Improving Campus Climate and Restoring Trust in Critical Departments Handling Student Affairs after Departure of Former Chancellor


Press Release: In the aftermath of the resignation of former UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and with request from overwhelming members of the university community and Yolo County residents, on June 18th, 2018, the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee unanimously passed a resolution calling for an investigation into the conduct of the office of Student Judicial Affairs at UC Davis and its relationship with academic counselors and deans in manufacturing disciplinary cases and sanctioning certain students particularly of color, low income and other minority groups.

Authored by Sean Raycraft and Bob Marr

Whereas, after multiple investigations that led to the departure of former Chancellor Katehi for various reasons including misleading the university community and the public, as stated in numerous news articles by her own supervisor, there has been repeated concerns raised about the conduct and integrity of the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs at UC Davis; and

Whereas, the Yolo County Democratic Party has been previously notified of these concerns by students which led to the successful passing of a resolution calling for resignation of the former Chancellor, however, many of the same policies (and biased personnel) unfavorable to low-income students, ethnic and religious minorities and other disadvantaged backgrounds continue to be present at the university particularly at their Student Affairs Department; and

Whereas Yolo County Democratic party stands to advance justice and fairness to all citizens in our community with particular concern for people of color, women, low-income persons, members of organized labor and other marginalized groups; and

Whereas the chief of staff (aka. Associate Vice Chancellor) to the UC Davis Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs overlooking all student matters is the daughter in-law of former Chancellor Katehi; and

Whereas, the Office of Student Support and Judicial affairs at the University of California, Davis, formerly known as the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, has the explicit duty to conduct disciplinary action over the students of the university, in a manner that is fair and just; and

Whereas the faithful fulfillment of this solemn duty especially recommending sanctions by the Office, its Director, Donald J. Dudley, and his staff especially Collette Nuño and even the supposed ultimate enforcer of compliance, at UC Davis Wendy Delmendo are under question; and

Whereas the director of counseling and psychological services, as indicated on 2/16/18 article in the California Aggie, was recently intimidated, threatened and ultimately terminated from her position as a result of raising concerns about the allocation of mental health funds for students, which ended up at the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs; and

Whereas the Office stands accused of showing bias against those most unable to defend themselves, as in the case of a refugee nursing student who was dismissed over trivial matters by the Office but after a lengthy appeal was re-admitted by a different body; and

Whereas the Office stands accused of cultural bias, as in the case of Aaron Serrao, who was told that as an immigrant he did not understand the American ethics system, and was expelled after a hearing that took mere minutes, without representation or proper procedure;

Whereas the Office stands accused of the targeting of those with political or other positions that are unfavorable to the administration by means of solicitation of disciplinary referrals through whatever means necessary to manufacture disciplinary cases and ultimately dismiss them from the university and then attempt to obstruct justice; and

Whereas the Office stands accused of institutionalization of power, and of interfering with student affairs out of their jurisdictions, as in the case of the 2018 ASUCD winter elections; and

Whereas the director of this offices’ credibility is undermined, as he was appointed by Chancellor Katehi, as he is believed to have been the liaison between the Chancellor’s Office and the Police Department at the time of the Pepper Spray Incident in 2011; and

Therefore be it Resolved;

That, the Yolo County Democratic Party seeks justice for those outstanding cases, particularly student cases who have been the subject of arbitrary treatment, harassment and discrimination from Student Judicial Affairs particularly under the leadership of terminated Chancellor Linda Katehi; and

That, UC Davis establish an independent, fair and effective committee consisting of representatives of all university communities to address student petitions and/or grievances resulting in retaliatory actions by the administration as well as approval of final serious sanctions; and

That, the Yolo County Democratic Party hereby calls for an investigation of the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs and their records, as well as the conduct of the Director and the assistant director and staff including their relationship with academic advisors and other pertinent departments; and

That, the Yolo County Democratic Party calls for the release of demographic information including income level, ethnicity, race and gender of all students sanctioned particularly dismissals from 2010 to present; and

Be it further resolved, that the Yolo County Democratic Party calls for the Director, the assistant director and the named senior staff to be suspended pending the completion of the demonstrated independent investigation and held accountable for any and all wrongdoings up to termination of employment.

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