Men Charged with Murder and Kidnapping—Knights Landing Affair Approaching Trial


by Maryjo Nuñez

Four Yolo County men have been charged with murder and kidnapping in the deaths of Elijah Moore and Enrique Rios. In October of 2016, David Ashley Froste is said to have instigated the abduction and killing of Rios in retaliation for Rios’ actions, in which he allegedly stole from Froste. However, further actions are alleged to have been taken by Mr. Froste once again in November of 2016, with the defendant apparently enacting a quasi-vigilante effort at revenge against Moore, which also culminated in Moore’s death. Along with David Froste, three other men, Froste’s brother Jonathan Froste, Jesus Campos, and Chandale Dontray Shannon, Jr., face charges as well.

The men are charged with kidnapping, Penal Code section 207(a), which details the offense as the transport or holding of an individual against his/her own will, often accomplished with intimidation and fear; and murder in violation of Penal Code section 187(a), which details this offense as the unlawful and unwarranted killing of an individual with “malice aforethought.” They also face enhancements which include possession and use of a firearm, premeditated murder, and murder committed during another felony.

In 2016, two Woodland teenagers, Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore came into contact with David Froste and had apparently taken Froste’s marijuana. Angered, Mr. Froste apparently sought revenge for their actions, and it seems those actions soon turned deadly. On October 17, 2016, Mr. Froste sought to retrieve the marijuana and, upon encountering Mr. Rios, apparently fired his gun, with a bullet fatally hitting Rios.

However, Mr. Froste remained incensed and attempted to remedy the wrongs he deeply felt by allegedly kidnapping and later killing Mr. Moore on November 4, 2016. To achieve this, Mr. Froste enlisted the help of his marijuana dealer, Chandale Shannon, threatening him by showing him his gun. Consequently, Mr. Shannon remains implicated in the affair, as he witnessed the occurrences.

Mr. Froste and the others then apparently attempted to dispose of the bodies by burying them at Knights Landing—information which Mr. Campos revealed.

With preliminary hearings having already transpired, today on September 17, 2018, a tense atmosphere filled the courtroom as Mr. Froste and Mr. Shannon underwent a trial readiness conference in Department 14 with Judge David Rosenberg presiding.

In the trial readiness conference, it was uncovered that, unfortunately, the remains of the victims have yet to be found, and the investigation remains ongoing. In addition, the court continues to wait for the expert from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), along with recordings and results from evidence such as DNA evidence and fingerprints. The parties involved must also wait for the report from the court psychologist.

The court confirmed the trial for September 24, 2018, albeit with no jury, and will introduce a jury on October 1, 2018.

Jonathan Froste, Suspect in Killing of Teens, Pleads No Contest

By Deana Medina

A suspect in the murder of Woodland teen Elijah Moore has pleaded no contest to a second degree murder charge, effectively ending the trial set to start next week.

Jonathan Froste appeared before Judge David Rosenberg with his defense attorney Ava Landers, acknowledging a stipulated sentence to be served of 15 years to life in exchange for this plea deal. A lighter sentence was arranged due to Froste attempting to assist law enforcement in finding the remains of the victim on two separate occasions. Froste also agreed to testify at any hearings and to provide full and complete knowledge of his involvement of the incident that occurred on November 4, 2016.

Rosenberg provided a brief factual basis for the plea deal, stating Froste committed a felony on November 4, 2016, when he, his brother David Froste, and Jesus Campos encountered Moore on the streets of Woodland. Previous encounters led to hostility between Moore and the three suspects, resulting in Moore being forced into a car, and then being taken to a location where he was beaten to death.

The court signed the order, accepting the plea agreement. The defense waived time of sentencing, setting the next court date with Froste for December 11.

It’s not clear when this case will be finished or when Froste will receive his sentencing, as when attempting to schedule a day that worked for both the defense and prosecution, Ava Landers remarked, “I don’t think we’ll be finished with this. [December 11] is merely a placeholder.”

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