Pancakes & Politics Voter Guide — State and Yolo County/Davis Decisions


by Alan Miller, Johnny Pancake, Willard Waffle, Bernice Bagel, and the whole Pancakes & Politics group team

Art by Danielle Fodor


Every election a group of Davis residents meets to stuff food into our gullets, discuss the upcoming election, and put out a whimsical Voter Guide.  And we always come through . . . sometimes.

“With so many propositions on the ballot it almost makes me not want to vote” – Pancakes & Politics Participant

The Voter Guide covers the Statewide Decisions first, and then the Yolo County and Davis Decisions. To jump directly to the Yolo County/Davis Decisions use the FIND function in your browser and type in the word LOCAL and hit the Return key several times until you arrive at Measure H.

If you want to go directly to the City Council candidates section use the FIND function in your browser and type in the word COUNCIL and hit the Return key several times until you arrive at the City Council section.

For a for a downloadable pdf version of the Voter Guide click HERE .

Local   M e a s u r e s


City CouncilZombiesweb


We have nothing else to say on this matter; we didn’t even vote.  We were out of pancakes, and half the PPPs had left.


BuDee BuDee BuDee BuDee BuDee BuDee BuDee BuDee . . .

. . . That’s all folks!




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10 thoughts on “Pancakes & Politics Voter Guide — State and Yolo County/Davis Decisions”

  1. Howard P

    Thanks to all responsible for this… seriously!

    Nice blend of satire and reality… five gold stars (take that back… 4.7 gold stars… you missed reporting votes on a couple/three matters)…

    How do I get invite to next event?  Pretty much seriously…

  2. Alan Miller

    Thanks to all responsible for this… seriously!

    I KNOW, huh?!!!  (but seriously, for everyone involved, thank you)

    Nice blend of satire and reality…

    That’s the idea . . . well put.

    five gold stars (take that back… 4.7 gold stars… you missed reporting votes on a couple/three matters)…

    Well, they didn’t all come to a vote — you can’t herd cats to water and you can’t make them drink.

    How do I get invite to next event?

    Well, first of all, you’re anonymous, so that’s a problem . . .

    Pretty much seriously…

    Since you’re pretty much serious, everyone is invited! Always have been. (Unless one is disruptive)

    That’s if we do it again.  We pretty much all almost croaked it this time around . . . but somehow, like giving birth (I’m told), you forget the pain and do it again.  Or was that in reference to snorting crystal meth?

    We are going to have to restructure in the future and do serious recruiting months in advance and re-organize so that 40 people each do a measure or office and carry it through start to finish and the team assembles it — this bit with 3-4 people doing most of the work, and another half-dozen helping out heroically with support stuff . . . it just isn’t sustainable.  Our hair turned blue.

    We’d really like to expand it into a larger, more diverse, community effort and be organizers rather than grinding all the meat.  It’s a really great concept and we’re always happy with it, but it needs to be started months in advance and completed a few weeks earlier to make it more useful in the era of the mail-in.

    1. Howard P

      Just let us know, and I’ll weigh my options then… but still Bravo/Brava for sharing the current effort…

      Am hoping all will vote…

    1. Alan Miller

      > Filing a claim against the VG for carpel tunnel damage from all the scrolling required.

      Blame the Long Ballot People.  The are fighting “Zombies Against Long Ballots” in a political zombie apocalypse.

      Reasonable ballot lengths make for short P&P Guides, and lower printing costs.

      1. Alan Miller

        Also, there were 150 copies printed and out there floating around Davis informing and entertaining people.  They really are booklets and look much better in 3-D form than on-line.  Kind of like how holding a newspaper in your hand is such a different experience than reading an on-line blog.

        Send us $5 and we’ll deliver one to your house.  It won’t be in time for the election, but they are collectors items.  To collectors.  Of Pancakes & Politics Voter Guides.

        Or hunt around town to laundromats, cooperative food and housing places, around campus, in cafes and espresso shops, hip stores, public spaces, and being blown around town by the wind.  You might see one of the 150!

  3. Alan Miller

    > dogs and the farmer’s market

    I believe that’s a reference to something and I should be laughing at the joke, but I don’t know the reference (don’t go the FM as often as I’d like to) . . . care to enlighten?

  4. Jim Hoch

    Bob Fung recently wrote a post on reasons for voting for city council candidates that stated something like” it’s ok to vote for someone because your dog likes another dog at their farmer market table” and than you replied “that is going onto the Pancakes and pickles voter guide”.

    1. Alan Miller

      Oh yeah!  I knew that was familiar, thanks for remembering.

      Y’know, I submitted that to be put on the back cover.  Not sure if it got lost in the chaos or didn’t pass muster with our ‘editor’, which is a loose term meaning the last person to touch it before it goes to print.

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