Letter: Supervisor Saylor Announces His Support for Moreno in County School Board Race

Melissa Moreno

By Don Saylor

I support Dr. Melissa Moreno for the Yolo County Board of Education (YCBOE), Area 2, based upon her professional background, life experience, and dedication to community service.

Dr. Moreno is an educator with over 20 years of varied experience. In her professional role as a Professor and Director of Ethnic Studies for Woodland Community College, she has mentored hundreds of students and has direct knowledge of the educational needs of all Yolo County students. Melissa, who has lived in Davis since 2006, has also been actively involved in DJUSD and local school sites as a parent.

Melissa grew up in California’s Central Valley, the daughter of a farmworker. She was a  Head Start and ESL student before going on to earn a PhD in Education. Her cultural competency and life experiences will bring valuable insights to this role. One of her goals is expanding the availability of early childhood education programs. She will be an effective ambassador, building connections with local communities, ensuring families are informed about relevant programs, and that these programs meet the needs of families and students.

As the Yolo County Supervisor representing the same area Melissa seeks to represent on the YCBOE, I have come to know her through her work on several community issues.  Melissa has conducted “Know Your Rights” workshops for immigrant communities and participated collaboratively on Safe Yolo efforts to ensure our county is welcoming and supportive for all of our residents.

Melissa is enthusiastic and passionate about helping all students thrive. She is prepared and visionary. At this time in our nation’s history we need strong women to step into leadership at every level.

I served on the DJUSD Board of Education when the other candidate for this office was Superintendent. Dr. Melissa Moreno is my choice to assure that fiscal integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, and complete focus on the students of Yolo County guides the actions of the YCBOE.

Please join Superintendent Jesse Ortiz, Supervisor Jim Provenza, Current YCBOE Trustee Bill Owens and many others in supporting Melissa Moreno for YCBOE.

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  1. Matt Williams

    We are fortunate to have two excellent candidates in this election.  Murphy and Moreno tick all the boxes pretty much the same except one … the achievement gap.  Moreno is superior on thaty issue.

  2. Howard P

    It grieves me to say this…  give me a moment… I agree with Saylor, here, on this issue

    Agree with some his points, not others, but have my own reasons to get to the same bottom line

    Suggest all inform themselves, weigh the qualifications, backgrounds, ‘characters’, and vote their informed consciences.

    Voter registration (if new to Yolo Co, or have changed your address since last you voted in YC) is open for nine (9) more days.

    If you don’t vote (if eligible), please don’t whine about outcomes later… my ears will be closed to you…


    1. John Hobbs

      “It grieves me to say this…  give me a moment… I agree with Saylor, here,”

      Lol, the way you guys talk about Don Saylor. I met Don in Sacramento last year. He was doing research on an issue that was hot in Yolo and Davis at the time and looking at how Sacramento was dealing with it. I found him polite, observant and apprehending.

      1. Howard P

        He has/had a ‘dark side’… while on CC, going around CM and trying to pressure staff to forward the interests of his “client”/constituent, to get preferential treatment… the one he chose worked for me… bumped up to me… he tried it on me, but I had the stronger backbone.  Have heard from others where he did the same.  A politician who crossed lines.

        Have ‘forgiven’, but not forgotten.  Will leave it at that.

        Your impressions are yours, mine are mine.  Ok to differ.  Different experiences.

        Wouldn’t have bothered to respond, except I respect you, even when we differ.

      2. Craig Ross

        John: I’m sure you found him that way.  I say this as a guy who generally agrees with him – at least these days – he’s much more complex than you can discern in one meeting with him.

        1. Howard P

          Aren’t we all more complex?   Am agreeing with you… just expanding… his positions on most things are very similar to mine… it goes to character, based on my experiences… I actually like Don Saylor, as a person, but have issues with some of his “behaviors”.

          I do take “behaviors” in account, big time.  Weighted.

          I might well find Donald Trump a very personable man, as a person, yet…

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