Mayor Apologizes

By Robb Davis

An Apology: I wish to offer an apology for my behavior at the CivEnergy Forum of Sunday, May 6, 2018. I apologize for accusing Matt Williams and Colin Walsh of lying (of being liars) when I said they had stated “falsehoods” in their responses.

Words matter and it was wrong for me to use that word. I did feel that some of their comments may be misleading and I should have said that clearly, without resorting to the accusatory language of “falsehood.”

I wish to apologize to Matt and Colin for harms that my words caused them at the time and since. I never intentionally set out to hurt people but I know sometimes I do. I am sorry for the harms I have caused and ask them to help me understand how I can make the harms right.

I realize that saying what I said questions their integrity and that is wrong.

Former Council Member Michael Harrington was right to “boo” my comment and stated correctly that such actions are “beneath the Mayor.” They truly are. No matter our differences on the particular issue, it was inappropriate for me to stoop to such boorish behavior.

I apologize to all those who were in attendance and to the organizers—Bob Fung and Leslie Hunter. I respect greatly your efforts to organize these forums and am sorry that my actions left a black mark on the proceedings. I hope everyone involved, and most especially Matt and Colin, can find it in their hearts to forgive me at some point, but understand that that may not be possible.

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  1. Matt Rexroad

    Robb Davis is an honorable man.  I was not at this meeting and did not hear the statements but I respect someone that can admit they were wrong.

    Matt Rexroad



  2. R Fung

    Robb,  Leslie Hunter and I value your leadership for the City of Davis.  We accept your apology and value the time and energy you have given and continue to give to the citizens of Davis. Thank you again for your participation in our forum on Sunday.

  3. Ken A

    Robb is a class act and it is sad he moving back in to private life (and we are left with “regular” politicians who kick their kids, cheat on their wives and date porn stars).  This morning my wife and I were talking about how sad it is when the top two candidates for Governor are talking about if cheating on your wife by sleeping with your best friend’s wife is worse than cheating on your wife by sleeping with a TV news anchor)…

  4. Matt Williams

    Robb, your apology is warmly, graciously and whole-heartedly accepted.  It takes two to tango, and in the heat of the battle sometimes feelings bubble over. I accept my part in contributing to that tense environment. Your statement at the Forum about the CFD situation at Nishi 2016 was clear evidence of your good heart and good intentions.

    Reasonable people can agree to disagree reasonably.

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