable. Ezra brings a refreshing, focused point of view in his vision for Davis going forward, one that will speak volumes to ensuring its health and vitality. I invite all of my former supporters and staff members to reach out to Ezra and take a hard look at Beemans business record along with his leadership style, because I firmly believe they speak to what he can accomplish in this great City. This is why I am endorsing Ezra Beeman for City Council.

I invite everyone to check out his stance on neighborhood-led Housing programs and services revitalizing downtown, and a world class energy system bringing next generation bicycling and transportation innovations. All of which can be found at his website Being a published journalist for 5 years now, it’s no surprise that I have spoke with Ezra personally on many of these issues, asking him tough questions in the process. Ultimately I came to only one conclusion after speaking with him; this is a candidate that can get the job done!

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13 thoughts on “Guest Commentary: I’m Backing Beeman”

  1. John Hobbs

    “Being a published journalist for 5 years now,…”

    Really? Most of the “published” journalists I know would have “spoken” with the subject, but maybe you’re used to having an editor clean up your grammar.

      1. Howard P

        Shortly after leaving the race several months ago, Ezra was the first candidate to reach out in solidarity, 

        Hard to do, with statements like that… unless that was an ‘idea’…

  2. Jim Hoch

    Is there any “popular belief” on what this guy wants to do? Is he really so egotistical to believe that anyone knows or cares what he does?

  3. Don Shor

    I think one of the better measures of a candidate is who his, her, or their supporters are. In Ezra’s case, the older slow-growth activists seem to have coalesced around him. His candidacy seems to have been prompted by opposition to Trackside, he opposes Nishi, and I see little evidence that he would be supportive of any actual housing proposals that would be of benefit to renters. So while he would probably be a useful voice on energy issues, I see little to support the suggestion that he “will speak for the younger generation and minority voice in this City.” 

    1. Ron

      It’s actually in students’ interests (as well as other young people, who are experiencing challenges regarding housing) to have a council member who is willing to pursue an agreement with UCD.

      I reject the generational warfare that’s being encouraged by some.  Ironically, being fanned by some of the older development interests, while simultaneously claiming that they’re fighting for younger people.

    2. Jeff M

      Ezra = Future king of the old Davis NIMBYs?

      The younger generation voting for him would be like the younger generation voting for collectivism.

      So they might actually vote for him as the younger generation these days demonstrates a propensity (no doubt brought to them by their leftist college professors) for voting for ideas and candidates that go on to ensure their futures are far less affordable.

  4. Eric Gelber

    HAs someone who is still open-minded about who to vote for, I do read with interest articles making the case for or against Council candidates. Unfortunately, this article, consisting of platitudes, cliches, and meaningless arguments (“he has the right amount of salt and pepper to get the job done”?, he “goes against the grain.”), was of no help.

  5. Jim Frame

    As someone who is still open-minded about who to vote for

    I wish I wasn’t still open-minded about this race — I can’t recall an election in which I hadn’t settled comfortably on candidate choices so late in the campaign.  I’ve met with several of the candidates, past and present council persons, and assorted community activists, but clear choices aren’t jumping out at me.  It’s going to be an interesting election.


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